World Urban Games 2019 in Budapest

The World Urban Games is an awesome event taking place in Budapest from September 13th to September 15th. Would you like to know more about the World Urban Games? Would you like to see it with your own eyes? How to get to the venue for the event? Find out everything you need to know about the World Urban Games in Budapest in 2019!

The World Urban Games in Budapest
The World Urban Games in Budapest

The World Urban Games will be the event of the year in Budapest. It is one crazy event in which you will experience adrenaline, action, awesome speed, stunts, and things you shouldn’t do at home! Here you can watch awesome BMX stunts, you can see people throwing themselves around, down from high buildings, and you can see them performing with a frisbee and so much more.

The great thing about the World Urban Games is that it is a completely free event. You can come to the Nagyvasartelep in Budapest and watch it for free, or you can stream it for free online if that sounds better. But, how can you get to the area for the World Urban Games?

How to get to the World Urban Games?

If you visit Budapest, you will for sure notice the beautiful river Danube. On the Pest side of the river, you will see a tram line. This is, in fact, the most beautiful of all tram lines in Budapest, and anyone who wants a cheap sightseeing tour should take a ride with this.

And yes, it is also the solution if you want to get to the World Urban Games in Budapest. Jump on tram line 2 in the direction of the Kozvagohid. As you get to the national theater (just before the Rakoczi bridge) it is soon time to leave the tram and start walking. As you get to the end station, jump of the tram and start your walk which is less than 1km until you get to the big area for the World Urban Games.

It is easy to get to the area for the World Urban Games
It is easy to get to the area for the World Urban Games

What will happen when during the World Urban Games?

There will be lots of things going on from Friday morning until Sunday evening during the World Urban Games. You can find a full program for the event right here.

In addition to sports events, there will also be lots of concerts taking place. The highlight is the performance of Talib Kweli on Sunday evening at the LIDL stage in the World Urban Games area.

The World Urban Games is gonna be wild!

Put on your seatbelts and get ready for one of the coolest events in Budapest in 2019!

Opening today – The Budapest Wine festival

The wine festival arranged at the Castle hill in Budapest is one of the biggest festivals in Hungary every year. It cannot be compared with Sziget festival (a festival that brings almost 500,000 people to the Hajogyari island), but it is still a giant event for wine lovers from within the country and coming in from abroad.

There are many people who plan their visit to Budapest based on the dates of the wine festival. In 2019, the wine festival is arranged between September 5th and September 8th, and in this period, visitors to the festival area can taste more than 5000 different sorts of wine. Here you can enjoy the famous Bikaver (Bull’s blood) from different winemakers in the Eger region (or maybe from the Szekszard region), you can enjoy lots of exclusive sweet wines from Tokaj, and there is something from everyone.

If you fear the quality of Hungarian wine (something you shouldn’t), there are also some international wines available in the festival area, just to make it even more interesting and nicer.

From the Budapest Wine Festival in 2017
Source: Facebook

The wine festival isn’t free

It would have been nice if the wine festival was free, but it isn’t. Renting the castle area for sure costs a lot, and there are lots of expenses coming together with such a festival. That is why you have to pay a daily entrance fee, or you can buy a pass for the entire festival. If you are a wine lover and want to take a deep dive into the Hungarian wine industry, the festival pass is for sure the best option. But, those who just want to have fun a day and taste a lot of wine, a one-day pass should be more than enough.

Do not forget, there are lots of other wine programs available in Budapest as well throughout the entire year. We can help with wine tasting programs, wine excursions, wine dinners, and other wine-related programs. Look around at for inspiration and information!

Enjoy the wine festival!

Hotels near the Christmas markets in Budapest

Are you looking for a hotel near the Christmas markets in Budapest? Which hotel should you pick? Here you have some suggestions for centrally located hotels in Budapest near the most important Christmas markets!

