The Castle

Buda Castle
Buda Castle

The Castle of Buda (or the Castle of Budapest) is located on the hills of Buda and it is one of the most important and easiest to find attractions in Budapest. If you walk along the Danube it is impossible to miss out on the castle building. It is remarkable, stunning and ruling the panorama, especially after sunset.

They started the construction of the castle in the 13th century, as a consequence of the Mongols attacking Hungary earlier in the 13th century. The area had an especially booming and blooming period in the 15th century during the reign of King Matthias, but was later badly injured during the battles between the Hungarian-Christian-Habsburg forces and the Ottomans in the 16th and the 17th century. After the fights with the Ottomans the castle was returned to the Austrian-Hungarian empire and they did quite a lot of work repairing the castle and also expanding it, making it even larger. Unfortunately the castle was bombed again during the Second World War and during the communist reign it was repaired again. Today you can see the results if you visit Budapest.

Inside the Castle of Buda

Inside the Castle of Buda you can today visit the Budapest Museum, the Hungarian National Gallery and the National Library. The Budapest Museum is a great museum for those who are interested in the histroy of Budapest, though quite a lot of things is only given information about in Hungarian. Still you can see lots of interesting objects exhibited and get to know a lot more about the history of Budapest and the castle building itself.

In the National Library you can find all books ever published in Hungary, so if you are looking for something special, you should find it here.

Our favorite inside the castle is the National Gallery. That is not because of the exhibtions and the paintings, but once inside the National Gallery a whole new world opens up before you. While watching paintings made by Hungarians you have probably not heard of before you can also enjoy a splendid view towards the Danube and you get free entrance into the dome of the castle, at lest if the weather allows it. From there you can get a panorama view of all of Budapest. Do not miss it if you first pay the entrance fee for the National Gallery.

Where is the Hungarian King?

He is nowhere to be found, as Hungary has a president instead. His office is located in the white building next to the castle, so if you want to drop by and say hi, go there instead.
The castle area is very popular for festivals, especially in the autumn and among the most popular festivals arranged here you can find the International Wine Festival and the Buda Castle Beer Festival.

How to get to the Castle of Buda?

Walk across the Chain Bridge and travel with the funicular to the top. If you want a bus travel with bus 16 from Deák Tér to Disz Tér and walk the last metres from there. It is a very pleasant walk as well, so it is no problem to skip the funicular and simply walk up the hill from Clark Adam Square, where the funicular is located. The walk from the square to the top takes 5 minutes if you are in good shape, 10 if you are out of shape!

Hungarian National Gallery

Opening times: Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-18:00
Fees: Free for permanent exhibitions. Admition fee for temporary!
Address: 1014 Budapest, Szent György tér 2.
Metro stop: Moszkva Tér, and take VÁRBUSZ (castle bus) from there
More information: Homepage

Budapest History Museum

Opening times: Wednesday-Monday 10:00-16:00
Fees: 1100 Ft (adults), 550 Ft (students)
Address: 1014 Budapest, Szent György tér 2.
Metro stop: Moszkva Tér, and take VÁRBUSZ (castle bus) from there
More information: Homepage

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