New Years Eve

New Years Eve in Budapest

New Years Eve in Budapest

New Years Eve is an evening full of opportunities and possibilities. Budapest is not known for its nice fireworks on New Years Eve (for nice fireworks come to Budapest August 20), but it has lots of great parties, restaurants and events that can assure you that December 31 will become a great day in Budapest. Most restaurants have special menus available December 31, which will give you a full program for the evening. Check out our list below for more information.

If you after reading the list below would be interested in reserving a table in a restaurant for New Years Eve, do not hesitate to contact us. Be aware that most restaurants need some kind of prepayment for the New Years Eve program. We will give more information about this as the table reservations are made.

You can also use our table reservation page to make your reservation, but make sure to write New Years Menu in the comment as you do the reservation.

Restaurants in Budapest December 31, 2014

Menus and restaurants coming up within shortly

Parties in Budapest on New Year’s Eve

In Budapest on New Year’s Eve multiple programs and activities are waiting for all the visitors. This is the last day of the year and it is also one of the busiest as well. In this occasion the whole city will turn into a big party for this night. What is the perfect way to celebrate and welcome the new year? Budapest offers the best parties, fancy dress parties, live concerts, fireworks and so on on this special day. In this article we will list some of the best places to go on New Year’s Eve in Budapest.

Jazzszilveszter (1136 Budapest, Hollán Ernõ u. 7.)

If you like jazz and eating the perfect place for you to go on New Year’s Eve is the Jazzszilveszter in Budapest. It is located at the Budapest Jazz Club in the heart of the city. At the Jazzszilveszter there will be plenty of food and live concerts for entertainment. The entrance fee for the place is 21900 HUF which includes the wide selection of food served at the place (starters, main course and even desserts) and the live jazz music as well. The event starts at 8 in the evening.

Cotton Club Budapest (1066 Budapest, Jókai utca 26)

Another remarkable New Year’s Eve party will be held at the Cotton Club in Budapest. The Cotton Club is also located in the centre of Budapest. On New Year’s Eve Cotton Club offers the biggest party, live concerts of different Hungarian singers and lot of food and booze. The celebration starts at 6 in the evening. Tickets for the event are for 34900 HUF and before 15th December the tickets cost only 29900 HUF.

New Years Party on the Danube

New Year’s Party on the Danube is one of the best ways to celebrate 2015. This party is going to be held on the Danube on a boat. During the night the boat is going to cruise on the river and plenty of food, drinks and live concerts are going to be served as well. Meeting point and boarding time is at 7 in the evening at the dock No. 1 at Jászai Mari tér and the dinner starts at 8 in the evening. Read more and book this program here.

No 1. Petrol Party (Kopaszi gát 1117 Budapest )

No 1. Petrol Party is a fancy dress party in Budapest. At the New Year’s party there will be also a wide selection of food and drinks served the whole evening. At the No 1. Petrol Party there will be also music and different, various games and activities. Until 30th November the tickets are only for 22990 HUF after 1st December the tickets cost 24900 HUF.

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