As you might know already, Budapest is a fantastic city. And even though the city is fantastic all year round, it is especially beautiful before Christmas. That is when the Christmas lights are turned on, and the Christmas markets at the Vorosmarty square and the Saint Stephen’s square open.

The two biggest and most important Christmas markets in Budapest
The two biggest and most important Christmas markets in Budapest

The two circles show the areas of the two biggest Christmas markets. As you can see, they are located close to one another, meaning that there only is a short walk between both markets. Based on these locations, it is quite easy to find a hotel centrally located close to both Christmas markets.

Hotels near the Christmas markets in Budapest

It all depends on how much money you want to spend, but here you will find some recommendations that will make the Christmas markets easy to visit throughout the day without walking very much!

The five-star option – Kempinski

This hotel is located by the green square which you can see on the map above, almost in the middle between the two Christmas markets. It is an amazing five-star hotel with all the exclusive and nice features you might need. A sure winner if you want a central location combined with luxury!

If you want to swim in between your visits to the Christmas markets, choose Kempinski.
If you want to swim in between your visits to the Christmas markets, choose Kempinski.

A four-star option – Mercure City Center

This is a very central hotel located in the Vaci utca (the shopping street). It is very close to the Christmas market at Vorosmarty square (only a few minutes away), and a little bit further away from the other market. But, you can still reach the market at the Szent Istvan ter within less than 10 minutes on foot. The hotel normally has very good prices and considering that it is a four-star hotel, it should be worth taking into consideration.

A three-star option – Hotel Central Basilica

If you want to live closer to the Christmas market in front of the Saint Stephen’s Basilica, this is as close as it gets. Hotel Central Basilica is a three-star option that will give you a brilliant location at a low price. It isn’t as luxurious as the other two hotels, but it will do the job for most tourists who plan on spending more time outside the hotel than on the inside.

near the Christmas markets in Budapest
Hotel Central Basilica is ideal if you want to live close to the Christmas markets in Budapest

These are some suggestions to those looking for a hotel near the Christmas markets in Budapest. There are several hundred hotels to pick from, but not all of them have a central location. And it is true, you save a lot of time living at a central location. It might be more expensive than living far outside the city center, but if you first spend money on a flight ticket, an airport transfer, and other services, why not spend a few dollars extra in order to live at a good location as well?

If you have further questions or comments related to hotels located near the main Christmas markets in Budapest, write them in the comment field.

Sziget Festival kick-off in Budapest today!

Budapest is invaded by people today coming for the annual Sziget Festival, one of the coolest and best music festivals in Europe every single year.

Some of the artists performing at Sziget Festival today (August 7th, 2019)
Some of the artists performing at the Sziget Festival today (August 7th, 2019)

The festival attracts almost half a million people every year who pay the quite steep entrance fees to see and listen to some of the best artists from around the world. In 2019, the Sziget Festival is arranged between August 7th and August 13th. On the opening night (which is tonight), one of the highlights will already perform, Ed Sheeran.

But, there are so many stages and places to visit at the island (Sziget means island) where the festival is arranged, that you will have a hard time getting bored. There is something happening at the different stages all the time, so make sure to take a careful look at the schedule and plan your whereabouts if you do not want to miss out on something important.

Other artists coming to Sziget 2019

Ed Sheeran will perform tonight, but he is not the only hotshot coming to the festival this year. Some of the other famous artists coming include Foo Fighters, Twenty One Pilots, Florence and the Machine, Martin Garrix, The National, The 1975, CHVRCHES, Kodaline, Of Mice & Men, James Blake, Franz Ferdinand, and lots of others.

If you want to see the full program of the festival, visit the official website of the Sziget Festival which can be found here.

Other programs in Budapest

If you do not want to spend all your time at the Hajogyari island, but instead spend some time in the center of Budapest as well, that is a good idea. There are lots of cool programs in the city center, and you should, of course, drink some good Hungarian wine, taste the Hungarian Goulash soup, maybe enjoy a river cruise, and definitely, enjoy the view from the Gellert Hill!

