The most popular “Hungarian” fish!

It is summer, and in the summer Hungarians escape Budapest and visit Lake Balaton instead. And what do they eat there? The most popular “Hungarian” fish!

You should be warned, some people will not agree on calling this the most popular “Hungarian” fish. There are some other popular fish types in Hungary, for example, carp, catfish, perch, and pike. But, when the Hungarians travel to Lake Balaton, they eat something completely different, namely the “Merluccius Merluccius“, better known as the European hake (in Hungarian “Hekk“). The funny thing is that this fish doesn’t origin from Hungary, and not even from Europe, but from the coasts of Argentina.

A picture of the popular "Hungarian" fish
A picture of the popular “Hungarian” fish – Source

According to this article, the fish is captured in Argentina and transported to Hungary, where it is almost served as a “national” fish. According to Wikipedia, it is a popular fish to catch also in Europe, but the one we are eating in Hungary is supposed to origin from Argentina. It is, however, due to the popularity of the fish in Hungary that it is often considered a fish of the Hungarians, and thus it should origin from Hungary, at least in the minds of the people.

How do Hungarians eat the fish?

If you buy this fish by Lake Balaton, or somewhere else, it will most likely look something like this.

The Hungarian fish

It is normally fried in oil and server together with white bread. It is very easy to eat as the meat can easily be removed from the fish-bones (which are so big that it is no trouble at all getting rid of them).

So, the next time you want to eat a fish course in Hungary, consider the European Hake, better known as “hekk” in Hungary. But, be warned – you will not find it in normal restaurants, only by Lake Balaton, along with the “Romai part” (in Budapest), and other places with beach-like circumstances.

New permanent tours to Balaton and Eger

Those who follow us on Facebook might remember that we arranged a maiden wine trip to Eger a while back. The maiden trip is now history and the tour has now turned into a permanent tour available throughout the entire year. In addition we have also launched a permanent wine trip to Balaton.

These trips are not made for wine experts, but for people who want to see more of Hungary and taste delicious Hungarian wine while doing so. The wine trip to Eger is brilliant for those who want some time in a city of 60,000 people in the north-eastern part of Hungary, while the Balaton trip is the trip for those who want to spend some more time in the car, but who will in addition to lots of delicious wine, also travel across the Lake Balaton on a boat and visit the special city of Tihany.

These trips are available from four participants and they are always private tour. We have however already received emails from some groups of 2 and 3 persons who want the trip, but since they are too few they hope for some others to join in with them. If you would like such a trip, but need some more people, just send us an email, we will register it, and if we have others looking for partners for such a trip on the same dates as you, then we will pair it up and arrange the trip for you in that way. If you are traveling with four people or more, we can arrange the trip without the need of others joining in, so just send us an email, and we will arrange the trip for you!

Wine cellar in Eger

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