Ten cheap street-eats in Budapest

We have earlier written articles about five hidden attractions in Budapest worth visiting and a list presenting some activities worth trying. Now it is time to feed our stomachs, so read on and get to know 10 places where you can have a cheap street-eat while walking the streets of Budapest.

1. Tamp & Bull

This is a special café in Budapest. In Tamp and Bull you can enjoy more than a normal espresso. Here you can find coffee with exotic spices and so much more. Besides them, dear guests can eat sandwiches, teas and delicious things but it is true, that this place is firstly the coffee lovers’ perfect place.
Address: 1093, Budapest. 3 Czuczor Street (Budapest, few minute walk from the Fővám Square, from the Szabadság Bridge’s Pest bridgehead to the Petőfi Bridge)

Tamp and Bull Budapest

2. Butter Brothers

Fantastic bakery with delicious products! Special, fresh, crunchy and first of all, the products are Hungarian, for example the famous quark bag, which is the best in the city. It is totally worth to taste!
Address: 1093, Budapest. 22 Lónyai Street (Budapest, few minute walk from Kálvin Square on the Lónyai Street)

3. Pervizaj Bakery

Because we are talking about bakeries, we have to talk about one of the most delicious Serbian bakeries in Budapest too. Giant bakery products, low prices, fast service, these are what Pervizaj offers you.
Address: 1137, Budapest. 32-34 Pozsonyi Street (Budapest few minute walk from the Jászai Mari Square, from the Margaret Bridge’s Pest bridgehead on the street of McDonald’s)

4. Ica Mama’s Meat Shop

After we became full with bakery products, we need to change to meat products. In Hungary there is a famous buffet type, the Laci Kitchen. These meat shops offer you cooked meat and place for eating. One of the bests of these buffets in Budapest is Ica Mama’s Meat Shop, which has a plus advantage; this buffet has made the same delicious profile for 50 years ago at the same place. Cheap and delicious lunch, especially for meat lovers!
Address: 1114, Budapest. 64 Bartók Béla Street (Budapest, few minute walk from Móricz Zsigmond Square)

5. Leves.

If you don’t have the mood for bakery products or meat, we can offer you a place, where you can eat great appetizer: soup. Don’t think these are just simple soups, these soups are specials with changeable spices. People get their soups in paper glasses, so they can eat it anywhere, even during walk.
Address: 1053, Budapest. 14 Vámház Street (Budapest, few minute walk from Fővám Square, from Szabadság Bridge on the Vámház Street)

6. Pasta.

After we ate our soup, we should continue our lunch with the second dish; however, we should stay with the same company. The Pasta., as the Leves. offers you special dishes in paper box, but of course it is not soup, it is pasta. Moreover the two buffets are very close to each other!
Address: 1053, Budapest. 2 Kálvin Square (Budapest, Kálvin Square, almost opposite to National Museum)

7. Zing Burger

If you like hamburger, but you are sick of the popular fast food restaurants’ offers; here is your time to try something new! The Zing Burger is a mobile buffet which appears in different points of Budapest day by day, and their supply is fantastic, huge, special and cheap! If you want to know the next station of Zing Burger is, follow them on Facebook!
Address: Budapest

Zing Burger

8. Finomító Kantin

This buffet is perfect place for an exhausted tourist. There is sandwiches, soups, burgers, coffee and drinks here with good prices, but the most important is that everything is fresh! The Finomító Kantin is very proud of this virtue. You definitely should visit it, when you are in Buda!
Address: 1027, Budapest. 33 Irén Street (Budapest, few minute walk from Széna Square)

9. The Donut Library

This is the island of peace in this fast city. Donuts here are made from only fresh ingredients without any additives or colorific. You can’t get soda-pops here, but a glass of delicious syrup or fresh milk is better with the donut, isn’t it? Besides the donuts, guests get books, so they have something to scroll while they eat.
Address: 1137, Budapest. 22 Pozsonyi Street (Budapest few minute walk from the Jászai Mari Square, from the Margaret Bridge’s Pest bridgehead on the street of McDonald’s)

10. La Pizza di Mamma Sofia

We can’t make a buffet compilation without pizza! In the La Pizza di Mamma Sofia one slice of pizza is only 350 Forint, huge and very delicious! The offer is amazing, sweat, salty, small, big, but there is one common thing: they are 100% Italian!
Perfect place if you only need a bite.
Address: 1061, Budapest. 20 Király Street (Budapest, Király Street in the center city)

Pizza in budapest

Well, we hope, you like our “Street Food” compilation. These places are all cheap, special and friendly, so choose any of them and you won’t be disappointed. If you have thoughts, comments, recommendations or any other thing to say, please write a comment!