You can read about lots of activities and programs in Budapest here in the Budapest Guide, so make sure to look around!

Formula 1 at Hungaroring on August 4th in 2019

This year’s Formula 1 race at Hungaroring outside Budapest is getting closer. Are you coming to Budapest to see the race? Do you think Hamilton will win yet another race?

It has almost been all about Mercedes so far in the Formula 1 season so far. Lewis Hamilton and his mate Bottas have won most races so far, but before they all get to Budapest, they will race at Silverstone in England and at Hockenheim in Germany. It was during the Austrian Grand Prix that the first non-Mercedes driver won a Formula 1 race this year (Verstappen), so it will be very interesting to follow the drivers as they come to Hungary.

Lewis Hamilton has a good habit of winning in Hungary, but can he win at Hungaroring once again?

Formula 1 in Budapest

Hungaroring 2019

The main race will be arranged at Hungaroring outside Budapest on August 4th, starting at 14.00. If you want to get to the race it is often easiest to order a taxi from the reception at your hotel. You might just jump on a taxi as well, but that is a risky business and will often turn into a very expensive experience.

Do not forget to start early. There are thousands of Formula 1 fans that will move in the same direction as you before the start of the race, meaning that this often takes a lot of time and it is better to be one hour early than one hour late! Once you leave the venue, there will yet again be thousands of people going in the same direction as you, so it might take some time for you to get back to the center of Budapest again after the race.

Watch the Formula 1 race on TV

Haven’t gotten hold of tickets for the races yet? You can buy them outside the venue as well (that is also risky business). You might be lucky and get some good tickets, but you are most likely to pay a lot for your tickets (much more than you should), and you might even end up with fake tickets, so it is not recommended to go for such a solution.

In other words, if you do not have a ticket for the race yet, maybe you should just watch it on the TV instead. The official broadcaster of Formula 1 in Hungary is M4, and this is a free state-owned channel. So, if you turn on the TV in your hotel room and look for M4, you will most likely find the channel and be able to watch Hamilton, Verstappen, Bottas, and the rest of the drivers.

You can also watch M4 online at if you do not have a TV in your hotel room or in your apartment.

Other programs in Budapest

If you want to know more about other programs in Budapest, look around here in our Budapest Guide. You can read about fantastic wine dinners, excursions, brewery visits, and guided tours, so you will for sure be inspired and find some cool activities suitable for you as you look around!

Enjoy Budapest while watching the Amazon Original series Hanna

Sometimes it can be cool to watch a city you love on the TV screen. Nothing can be compared to walking along the Danube in Budapest enjoying the city during daytime and nighttime, but if you cannot do so at the moment, enjoying Budapest on your TV can be very nice as well!

A few days ago, I had the chance of watching the Amazon Original TV series named Hanna. It is based on the movie from 2011 carrying the same name, and it was released earlier in 2019. The first season consists of eight episodes, and it has been recorded in several countries, including Hungary. But, as I started to watch Hanna, I knew nothing about that.

Is that Budapest or not?

During the first episode and the start of the second, I often sat with the feeling that this could have been recorded in Budapest (partly). But, I didn’t see any famous buildings, so I didn’t know anything for sure. But then, towards the end of the second episode, I suddenly lost all doubts and knew that they had to have recorded parts of the Amazon series in Hungary.

Hanna recording in Szentendre Hungary

The picture above was what made me 100% sure that they had been recording scenes to this series in Hungary. Well, it might not be Budapest, but I at once recognized the peer for the Danube cruises in Szentendre. If you haven’t been to Szentendre yet, you better try it. It is a really beautiful city worth visiting!

They are chatting with the city of Szentendre in the background.
They are chatting with the city of Szentendre in the background.

By now, I knew that they had recorded in Hungary, and it was much easier to recognize buildings and to know things for sure after this. Of course, much of the recordings take place in streets hard to know something about for sure, but in the very end of episode 2, those who have left with a plane from Ferihegy 1 in Budapest, will feel at home.

