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Book your Budapest hotel much cheaper!

We all want to save money wherever it is possible. We like to pay for quality, but if we find the same quality and the same product cheaper somewhere else, we like to purchase the product in the cheapest possible way. And then comes the question – why pay more than needed for the hotel […]

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Do not forget that you can enjoy hot sprints outdoor in the Szechenyi thermal bath, also on a snowy January day!

Enjoy the snow in Budapest!

If you didn’t know it already, it is currently possible to enjoy some snow in Budapest. As a tourist, you might not enjoy it, but the local population still try to rejoice in the snow. Every year you have a couple of days with snow in Budapest. We are never speaking about extreme amounts of […]

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Hotel Gellert I Spy

Best films from Budapest on Netflix

Do you have a Netflix account and feel like watching some film with clips from Budapest in them? Want to see the Chain Bridge and other Budapest attractions combined with action? Here are some of the films you can watch from Budapest on Netflix! Before continuing it is worth knowing that there are not that […]

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Hungarian Puszta program

Some pictures from the “Horse and Puszta program”

Are you a fan of beautiful horses capable of doing special and nice maneuvers? Check out the Horse and Puszta program, because if you visit it, that is exactly what you are going to get… and so much more. Because, at that program you will not only find talented horses, but talented riders, a whole […]

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Volt 2014

Check out the Volt Festival in Hungary

As we already wrote in our previous articles, we can not imagine a boring summer in Hungary. There are lots of programs we can choose from either in Budapest or in other smaller towns in Hungary. If we just want to have a nice summer holiday in Hungary, but we are not really interested in […]

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Hungary and the Eurovision Song Contest – The big problem

The Eurovision Song Contest is approaching and only a few days ago the Hungarian people voted for ByeAlex to represent Hungary in the Song Contest of 2013. I considered naming this article Bye Bye Alex, but the problem is much bigger than ByeAlex… I remembered the first time I listened to the song with which […]

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An introduction to Hungarian politics

Small country – difficult politics To write an introduction to Hungarian politics is a very dangerous task, and a very hard task. In some nations politics might be a nice subject to speak about during dinners and in a coffee break at work. In Hungary politics is a dangerous subject which can turn friends, colleagues […]

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Budapest Palinka Festival 2011

The annual Budapest Palinka Festival will be arranged between May 5th and May 8th in 2011. This year the focus will be on Plum-palinka, but you can of course taste a whole lot of other Palinka’s as well if you visit the festival. The Palinka Festival will this year be arranged for the sixth time […]

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Amy Winehouse, Good Charlotte, Kasabian and The Maccabees to Sziget Festival

Recently several new bands have accepted their invitation to the Sziget Festival in Budapest in 2011, so so far it seems like if this years Sziget Festival will be an amazing event again, as usual. The newest names on the list are Amy Winehouse, The Maccabees, Kasabian and Good Charlotte. Besides these there are many […]

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Hotels recommendations for March

Spring has arrived in Budapest. This is a great time to visit the Hungarian capital, and here you can find some hotel recommendations for March. Below you can find a list presenting good hotels with great prices in Budapest in March. They are all centrally located, and have good prices currently. Not all hotels include […]

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