5 activities you must try while in Budapest

There are lots of compilations about what tourists have to see while in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. This article would like to give advices about what you should do, try or taste in the most amazing city of Eastern Europe.

1. Hungarian gastronomy / Langos

GastronomyFirst of all we would like to mention the Hungarian kitchen. I am sure everyone has heard about the Goulash soup. But you need to know that the Hungarian kitchen is not only about Goulash, there are better and better soups, main courses, desserts and snacks too. What you definitely should try is ‘lángos’. This traditional meal is the Hungarian pizza. Originally it is a circle shaped dough made in plenty of oil, they put garlic, sour cream and/or cheese on it. Nowadays there are lots of versions; you can get pizza lángos, gyros lángos, bacon lángos and more. If you are in Budapest and run into a buffet where they sell lángos, do not miss it, taste this delicious meal.

2. Danube Cruise

Another activity that will let you see the most basic sights of Budapest in a delightful way is a boat trip on the Danube. In Budapest there are a lot of fantastic attractions, and these are mostly located at the two sides of the Danube. Tourists can watch these walking on either the Buda side or on the Pest side, but there is a way that is much better, a Danube Cruise. You can read more about it on this website if you click here. From the famous international river there is fantastic view to both side of Budapest. The best time for this program is at the evening, when the sun goes down and Budapest’s light are on.

Like this article? Read about the Top five attractions in Budapest or read about five hidden treasures in Budapest.

3. Taste Hungarian drinks

Hungarian beerOur third recommendation relates to gastronomy enjoyments again. As most people know, Hungary is famous for its drinking culture. The Hungarian beers, wines and short drinks have worldwide fame. Dutch young people usually come to Budapest from the home of Heineken, because they enjoy the Hungarian beers more than their own. Nowadays several pubs make their own home made beers, which are very delicious and not too expensive: you can buy half liter for a price between 200 Forint and 1000 Forint (check out our Brewery Tour if this sounds cool). We need to talk about Hungarian wines too. The closest wine area to Budapest is Etyek, and this is the youngest wine region too, moreover the home to the grapes behind the most famous Hungarian champagne, Törley. Those who like strong drinks, have to try the Hungarian national drink, pálinka. This short drink made from every fruit what you can imagine, Hungarian people usually used to say: “If you can make jam from a fruit, you can make pálinka too.”. Consume it with responsibility, because it is a strong drink.

4. Visit a ruin pub

If you want to find the best place for the third point, the fourth point can help a lot. In Budapest there is a special pub type, the ruin pub. The point is that they made safe night clubs from little bit ruined, old buildings, but they left the abandoned feeling of them. These are perfect places for a drink, a good chat with friends or maybe to meet up with new people. Most ruin pubs can be found in the seventh district of Budapest, close to the Synagogue (Zsinagóga). Moreover, you can read about some of them in our website, if you click here.

Ruin pub in Budapest
Picture from RomKert in Budapest, one of the famous ruin pubs

5. Do a wine trip to Etyek

The fifth and last recommendation, what you should try while in Budapest is wine tasting in Etyek. As we mentioned in third point, Hungarian wines are famous in the entire whole world and Etyek is a very upcoming region. If you contact us, you could have an unforgettable wine tasting experience in Etyek. On such an excursion you will meet a local wine maker, see the production area, get to know how it all started and the challenges they face in the every day life, and of course – taste the best wines from their production. Etyek is first of all a white wine area, so you will mostly taste whites, but do not be surprised if a rose or a red wine should be presented as well!

We hope you liked our compilation presenting five activities you must try while in Budapest. If you don’t want to spend your whole vacation in museums, choose one or more from the list and you won’t be disappointed! Have a great time!