Recorded in Ferihegy 1 in Budapest
Recorded in Ferihegy 1 in Budapest

They haven’t used Ferihegy 1 for public flights for quite a lot of years, but it is often used for recording movies and TV shows, and it is very easy to recognize.

And when you get to Hanna season 1 episode 3, you will also see a lot of clips from the Liberty square in Budapest, including the cafe in the middle of the square, the former stock buildings, and also a parking lot in Budapest.

Shooting episode at the cafe in the middle of the Liberty square in Budapest
Shooting episode at the cafe in the middle of the Liberty square in Budapest

It is important to know that the story doesn’t take place in Budapest. As a result, they always hide any text that might imply that it is recorded in Budapest. But, if you have a sharp eye and a love for Budapest and Hungary, you will for sure find even more scenes in the Hanna series on Amazon showing different areas and buildings in both Budapest and Hungary.

If you want to know more about Hanna and how you can stream it, check this article on

Have you seen Hanna? Or maybe some other TV show or movie packed with scenes from Budapest? Write a comment and let us know about it!

The biggest Jesus statue in Hungary – Blessing Jesus statue in Tarcal

Hungary is so much more than just Budapest, and since 2015, Hungary and the village of Tarcal has given a home to the biggest Jesus statue of the nation.

You probably don’t have any clue about where Tarcal is located (yet), but let us tell you quickly that the village is located in the Tokaj region, only a few kilometers from the village of Tokaj. And yes, this is in the heart of the wine region, meaning that you will pass by lots of vineyards as you drive around in this fantastic area.

The Jesus statue in Tarcal
The Jesus statue in Tarcal

The statue was built after a man named Petró Attila discovered some drawings of a Jesus statue in a chapel not far from the location of the current statue. He then provided the material for the statue, and the sculptor named Sandor Szabo (also from the area) was the one actually creating the statue. It has been made of five large stones and as you stand closer to the statue, you can easily see the five stones placed on one another.

The height of the statue is 8,5 meters and it has a total weight of approximately 50000kg.

The Jesus statue in Tarcal seen standing in front of it
The Jesus statue in Tarcal seen standing in front of it

While most Jesus statues is shown with the savior standing with open arms, this open is standing with one arms at his chest, while the other is kind of waving, or showing a blessing towards the people watching.

And yes, the name of the statue is Aldo Jezus Szobor, meaing the Blessing Jesus statue, which means, it is portraying Jesus blessing the people.

How to get to the statue?

As you drive through Tarcal, you will see big signs taking you all the way to the parking lot of the statue. From there you have a 500 meter walk (might feel like a bit more) to get to the actual statue. This is a very nicely built way with lots of benches along the way for those who want to rest before the finish the road. It might not be easy, but you can actually bring your stroller as well, considering that it is quite nice way all the way up to the statue. You might get warm, but it is completely possible!

Once at the top you can enjoy the full statue, and you can also enjoy a beautiful view towards Tarcal on one side, and towards a small hidden lake at the other side.

View towards Tarcal and the rest of Tokaj from the statue.
View towards Tarcal and the rest of Tokaj from the statue.
Beautiful view towards a "hidden" lake just beneath the statue.
Beautiful view towards a “hidden” lake just beneath the statue.

There are several benches up by the statue making this an even better place for an excursion, or for a stop on a pilgrimage trip, or maybe between a couple of wine tasting programs in Tokaj!

For more information about wine tasting programs in Budapest and elsewhere, check this site. Do not forget to share this with your friends on Facebook and if you need any help or have any questions, please write a comment and we will do our best to help you out!

A visit to La Pampa in Budapest

Last week, we had the chance to enjoy a magnificent dinner in La Pampa Budapest. We hadn’t been to the restaurants since its opening almost 10 years ago, and discovering that they recently moved into a new location made us want to pay the restaurant a visit again. So, what was La Pampa like? Is La Pampa worth a visit?

