Sziget Festival kick-off in Budapest today!

Budapest is invaded by people today coming for the annual Sziget Festival, one of the coolest and best music festivals in Europe every single year.

Some of the artists performing at Sziget Festival today (August 7th, 2019)
Some of the artists performing at the Sziget Festival today (August 7th, 2019)

The festival attracts almost half a million people every year who pay the quite steep entrance fees to see and listen to some of the best artists from around the world. In 2019, the Sziget Festival is arranged between August 7th and August 13th. On the opening night (which is tonight), one of the highlights will already perform, Ed Sheeran.

But, there are so many stages and places to visit at the island (Sziget means island) where the festival is arranged, that you will have a hard time getting bored. There is something happening at the different stages all the time, so make sure to take a careful look at the schedule and plan your whereabouts if you do not want to miss out on something important.

Other artists coming to Sziget 2019

Ed Sheeran will perform tonight, but he is not the only hotshot coming to the festival this year. Some of the other famous artists coming include Foo Fighters, Twenty One Pilots, Florence and the Machine, Martin Garrix, The National, The 1975, CHVRCHES, Kodaline, Of Mice & Men, James Blake, Franz Ferdinand, and lots of others.

If you want to see the full program of the festival, visit the official website of the Sziget Festival which can be found here.

Other programs in Budapest

If you do not want to spend all your time at the Hajogyari island, but instead spend some time in the center of Budapest as well, that is a good idea. There are lots of cool programs in the city center, and you should, of course, drink some good Hungarian wine, taste the Hungarian Goulash soup, maybe enjoy a river cruise, and definitely, enjoy the view from the Gellert Hill!

You can read about lots of activities and programs in Budapest here in the Budapest Guide, so make sure to look around!

Free Sting and Shaggy concert in Budapest on November 24th

Will you be in Budapest on November 24th? Are you a fan of Sting, Shaggy, or maybe Punnany Massif? If you haven’t ordered your plane tickets to Budapest yet, hurry up! It will be worth it!

The concert with Sting and Shaggy (with Punnany Massif joining in as a warm-up band) will be arranged at the Heroes Square in Budapest on November 24th. It will start at 18.00, and it will be a completely free event. The occasion for the event is the 30-year anniversary of the most popular kind of lotto in Hungary. But, who cares why it is arranged and who is arranging it – this is your chance to listen to Sting, Shaggy and Punnany Massif for free in Budapest on November 24th.

Sting and Shaggy coming to Budapest

And, when you first visit Budapest, make sure to visit the fantastic Christmas markets in town, and since you do not have to spend money on the actual concert – spend your money on a romantic river cruise, a delicious wine dinner, or maybe a rustic brewery visit instead? You can read more about all these and other programs here in our Budapest Guide.

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Ps: Do not try to approach the concert area with a car. There will be roadblocks everywhere, so park your car far away and approach the area on foot or using public transportation!

OneRepublic concert in Budapest 2015

One Republic concert BudapestOneRepublic will give a concert in the capital of Hungary in Budapest in the summer of 2015. OneRepublic is an American rock band which was formed in 2003.

OneRepublic released their first debut album Dreaming Out Loud in 2007 and from the album Apologize which was remixed by Timbaland was a great success and brought international success for the band. The second album of OneRepublic was Waking Up which was released in 2009. From the second album All the Right Moves, Secrets, Marchin On and Good Life were number one hits on several charts. The band came out with their third and latest album Native in 2013. OneRepublic is currently on a world tour with The Native Tour which is the band’s third world tour. The tour started in 2013 and will last until 2015. The band will give in total 142 concerts all over the world from North America through Europe to Asia. In this occasion OneRepublic will also visit Hungary where they will give one concert in Budapest.

In Budapest the concert will take place at the Papp László Budapest Sportarèna and the concert will be on Sunday 7th June in 2015. Tickets for the concert are already available.

For more information on the concert tickets and prices check the following site: WorldTicketShop.

If you look for some other cool program in Budapest, why not do a winetasting program or something similar?

Roxette concert in Budapest 2015

RoxetteRoxette is on a world tour from this year until next year in 2015 and in this occasion Roxette will visit Budapest as well. During the world tour they will be on stage in different cities all across the world.

Roxette is a Swedish rock pop duo which was formed in 1986. The duo achieved great success and got world wide known after releasing their first album the Look Sharp! in the late 1980s. Their next great success came with the third album Joyride which was released in 1991. With this album they truly became one of the most popular bands at the time. Their most popular hits are The Look, Listen to Your Heart, It Must Have Been Love and Joyride. Their latest album the Travelling came out in 2012.

Roxette is on a world tour from 2014 until next year 2015. They will visit several countries during the world tour from Europe to Australia. In Europe they will be on stage in different countries across Europe including Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Hungary and so on. In Hungary the concert will be in the capital of Hungary in Budapest. The concert will take place at Papp László Budapest Sportarena on Tuesday 19th May in 2015. Tickets for the concert are already available and can be bought from WorldTicketShop.

If you want to know more about other concerts and events in Budapest, visit the following site.

For more information on the concert and prices check the following site.

Slipknot concert in Budapest

Slipknot the American heavy metal band will be on a world tour from 2014. Slipknot was formed in 1995 in the United State, in Iowa.


In the early days of their career there were several line up changes and the band consisted 9 members. Nowadays Slipknot only has 7 members. Slipknot is best known of their attention grabbing image, their aggressive music style and their energetic live performances. Slipknot came out with their first album called Slipknot in 1999. The first album brought them great success and they became worldwide known. Slipknot came out with their 5th studio album 5: The Gray Chapter in October in 2014. Slipknot will be on a world tour from 2014 and they will be on stage in different countries all around the world. They will start their concert tour in North America this year and they will continue their tour next year in Europe. They will perform in multiple European countries such as Hungary, Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and so on. The Slipknot concert in Hungary will be held in the capital city of Hungary, in Budapest. The concert will take place at Papp László Budapest Sportaréna. The Slipknot concert will be on Thursday 5th February in 2015. Tickets for the concert are already available.