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Five secret attractions in Budapest worth visiting

Of course, these places aren’t secret, but not everybody knows about them. This means that they are not crowded, so you and your family can walk in peace without being bothered by crowds of people. If you like visiting such attractions, but don’t want to go far from the center of Budapest, then you should read this article about these five secret attractions in Budapest worth visiting.

1. Philosopher’s Garden

Philosopher’s GardenThe first on our list is the Philosopher’s Garden. This attraction is closer than you think; it is located on the other, not too-visited side of the Gellért Hill. The approach is easier than it sounds like, you just need to go to Pest bridgehead of the Elisabeth Bridge, where you can find a bus stop (8,112) and go one station with it to Sánc Street. From here you need to walk a little on the street with the same name as the bus stop and the Philosopher’s Garden is immediately on the left side. The little green place got its name from the statue group, which image the world’s most famous philosophers in one circle. Visitor could meet with the statue of Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, and Gandhi too. Besides this we can’t forget the fantastic panorama which shows the whole capital.

2. Normafa

The second is the Normafa, which is a huge and beautiful place on the Buda side. The approach is not complicated neither, you just need to go with the bus 21 or 21A from Széll Kálmán Square, exactly from Várfok Street. Be careful, the 21’s bus final station is not the destination that you are looking for, check the station list. From the Normafa station it is just half minute and you suddenly see the panorama of the capital from Buda perspective. There is everything here: buffet, strudel, kindergarten, nature and peace.

Do not forget to read our article about the top five attractions in Budapest.

3. Feneketlen tó

The third on the list is the Feneketlen Lake. This artificial lake located a little bit out of the center, but it is still easy to get here, because it is just five minute walk or one stop with tram 61 from Móricz Zsigmond Square. You can walk around the little lake, lie down on the grass, there are duck food machines and the most important: green is around you. Moreover there is a great restaurant near to the Feneketlen Lake, the Hemingway Restaurant. Besides this there is a fantastic kindergarten next to Feneketlen Lake.

4. János Hill Lookout Tower

 János Hill Lookout TowerThe fourth is the János Hill Viewpoint. We firstly recommend this place for those who like hiking. The easiest way to reach the János Hill Viewpoint is from Normafa by foot with the help of hiking signs; you can read about these more on the external tables. If you reach the little bit sweaty but beautiful trip’s destination, you just need to climb stairs to see the breathtaking view. You can see everything from this place! Of course there is a buffet here too, so you can have a little rest and a drink after the “mountaineering”. The most special and easiest runoff from the hill is with the Libegő (Chairlift). Underway the whole city unfold in front of you.

5. Szent Istvan Park

Our fifth and last hidden attraction in Budapest what you need to talk about is the Szent István Park. This hidden place is perfect especially for families. The Park has two parts: a smaller with kindergarten and a bigger one, which is a beautiful garden with fountains and amazing flowers. The approach of this place is not complicated, you just need to go to Jászai Mari Square and it is just five minute walk on the street next to McDonald’s, the Pozsonyi Street, at the end of the walk you straightly run into the Szent István Park. Next to the Park there is a lovely restaurant, the Duna Park, here you can have an ice cream, a coffee or anything what you want. Otherwise the whole area is family friend and safe. There are lots of restaurants, pastry shops, café shop and lovely little shops in the district. Advantage for dog keepers; next to the Park there is a safely fenced and well equipped dog running too.

We hope, you like our list presenting five hidden attractions in  Budapest. This is a little bit different, a little bit more peaceful, than the crowd center city, but it could be an unforgettable experience for those, who visit one of the places.

Top five Budapest attractions

Coming to Budapest and wonder what are the most important attractions to see when in town? We have created a list telling you what are the top five Budapest attractions.

The attractions on this list are things to see, which means that we have not included activities and programs. These are buildings and landmarks that you simple need to see, because they are stunning and because if you do not see them, you can not return home claiming to have seen the most important sights in Budapest. So here we go, our top five Budapest attractions.

Top five Budapest attractions

St. Stephens Basilica
We have always been big fans of the St. Stephens Basilica. It has a beautiful exterior and interior. From the square outside the church it is possible to make magnificent pictures, from the dome you can enjoy the best view available on the Pest side, and inside you can enjoy the mixture of prayer, organ music and beautiful paintings, sculptures and much more!