If you do not know anything about La Pampa, let us first introduce it to you as a steakhouse in central Budapest. It can be found along a busy road (though you do not notice that at all once you are on the inside), and very close to the metro station Arany Janos utca. This is one of the most elegant restaurants in Budapest as it has a very nice interior, and it is perfect for an important business meeting, just as well as a nice dinner for a group of friends, or for a group of men who wants to see who can eat a 550 gram steak in the shortest amount of time.

A picture from the very elegant inside of La Pampa Budapest
A picture from the very elegant inside of La Pampa Budapest

What we ate in La Pampa

During our meal in La Pampa, we decided to start slowly with a Carpaccio de Lomo. This is “finely cut Angus steak drizzled with a chimichurri sauce .” I have got to say that it was really tasty and nice, and especially the Hungarian pepper (paprika) combined with the rocket salad was delicious.

But, I almost forget, after placing your order you are always served a mild starter, a fresh piece of bread with some spicy butter, freshened up with some tomatoes. In some restaurants, this is freezing cold and impossible to apply to the bread, but here it wasn’t only soft, it was very tasty and nice as well.

The first thing you are served in La Pampa Budapest
The first thing you are served in La Pampa Budapest

When it was time for the main course to come, we ate a T-Bone steak and a normal rump-steak. The meat was very nicely prepared, and especially the tenderness of the T-Bone steak was amazing. No wonder why people long to eat such steaks during a visit to a steakhouse like La Pampa.

You get hungry watching this, don't you?
You get hungry watching this, don’t you?

In addition to the steaks, we also had some green pepper sauce, some onion rings, and some potato croquette. These are favorites of ours, and we loved them. One thing that has changed since the last time we visited La Pampa, is that they have changed the onion rings, making them even better, crispier, and tastier than they were before.

Crispy and tasty onion rings in La Pampa Budapest
Crispy and tasty onion rings in La Pampa Budapest

Just like in other steakhouses, you can ask to have your steak prepared in the way you prefer. In the end, a small cow is placed on your stake to show you the preparation level. This is a cool little thing that especially children find to be funny as they can play with the small cows before/while/after eating!

A black cow means well done in La Pampa.
A black cow means well done in La Pampa.

The desserts in La Pampa are easy to like, and the prices are all around 3-4 Euro. In other words, it is easy to finish your meal with a brownie, a Creme Brulé, or maybe with a chocolate souffle with mint taste? We tasted the latter, and it was like eating After Eight. In other words, a perfect treat for those who like the combination of chocolate and mint.

A chocolate souffle with mint...
A chocolate souffle with mint…

The interior of La Pampa

There is no chance to sit outside as you visit La Pampa, but they do have some very nice tables by the windows which will give you a nice view towards the street and what’s going on out there. But, La Pampa also has some magnificent rooms with space for individual guests or larger groups, giving the restaurant a total capacity for around 160 guests. But, do not forget to reserve your table in La Pampa as it often ends up completely packed during the evenings.

Modern, beautiful, and stylish interior.
Modern, beautiful, and stylish interior.

Should you visit La Pampa?

La Pampa is a very nice restaurant with high quality food, well-skilled waiters, and a very nice interior. It is good pick for a nicer dinner on any evening, and it can also be used for groups who want to eat a dinner together in a private room with space for 40-50 people, or just someone at a stag-party who want to eat a solid beef before the party goes on.

The price level is just what one would expect in a steakhouse. The starters vary in price between 5 and 10 Euro, while the main courses vary between 10 and 60 Euro. The desserts all cost around 4-5 Euro.

We had a great time in La Pampa and it is a restaurant that we can warmly recommend if you want to dine in a similar way when you come to Budapest!

Budapest Gourmet festival 2019

Are you looking for a real gourmet experience during your stay in Budapest? Do you want to do more than just eating the standard Goulash soup? Why not visit the Budapest Gourmet Festival which will be arranged in the Millenaris Park between May 16th and May 20th.