If you want to know more on the concerts tickets and the prices check the following site for more information: WorldTicketShop.

Andre Rieu concert Budapest 2015

Andre RieuAndre Rieu is a Dutch violinist and conductor. He is best known for forming the Johann Strauss Orchestra. With the Johann Strauss Orchestra he turned classical and waltz music in to a world wide known music concert tour which is as successful as some of the best rock or pop shows in the whole world. Andre Rieu was interested in music from a really early age and he started playing on the violin at the age of 5. Later from 1974 to 1977 he studied at the Music Academy in Brussels. Andre Rieu formed the Johann Strauss Orchestra in 1987 and his own production company. In the beginning the Orchestra only had a few members but nowadays it includes between 60 and 150 musicians.

Andre Rieu and the world wide known Johann Strauss Orchestra is on a world tour this year. They will visit and perform in different countries and cities all around the world. They are touring with the “Eine Nacht in Venedig” The visitors will have the chance to experience a really unique and colourful performance from Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra. They will be on stage in several European countries such as Hungary, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic and so on. In Hungary the concert will be held in Budapest at Papp László Sportaréna. The concert will be held on Wednesday 20th May 2015. Tickets for the concert are already available.

If you want to buy your ticket for the concert check this site: WorldTicketShop

Cirque Du Soleil Quidam Budapest

CirqueThe Quidam is the ninth stage show by the Cirque Du Soleil. The show premiered in 1996 and it has been watched by millions over the years. The whole story is imagined by a little girl called Zoè who is ignored by his parents. She dreams the world of Quidam which is the only way of escaping her monotony and boring life. The shows title refers to a character in the show, to the man without a head who is carrying a bowler hat and an umbrella. According to the show “Quidam: a nameless passer-by, a solitary figure lingering on a street corner, a person rushing past. … One who cries out, sings and dreams within us all.”

During the years Quidam received several awards and nominations and became one of the most popular shows in the world.

The Cirque Du Soleil is on a world tour and they are performing Quidam several countries and cities all around the world from North America to Europe. They will be on stage in several European cities and countries such as Germany, Italy, UK, Poland and Hungary as well. Quidam will be shown in Budapest the capital of Hungary. It will take place at Papp László Sportarèna between 13th and 15th February in 2015. Tickets for the shows are already available.

For the tickets check the following site: WorldTicketShop

Hungarian Song Day, Kobuci garden 2013

On the Hungarian Song Day, on 8 September 2013, whole Hungary dresses up with music. In the capital, Budapest loads of programs will welcome visitors. The Kobuci garden will give the place for the world music and children stage, just like in every year. Those who will visit here, could see the greatest members of the Hungarian music life, live, for example the Quimby, or the Csík band. Maybe our foreign visitors haven’t heard about these bands, so we warmly recommend, listen a few songs from them on the Internet. The lyrics will be mostly in Hungarian, but besides the atmosphere and the melody, you wouldn’t miss the lyrics. Visit the Kobuci garden during the Hungarian Song Day, on this beautiful autumn day. Have fun!

Address: Kobuci garden (Óbuda, 1 Fő Square, Garden of Zichy Castle)

Hungarian Song Day, World music stage

Hungarian Song Day in the Akvárium club 2013

If you decided that you will visit to the Hungarian capital, Budapest to see and to listen the Hungarian Song Day’s artists and programs, you definitely won’t be disappointed in the Akvárium club on 8 September 2013 which is located in the heart of the capital, at the Erzsébet square. This place will give place to the Jazz stage. Those, who love this fantastic and varied music, do not miss the nightclub at the Elizabeth square.

The environment is already worth to see. Do not miss the Hungarian Song Day’s Jazz stage on 8 September 2013 in the Akvárium club! This will be an enjoyable program for every age! Have fun!

Magyar Dal Napja 2013

Place: Akvárium club (1054 Budapest, 14 Erzsébet square)

14.00 Emilio and the Gitano Band
15.15 Urbán Orsi Group
16.30 Mariann Falusi, Nikoletta Szőke, Bálint Gajer and the Studio 11
18.00 Mrs. Columbo

Hungarian Song Day, Jazz stage

Szimfonik Live 3.0

One day before the Hungarian Song Day, on 7 September 2013 the Millenárius park will fill with life, music and other programs on the Public Media Day. On this day you could see and hear the Hungarian Radio 2’s, or Petőfi Radio’s annual concert, the Szimfonik Live 3.0.

MusicOn this concert 30 popular artists will show their hits, what will be escorted by the Hungarian Radio’s symphonic band. The result will be the shake of classic and pop music.

The first time when the MTVA showed the Szimfonik Live was in 2011 on the 0 day of popular Sziget Festival. The initiative got huge success, so the organizers decided to make a tradition from the concert, and the interested audience is getting bigger and bigger in every year.

The 30 artists, who will give concert, are the Hungarian pop music life’s most outstanding members. Nonetheless we warmly recommend: visit the concert or the whole day program to meet better for example the Hungarian music life. Between the artists there will be band or solo, rock, reggae, pop, alternative and hip hop, so everybody could find the perfect program for themselves, even if only for one or two songs.

If you will be in Budapest on 7 September 2013 on the Public Media Day, visit the Millenáris park and enjoy the whole day cool shows, programs and exhibitions!

Szimfonik Live 3.0

September 7th
Millenáris Park