St. Stephens Basilica in Budapest
St. Stephens Basilica is in our eyes the most beautiful church in all of Budapest! Majestic both on the inside and the outside.

The Hungarian Parliament might be the most impressive of all buildings in Budapest. It is located by the Danube and it reminds quite a lot about the Parliament in London. As you watch the building from the outside you will be extremely impressed, but do not make the mistake to think that you have seen it once your bus or taxi has driven next to it during daytime. It is when the lights are turned on in the evening it turns into one of the most beautiful buildings Europe has to offer.

The Hungarian Parliament
One of the nicest Parliament buildings in the world can be found in Budapest

Heroes Square
If you want an introduction to the history of Hungary, bring a guide book or a guide with you to the Heroes Square. The square is beautiful both during daytime and nighttime, but be aware of the fact that in the hottest months it is hard to be out on the square for more than 5-10 minutes. The monuments and the statues at the square are delightful, and the two wonderful museums at both sides of the square just gives a plus to it all.

Heroes Square in Budapest
The best place to get an introduction to the history of Hungary, the Heroes Square

Chain Bridge
If you buy a postcard from Budapest, it is very possible that the Chain Bridge is the landmark you will see on it. The bridge is first of all a favorite object to photograph when it is illuminated in the evening, and it is also the oldest bridge connecting Pest with Buda. Beautiful, and almost impossible to miss out on when in Budapest.

Top Five Budapest attractions
The Chain Bridge is one of the most beautiful attractions in Budapest

Castle Hill
The fifth and last attraction on our list of the Top five Budapest attractions is the Castle Hill. We realize that the Castle Hill in fact is a hill and not one attraction, so it is kind of tricky. However, as we write the Castle Hill as an attraction it includes the castle building itself, but also the Matthias Church and the Fishermens Bastion.

Matthias Church in Budapest
The Matthias Church is beautiful, and its location next to the Fishermens Bastion is perfect.

The best route to see these five attractions

If you decide to see all these five attraction on one and the same little trip on your own, then we recommend the following route.

  • Start your tour at the Heroes Square
  • Take the yellow metro or walk your way down the Andrassy avenue to the St. Stephens Basilica
  • Continue towards the Chain Bridge and walk across it
  • Walk on foot or use the funicular to get to the Castle Hill
  • Walk from the Castle towards the Trinity square (Szentharomsag ter)
  • Enjoy the view of the Matthias Church and the Fishermens Bastion
  • Walk to the top of one of the viewing points at the Fishermens Bastion and see the beautiful Parliament from there.

Enjoy your trip and if you have further thoughts and advices, just write a comment!

Kristály confectionary: Best Confectionary

This article is a part in our “Best of Budapest“-series, currently searching for the “best confectionary in Budapest“.

Kristály confectionary

1082 Budapest, József körút. 53.

Kristály confectionary is a cosy confectionary along the Great Boulevard, located next to where the boulevard hits the Baross Utca. Here you can buy cakes from a quite rich selection, and the prices are not at all high. The interior is nice, though we did not get the very „confectionary” feeling during our visit. Anyway, this is still a confectionary where the cakes tastes good, the service is okay, and the atmosphere is just fine. Not a very touristic place, rather a place where a Hungarian would go to grab a cake and a cup of coffee.

The confectionary is open from 10:00 – 18:00 during wintertime and from 10:00 – 20:00 during summertime.

Kristály confectionary score

Cakequality: 8/10
Drinks: 7/10
Atmosphere: 5/10
Price vs. quality: 9/10
Total average: 29/40

Comments from the jury:
“The interior was just fine and it was easy to find a free table”
“I was very satisfied with the prices”
“During summertime they have a terrace for guests outside the confectionary”

Some Kristály confectionary pictures:

Cool Cafe: Best Confectionary

This article is a part in our “Best of Budapest“-series, currently searching for the “best confectionary in Budapest“.