Budapest Gourmet Festival 2019
Budapest Gourmet Festival 2019

The Gourmet festival is the perfect place for those in love with gastronomy, and for those who want to discover more than just the standard tastes of Hungary. At the festival, some of the best chefs in the area come to take part, and in 2019, Konstantin Filippou will come. Who is he?

The Greek-Austrian chef is working in the best restaurant in Austria which currently has two Michelin stars. At the festival, he will, of course, share from his own experience and let gourmet people learn and taste. To take part in his exclusive dinner, you need to book a special ticket, and the price of the dinner is 190 Euro.

If you want to know more about the gourmet festival in Budapest, check the official website of the festival.

Would you like to enjoy a nice winner dinner in Budapest instead? Click the link to find out more about our wine dinners, and look around in our Budapest Guide for more interesting information about activities, restaurants, and attractions in the Hungarian capital.

Budapest Gourmet Festival 2019

Millenaris Park (Buda side, near the Mammut center)
May 16th-May 20th

Let us fix your table reservation in Rezkakas Budapest!

Rezkakas Budapest is a restaurant for fine dining with high quality in the heart of Budapest. Would you like a table reservation in Rezkakas Budapest? We can help you book a table in Rezkakas for free, making sure that you will be expected upon arrival at the restaurant.

The Rezkakas restaurant in Budapest is located in Sas utca, very close to the St. Stephen’s Basilica. The area is one of the nicest in Budapest, and it is packed with several good restaurants, including the Aszu restaurant which is just across the street from Rezkakas. But, would you like us to fix you a table in Rezkakas? Fill int he forms beneath and we will reserve a table for you in Rezkakas Budapest.

Book a table in Rezkakas Budapest

Your name

Your email

Mobile: (with nation code)


Date (f.ex:: May 25th)

Time (f. ex: 19:00)

Amount of persons


We will normally fix the reservation as quickly as possible, but during weekends our response time might be slower than during weekdays.

What to expect in Rezkakas Budapest?

Rezkakas is a place for fine dining in Budapest. Here you will find traditional Hungarian courses prepared in the most excellent way. Not only will you get a taste of authentic Hungarian gastronomy, but in the evenings you can also enjoy some authentic gypsy music to make the atmosphere even better.

Let us fix your Rezkakas Table reservation for free.
Reserve a table in Rezkakas Budapest

How much does a meal cost in Rezkakas Budapest?

Rezkakas isn’t very expensive, but you will not have trouble finding cheaper restaurants in Budapest either. Beneath you will find the price range for the different courses in Rezkakas.

  • Starters: 9-15 Euro
  • Main courses: 14-40 Euro
  • Vegetarian dishes: 8-13 Euro
  • Desserts: 4-14 Euro

Now you have a feeling about the price range you can expect once you fix your table reservation in Rezkakas and prepare to visit the restaurant.

How to get to Rezkakas Budapest?

It is very easy to find the restaurant as it is located a few hundred meters from the St. Stephen’s Basilica. You can easily get to the area by metro. You can then travel to Deak Ferenc tér (where the red, yellow, and blue metro line intercept), and from there it is a short walk. If you decide to grab a taxi, you will be taken to the door of the restaurant.

Book your Rezkakas table in advance

Do not forget to book your table in Rezkakas as early as possible. This is especially true about December 24th and 25th, as this is one of the very few restaurants open in Budapest on these days, and thus the restaurant is fully booked months in advance (normally). If you are willing to eat your lunch in the restaurant on December 24th and December 25th, you have a chance a few weeks in advance as well, but the general principle is… hurry up!

If you want to read more about other restaurants in Budapest, or maybe find out more about possible wine programs in Budapest, click the link.

Share your Rezkakas experience

Have you been to Rezkakas yourself? Did you enjoy your stay? Did you have a favorite dish or a favorite wine you just want to taste over again? We would love to hear more about your stay in Rezkakas, so write a comment and share your experience with us and the rest of our readers.