Margaret Island

Margaret island
Margaret island

The Margaret Island is an island of peace, located between Buda and Pest. During the summer the citizens of Budapest always “escape” to the island for some peace in a very stressful life. Car traffic is not allowed on the island (except from those travelling to the hotels), and there is only one bus crossing over the island.

The Margaret Island can be reached from the Margaret Bridge and from the Arpad Bridge. It has had many names throughout history, the most famous probably the “Island of the Rabbits.” It received its name from Saint Margaret, the daughter of King Béla IV. She lived in a Dominician monastary there, which ruins can still be found at the Island.

Among the attractions at the Margaret Island, the most popular tend to be the music fountain (near the Margaret Bridge). Here the water in the fountain and the music follows each other in strength and height). The Palatinus bath is very popular in the summer, the little Japanese garden (with an artifical waterfall) has its own charm and the Water Tower buit in Art Nouveau style is worth a visit. During the summer there are also many concerts at the Margaret Island Open Stage, just by the Water Tower. For those who would like some running during their stay in Budapest, there is a very popular running track around the island, which is more han 5km long.

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