Cool Cafe

1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor utca 12

Cool Fagylalt & Kávé (Cool icecream & coffee) is a quite new cafe in the centre of Budapest, in Petöfi Sandor utca. It was opened August 2010, and here you can get good ice cream, and of course nice cakes at quite okay prices. The interior is very modern, so this is not the „old-fashioned confectionary” style, like for example Gerbeaud or Alexandra Bookcafe. We found it quite enjoyable, though this place seems to be empty most of the day, meaning not enough guests. Some of us have been there several times, and the jam  in the Ischler is „fresher” than most other places, so that gives the Ischler a high score at Cool Cafe!

While most confectionaries in Budapest close around 18.00 or 19.00 Cool Cafe keeps open until 21.00 and 22.00, which gives this place a plus point in our books!

Cool Cafe score

Cakequality: 8/10
Drinks: 7/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Price vs. quality: 8/10
Total average: 30/40

Comments from the jury:
“Best Ischler in town”
“Easy to find a seat, always empty…”
“Very modern interior, and open until late in the evening”
“Delicious icecream in addition to the good cakes”

Some Cool Cafe pictures:

Angelo Cukrászat: Best Confectionary

This article is a part in our “Best of Budapest“-series, currently searching for the “best confectionary in Budapest“.

Angelo Café & Cukrászat

1126 Budapest, MOM Park-Alkotás út 53.

Located on the Buda side of Budapest, along the busy Alkotás street, in the shoppingcenter MOM Park, this is a popular café and confectionary for young and old in the area. The place is normally quite packed, and you can find a big selection of cakes here. The quality of the cakes we found to be average, while the drinks were good. The biggest minus was the fact that smoking was allowed inside, and even though a “no-smoking” area could be found, nothing divided this from the smoking area, so leaving Angelo all our clothes smelled as if we had been sitting in the smoking area.

Angelo Cukrászat score

Cakequality: 6/10
Drinks: 8/10
Atmosphere: 6/10
Price vs. quality: 5/10
Total average: 25/40

Comments from the jury:
“Big selection of cakes, fine quality, but annoying cigarette smell everywhere”
“Good place for relaxing, though the background music was annoying”
“Nothing dividing smoking from no-smkoing except from an invisible wall”
“Good hot-chocolate and limonade”

Some Angelo cukrászat pictures:

Nándori cukrászda: Best confectionary

This article is a part in our “Best of Budapest“-series, currently searching for the “best confectionary in Budapest“.

Nándori Cukrászda

1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 53.

Nándori Cukrászda (cukrászda meaning confectionary) is not a typical confectionary in Budapest. It is more like a place people drop by to buy some cakes for their party at home, and not many people eat their cakes in the confectionary, as there are only six chairs available in the entire confectionary for guests to use. That is a big minus, which makes it quite uninteresting for most people, but when it comes to the quality of the cakes and the price level, we were very impressed and enjoyed our time in Nándori Cukrászda a whole lot!

The confectionary is located in the Ráday Utca, a popular restaurant street.

Nándori Cukrászda score

Cakequality: 9,5/10
Drinks: 8,5/10
Atmosphere: 3,5/10
Price vs. quality: 10/10
Total average: 31,5/40

Comments from the jury:
“Very good, but not enough chairs, therefore it is hard to recommend this place”
“Rather a take-away confectionary”
“Wonderful cakes and good drinks, nice atmosphere… if you find a chair”

Some Nándori Cukrászda pictures:

Alexandra Bookcafe: Best confectionary

This article is a part in our “Best of Budapest“-series, currently searching for the “best confectionary in Budapest“.

Alexandra Bookcafe

1061 Budapest, Andrassy ut 39

Alexandra Bookcafe is probably the most beautiful of all confectionaries in Budapest, and our expectations were high as we prepared to taste the cakes and the drinks. We were lucky to get a free table as the place was almost packed – but our jury was unfortunately not too impressed by the quality of what they were later served.

Alexandra Bookcafe score

Cakequality: 5/10
Drinks: 4,75/10
Atmosphere: 9,5/10
Price vs. quality: 4,75/10
Total average: 23/40

Comments from the jury:
“None of the cakes were especially good”
“Not good enough, but nice and with a great atmosphere”
“The room was splendid, the piano music discreet, the waiter was nice, but had a lot to do”
“The beautiful surroundings where not in harmony with the poor cake quality”

Some Alexandra Bookcafe pictures: