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Budapest seen from the flight!

Budapest from above – seen from an airplane!

Before arriving to Budapest, or as you leave Budapest, you might be extremely lucky and get a beautiful view of the city. If you sit by the window, make sure to have your camera or your phone ready, just in case. I just bumped into the following image on Facebook recently, taken by someone just […]

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Egyetem tér in Budapest

Egyetem square in Budapest (University square)

Budapest has a lot of hidden treasures, and one of them is the amazing Egyetem square (University square). It can be found between the popular Ferenciek square and Kalvin square, and it is very close to another hidden treasure, the Karolyi garden. The square has been named after the university at the square, the University […]

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The traditional Chimney Cake in Budapest

Taste the Chimney Cake in Budapest

Budapest is a city with a lot to see and discover. But, just as important – it is a city in which there is a lot to taste. And one of the best things to taste is the traditional Chimney Cake. The Chimney Cake, also named Sekler cake by some, is a sweet pastry, originally […]

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The beautiful Karolyi garden in the heart of Budapest.

The Károlyi garden in the heart of Budapest

Few tourists have ever seen or visited the Károlyi garden, but if you want a breath of fresh air and a green lounge in the midst of your shopping time in Budapest, this is a garden worth visiting. The Károlyi garden is located close to Váci utca, the shopping street in Budapest, but still hidden […]

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Budapest by night from a drone

Budapest by night from a drone

Would you like to see a beautiful Budapest by night picture? This has got to be one of the most stunning of them all! A few days ago, we shared an article from Steemit on our Facebook page. It contained a beautiful Budapest by night picture, taken from a drone. The post turned so popular, […]

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Sculptures in Budapest Zoo

Chinese lights in Budapest Zoo

It has been on for quite a while, but everything good has to end. The Chinese lights in the Budapest Zoo will be available until May 22nd. Here you can see some pictures. If you visit Budapest Zoo in the evenings then you can now enjoy beautiful lights inside animals and sculptures. It is a […]

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Four seasons in 1973

Budapest video from 1973 – Must see for Budapest fans

Are you a Budapest fan? If the answer is yes then you will love this Budapest video from 1973. It is a 30 minute film simply showing what Budapest was like, presented by the Hungarian singer Kati Kovacs. We by coincidence bumped into this film in the library of the Norwegian TV channel NRK, so […]

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Appearance and Reality

Appearance and Reality – Short film from Budapest

Are you showing your real feeling? Take a look at this amazing four minute short film made by Elena Rogova és Zsenya Pavlenko, the Amix Film Studio. The title is Appearance and Reality. The scene for the film is Budapest and in the film you can see the Margaret Bridge, the Chain Bridge and the […]

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Beautiful decorations and lights

Some pictures from the Christmas market in 2014

One evening not so long ago we visited the Christmas market in Budapest at the Vorosmarty square. Of course we made some photos, though not the best ones, but why not share them with all of you out there, who unfortunately could not come to Budapest to visit the Christmas market this year. Take a […]

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Not night yet, but getting dark in Budapest

Budapest panorama pictures

Budapest is as we know one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Here you can see some Budapest panorama pictures taken recently. At the pictures you can see Budapest panorama pictures made by the Danube, near the Grand Market Hall, towards the Elisabeth Bridge from the Pest side and one panorama picture taken […]

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