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What is the Grand Market Hall in Budapest like?

Budapest is a city with fantastic buildings, and an amazing panorama as you walk along the Danube. But, one of the most fantastic places to walk around is in the Grand Market Hall, at least if you have a kitchen you can use afterward to prepare some royal meals. The Market Hall is a melting pot […]

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Hungarian Parliament

Budapest best – the best five of Budapest!

In today’s world people turn quite lazy and when searching in Google they end up typing Budapest best, a very strange „expression” instead of typing for example Best of Budapest. In a time when everyone uses such strange expressions surfing the internet it has a quite strange influence on the written language, and it is […]

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Five secret attractions in Budapest worth visiting

Of course, these places aren’t secret, but not everybody knows about them. This means that they are not crowded, so you and your family can walk in peace without being bothered by crowds of people. If you like visiting such attractions, but don’t want to go far from the center of Budapest, then you should […]

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Top five Budapest attractions

Coming to Budapest and wonder what are the most important attractions to see when in town? We have created a list telling you what are the top five Budapest attractions. The attractions on this list are things to see, which means that we have not included activities and programs. These are buildings and landmarks that […]

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Hungarian Parliament – More beautiful than ever

As of August 20th, 2011, the Hungarian Parliament can yet again be seen in its total beauty as darkness breaks forth in Budapest. After some quite boring years the Parliament is yet again beautiful, and below you can see a picture made on August 21st, 2011. For more pictures and fresh Budapest news, visit Budapest […]

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Matthias church updates and pictures

I remember making a photo of the Matthias Church in 2003, and I liked it quite a lot. I did of course not imagine, that just some months later the church would be wrapped with scaffold for the upcoming years, making it impossible to take a good picture of the church. The good news is […]

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Budapest synagogue by night pictures

The Dohányi Utcai synagogue in Budapest is the second largest in the world and it attracts hundred thousands of visitors every year. I just added some pictures of the synagogue by night for our visitors to enjoy, but I also did so to answer a question I received during a guided tour half a year […]

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Free Fishermens Bastion

Good news to everyone coming to Budapest between October 16 and March 15. In this period it is free entrance to the Fishermens Bastion, so if you would like to enjoy the second best view in Budapest, you are free to do so, without even having to pay for it. In my opinion the best […]

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Just some more Budapest Pictures

Yet another time I just brought my camera as I walked around in Budapest (of course working with tourists), and below you can see some of the Budapest pictures. None of them are extraordinary, but they will still give a little feeling of what Budapest is like for those who have never been around in […]

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Shining Elisabeth Bridge soon…

Not long ago the Liberty Bridge received its floodlights! The Margaret Bridge is on the way to receive its floodlights.The Chain Bridge has always been illuminated by the beautiful lights! And now soon we will experience yet another nice bridge during night time. They have already tested out the new lights to be used on […]

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