Experience The Witcher in Hungary (Netflix series)

The Witcher is the name of a brand new Netflix series that many believe can turn into the next Game of Thrones (when it comes to popularity). The series never managed to enchant us, but still, it is amazing to recognize lots of Hungarian locations as you watch the series on Netflix. Henry Cavill is […]

Some pictures from the “Horse and Puszta program”

Hungarian Puszta program

Are you a fan of beautiful horses capable of doing special and nice maneuvers? Check out the Horse and Puszta program, because if you visit it, that is exactly what you are going to get… and so much more. Because, at that program you will not only find talented horses, but talented riders, a whole […]

Hungary and the Eurovision Song Contest – The big problem

The Eurovision Song Contest is approaching and only a few days ago the Hungarian people voted for ByeAlex to represent Hungary in the Song Contest of 2013. I considered naming this article Bye Bye Alex, but the problem is much bigger than ByeAlex… I remembered the first time I listened to the song with which […]

Budapest Palinka Festival 2011

The annual Budapest Palinka Festival will be arranged between May 5th and May 8th in 2011. This year the focus will be on Plum-palinka, but you can of course taste a whole lot of other Palinka’s as well if you visit the festival. The Palinka Festival will this year be arranged for the sixth time […]