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Where to eat breakfast in Budapest?

When you book a hotel in Budapest, you will very often find that your hotel has included a breakfast in the price. For some this is a requirement, and they never book a hotel where the breakfast is not included. Still, some people come to Budapest and have done a booking where the breakfast is […]

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My top 3 Budapest winter hotels

It’s January and it’s cold outside. The wind is blowing and even though the thermometer shows a temperature of 4 Celsius, it feels like minus 10 and I dream of a hot chocolate and some warm goulash soup. When life is like that and its winter, where should I stay in Budapest? The following three […]

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5 activities you must try while in Budapest

There are lots of compilations about what tourists have to see while in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. This article would like to give advices about what you should do, try or taste in the most amazing city of Eastern Europe. 1. Hungarian gastronomy / Langos First of all we would like to mention the […]

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Five secret attractions in Budapest worth visiting

Of course, these places aren’t secret, but not everybody knows about them. This means that they are not crowded, so you and your family can walk in peace without being bothered by crowds of people. If you like visiting such attractions, but don’t want to go far from the center of Budapest, then you should […]

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Top five Budapest attractions

Coming to Budapest and wonder what are the most important attractions to see when in town? We have created a list telling you what are the top five Budapest attractions. The attractions on this list are things to see, which means that we have not included activities and programs. These are buildings and landmarks that […]

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11 nice December activities in Budapest

December can be a very cold month in Budapest and in Hungary, but there are plenty of good and nice programs in this period as well. Check out our list beneath for advices and recommendations.

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Best restaurants in Budapest in 2010

Maybe you ask why someone would write a blog post about the best restaurants in Budapest in 2010 when the current year is 2012, and the month is September, meaning that 2013 is approaching. I will not try to come up with some smart reason, except from the fact that some days ago I found […]

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Ten spring activities in Budapest

The sun is shining, it’s 15-20 degrees and you are in Budapest. It is a normal spring day in the capital of Hungary. Here follows some advices on how to spend such a day in Budapest. This might be a real top 10 list of activities, but rather a list with ideas for different nice […]

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10 things to do in Budapest when it’s cold!

It can get quite cold in the winter in Budapest. What to do if you visit Budapest on such a day? Beneath you can find ten advices: 1.) Go to Széchenyi Thermal Bath and swim in the 38 degree outdoor pool 2.) Go on a wine dinner with 5 courses and 6 wines 3.) Visit […]

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