Gourmet Festival

Budapest and Hungary is known for their Goulash soup, and that is what comes to the mind of most people as they think of Hungarian cuisine. Well, it is time to realize that Hungary has much more to offer, and it is time to understand that there is a difference between the different Goulash soups.

The Budai Gourmet festival has a goal of showing the best of Hungarian gastronomy, and that can be understood once you see the list of restaurants and people present at the festival; Costes (Hungary’s first restaurant to receive a Michelin star), Bock, Rosenstein, Nobu, 21, Arany Kaviar, Baldaszati, Borkonyha, IKON, Olimpia and lots of others. Confectioneries will also be present at the festival, for example the famous Gerbeaud confectionery.

This festival will be a great way to taste both traditional and untraditional Hungarian courses in a gourmet way. The venue for the festival is the Millenaris Park, which is located near the Mammut shopping center, near the Szena ter tram stop (tram line 4 and 6).

Gourmet festival 2013

Dates: May 31-June 2
Entrance fee: 2900 HUF (one day ticket) – 5800 HUF (ticket for all three days)

The theme of the festival in 2013 is the Goulash soup, so this will be a very interesting place to taste some of the best Goulash soups ever made in Hungary (hopefully)!

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