Jewish Summer Festival

The Jewish Summer Festival has been a part of the life in Budapest since 1998 when the first summer festival was arranged.

The center of the festival is the Synagogue in Dohány Utca, the second largest of all synagogues in the world, and a real beauty to the eye. The synagogue was built between 1854 and 1859 and has the somewhat strange architectural style named Moorish Revivial. The synagogue has space for about 3000 people on the inside, so whether you come for a concert there or not, it should be visited. In front of the synagogue you can also find the Jewinform Pavilon in which you can buy tickets to the different events, exhibitions and concerts.

Since 2006 the festival also use the Rumbach Street synagogue as a venue for concerts and exhibitions during the festival. This synagogue was built between 1869 and 1874, but has unfortunately been in quite poor condition for some time. Still it is now used during the Jewish Summer Festival and it is a great chance of getting to see this synagogue as well from both the inside and the outside.

The goal of the Jewish Summer Festival is to let people see and experience the Jewish culture, stretching so far back in history, but still strong and making a big impact on the world today. During the festival there are lots of book fairs arrange, special exhibitions are made available in locations in or near the former Jewish ghetto of Budapest and of course there are lots of concerts and musical happenings. Some of the concerts are arranged in the Synagogue itself, and of the music on the menu there is a big variety; everything from classical concerts to ballets and klezmer music.

If you are interested in Jewish gastronomy there are several Jewish restaurants in the area, and during the festival you will find even more possibilities in the area to get to know the Jewish cuisine even better.

The Jewish Summer Festival in Budapest normally lasts for about a week, and it is arranged somewhere by the end of August and start of September. In 2010 the festival had more than 120,000 visitors, making it one of the most popular festivals in Budapest.

Jewish Summer Festival 2013

Dates: August 25th – September 2nd
Tickets: Online or by the Jewinform Pavilon in front the Dohany Utca Synagogue

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