Easter Market in Budapest 2020

Budapest is well known for their beautiful Christmas Market with an incredible atmosphere at the Vörösmarty Tér in Budapest. Though it is not a big one, it still has a magical atmosphere and lots of good food. When it comes to Easter many people visit Schönbrunn in Vienna for the annual Easter market there, but Budapest has never been known for any special Easter market.

Budapest Wine Festival 2020

When will the famous Budapest Wine Festival be arranged in 2020? We have received the question several times already, and here is the answer! The annual Wine Festival arranged in the courtyard of the Royal Palace on the castle hill might be the most popular of all festivals in Budapest every year (if we do […]

Christmas market by St. Stephens Basilica 2018

christmas market by st stephens basilica

We have known the dates for the Christmas market at Vörösmarty square for a long time, but just recently, the dates for the Christmas market in front for the St. Stephen’s Basilica was published as well. The Christmas market in front of the St. Stephen’s Basilica is getting better and better for every year. In 2017, […]

What is the Grand Market Hall in Budapest like?

Budapest is a city with fantastic buildings, and an amazing panorama as you walk along the Danube. But, one of the most fantastic places to walk around is in the Grand Market Hall, at least if you have a kitchen you can use afterward to prepare some royal meals. The Market Hall is a melting pot […]

The Károlyi garden in the heart of Budapest

The beautiful Karolyi garden in the heart of Budapest.

Few tourists have ever seen or visited the Károlyi garden, but if you want a breath of fresh air and a green lounge in the midst of your shopping time in Budapest, this is a garden worth visiting. The Károlyi garden is located close to Váci utca, the shopping street in Budapest, but still hidden […]

A fantastic wine-dinner in Budapest

starter wine dinner

We have just extended our list of wine tasting opportunities in Budapest with a magnificent wine dinner. It is a three-course dinner that is served together with three fantastic wines in the Károlyi restaurant, in the heart of Budapest. The first thing that comes to your mind as you enjoy this wine dinner, is the […]

Ten advises if you come to Budapest for the Christmas markets!

Christmas market in Budapest recommendations

Nothing can compare to the atmosphere in Budapest before Christmas. The city is illuminated with fantastic lights, and the famous Christmas markets are there to be enjoyed. In this article, we would love to share some ideas and recommendations to you, that we believe will make your visit to Budapest and the Christmas markets even […]