Cooking school

Cooking school in Budapest

Cooking school in Budapest

Have you ever dreamt of making Goulash soup and other Hungarian dishes? This can now be done easily, and the end result will also be good, as a Hungarian chef will teach you how to do it. Join us for a half-day program in a cooking school in Budapest, with a location nicely located not far from the inner centre of Budapest. At the cooking school you will together with a chef you will learn how to prepare 3 different Hungarian dishes.

The menu normally consists of:
1) Goulash soup
2) Deep fried meat loaf with potato or green pea gravy
3) Sweet cottage cheese balls

Changes can be done to the above menu, but normally this works out fine and it show show three very different techniques when it comes to cooking, and therefore teaching you a whole lot about Hungarian gastronomy and cooking in a short time.

As you finish the cooking it is time to eat, so you will then be served the food you have prepared yourselves. During the program you are free to drink as much soft drinks, coffee and tea as you would like.

Some examples of prices for this program (25% tax is included in the prices):
2 persons: 23,750 HUF per person
6-10 persons: 17,300 HUF per person
20 persons: 15,500 HUF per person

The program is a very popular one, so contact us early to make sure the program will be available when you come to Budapest.

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