International Book Festival

International Book FestivalThe International Book Festival in Budapest is an annual festival that has kept it going since 1994. The first festival was arranged in the Budapest Congress Centre, but since then much has happened and the festival has evolved and moved to new locations.

What is important to know is that the book festival in Budapest is not just a festival for Hungarians, but this is an international festival aiming to be a trend setting festival in the region. That is why they in the start invited the team behind the Frankfurt Book Fair to help the book fair in Budapest to get started.

Budapest Grand Prize

The highlight of the International Book Festival in Budapest is the Budapest Grand Prize. This prize is given to the best of the best writers within the world of contemporary literature, and authors such as Salman Rushdie, Imre Kertesz, Robert Merle, Paulo Coelho, Per Olov Enquist, Lawrence Norfolk and other world famous writers has won this price earlier.

During other festivals in Budapest it is a tradition to have a guest of honor which is a nation that gets special attention during the festival. This does not mean that you will not meat representatives from other nations during the festival, only the fact that this one nation gets much more attention than the others.

During the festival there will also come famous authors from all over the world to Budapest to take part in the festival, so if you are lucky you might get some of your favorite books signed during the festival.

How to get to the book festival?

The International Book Festival in Budapest is currently arranged in the Millenaris Park in Budapest. This is a beautiful area near the Mammut shopping center on the Buda side. The easiest way to get to the festival is to take the metro to Szell Kalman ter (Moszkva ter) or travel with tram 4 or 6 to either Szena ter (Mammut) and walk from there to the festival area. The area in which the festival is arranged is a beauty in itself, so book festival or not, this is a place to visit, eat a lunch outside, enjoy the sun and to have a good chat with friends and family.

Book festival information 2013

Location: Millenaris Park, Kis rokus utca 16-20
Dates: April 18th-21st
Opening times: 10.00-19.00 (except on April 18th when it opens at 12.00)
Entrance fee: 500 HUF

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