Rembrandt and his pupils – an art exhibition in Budapest

Did you know that Rembrandt died 350 years ago (in 2019)? For that reason, lots of art museums bring extra focus on his name this year, and that is true for the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest as well.

Those visiting the exhibition will be able to see works of Rembrandt, and next to his works, see the work of his pupils and thus discover the influence he had on them. The works are divided into the following categories: “Portrait, nude, landscape, figure sketch and narrative compositions.” As a result, you will not only see works of Rembrandt at this temporary exhibition, but you will also see works from some of Rembrandts pupils such as Ferdinand Bol, Gerbrand van den Eeckhout, Samuel van Hoogstraten.

The exhibition is curated by Bernadett Tóth, an art historian at the Museum of Fine Arts’ Department of Prints and Drawings.

The Mother of Rembrandt - a painting made by Gerrit Dou
The Mother of Rembrandt – a painting made by Gerrit Dou.

Rembrandt and his pupils
September 20th, 2019 – January 5th, 2020
Museum of Fine Arts

The museum is located at the magnificent Heroes square. This is a part of the City Park in Budapest, one of the most beautiful areas of the Hungarian capital. You can easily get to the exhibition using public transportation, and the easiest way is by using the yellow metro and travel to the stop named Hösök tere (Heroes square).

If you come in December 2019, do not forget to visit the fantastic Christmas markets in Budapest as well. They will open in November and remain open until January 1st in 2020.

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Museum of Fine Arts to close down for three years

Museum-of-Fine-Arts-BudapestThe Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest will be closed temporarily from the middle of February 2015 due to the renovations of the museum.

The museum will be closed from 15th February in 2015 and the reconstruction works will supposedly last three years, but in theory they plan to reopen the museum again in the summer of 2017. At the moment the Museum of Fine Arts only show three exhibitions to its visitors which includes the exhibition on Rembrandt which presents the most beautiful works of the artist.

The Museum of Fine Arts is located at Város Liget (City Park) in Budapest which is one of the largest green areas of the city. The City Park gives home to several attractions such as the zoo, the Szèchenyi bath or the Museum of Fine Arts. The Museum of Fine Arts is located just at the Hero Square which is one of the most famous spots in the city. The museum is a neo-Renaissance and neo-Classicist building which opened its gates the first time in 1906. The museum has a wide range of collections of the most outstanding artists including Rembrandt, Raffaello, Leonardo, Monet, Goya and Dürer so do not forget to check the museum out before it closes and keep it mind the next time in the summer of 2017 will be open again.

Museum of Fine Arts
Budapest, Dózsa György út 41, 1146

Alan Sonfist exhibition

The exhibition presents the works of the American artist Alan Sonfist for the first time in Budapest and it will be available until February 15th this year.

Alan Sonfist exhibition

Alan Sonfist is one of the first and also the leading artists of the movement called environmental, earth or land art. The American artists is one of the most outstanding artist of the land art and he became famous with his first work ‘Time Landscape’ which he created in New York, Manhattan. This year the ‘Time Landscape’ celebrates its 50th birthday and in this occasion visitors will have the chance to explore this new form of art in Budapest. At the exhibition visitors have the chance to discover more on the art of Alan Sonfist and to explore more on this form of art as well. Alan Sonfist in his art works he deals with the history of nature and the effect people had on the Earth through the years and centuries. At the exhibition visitors can see nature and art from a new perspective. This is the first exhibition held in central and eastern Europe of the work of Alan Sonfist. The exhibition will take place at the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest from 18th December in 2014 until 15th February in 2015.

For more information on the museum and other exhibitions there, visit the following page.

Google Art Project at the Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts is located in the capital of Hungary, Budapest and it was one of the first museums in Hungary that joined to this innovative and unique project to the Google Art Project in 2012.

Paul Cezanne in Museum of Fine Arts
Paul Cezanne in Museum of Fine Arts (this and lots of other pictures can be seen online)

The main goal of the Google Art Project is to bring closer the audience to the greatest master pieces of the museum. This new technique let everyone to discover more on the paintings and it makes it possible to check even the smallest details on the paintings. It is also important that with this new technique all the art works will be saved for the next generations. With the Google Art Project 30 art works of the museum will be available only with a few clicks from home. The new technique works just like the Google street view and it will open up new possibilities in the world of art and for everyone who is interested in art. On the art works with Google Art Project you can check all the small and hidden details which can not be seen otherwise.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Check it out right here! For more information on the museum itself and its temporary exhibitions, check this site.

For your information, the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest is also a part of the Google Art Project, meaning that you can see more than 100 artifacts and pictures from the museum in the Google Art Project online as well!

Immendorff. Long Live Painting – Exhibition

ImmendorffJörg Immendorff was one of the most outstanding contemporary German painters. He was born in 1945 and he died in 2007. Immendorff was also a sculptor, designer and art professor.

He is one of the most divisive painters of the post-war German artists and his paintings can not be classified into historical or other categories but on the other hand he is one of the most typical German painter not only because he was interested in the German political questions and issues but because in his paintings he adopted earlier German painting traditions from Otto Dix, George Grosz and Max Beckmann. On his paintings he used exultant colours and his vivid imaginary. The exhibition is mostly focused on the transformation he had through the years in his art works. The exhibition presents Immendorff works in a new way and visitors will have the chance to explore the development of the artist through his paintings. The main goal of the exhibition is to show the vivid colours he used on his paintings, the shades and the details. The exhibition will take place in the capital of Hungary in Budapest at the Museum of Fine Arts. It will be shown from 9th November 2014 until next year 15th February 2015.

If you want to know more on the exhibition and the museum, visit the official site.


Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age – Exhibition

Rembrandt BudapestThe exhibition Rembrandt and the Golden Age shows the visitors the 17th century which was one of the golden ages in the European and its art works in the Netherlands.

The exhibition has a wide collection of the best paintings from this period of time and it is focused mostly on the best Rembrandt paintings. Rembrandt is one of the most outstanding painters of the Dutch Golden Age. He was a Dutch painter and he is considered one of the biggest figures in the Dutch history and in the European art. The National Museum of Fine Arts display more than 170 paintings from different artist from this period of time and over 20 masterpieces from Rembrandt. The exhibition is focused on the Dutch Golden Age and visitors can have the chance to discover this age from a different point of view.

The exhibition gives the opportunity to the visitors to explore the best masterpieces from this period of time and to get familiar with the life back in Rembrandt’s days. The exhibition is in collaboration with other museums from Europe. It works with Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam and the Kremer Collection. The exhibition will be held in the capital of Hungary, Budapest at the Museum of Fine Arts from 31st October 2014 to 15th February 2015.

For more information on the museum and the exhibition check the official site.

Raphael exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts

Raphael, Leonardo and Michelangelo, these three names are familiar even for those who have no idea about the arts. Moreover, if you expressly love renaissance painting, it is a must see program to visit the Raphael exhibition between 13 November 2013 and 16 February 2014 at the Museum of Fine Arts. However, the youngest member of the trio worked only for two decades, he had a great impact on his contemporaries and the next generation of artists too.

Raphael Sanzio was born in art family, so he inherited his talent from their relatives, but he became orphan when he was 11. Two years later he moved to Pietro Vannucci master, who taught him, and he had opportunity to help his master with the make of ordered paintings. When he was 21, he moved to Florence, where Leonardo da Vinci and the young Michelangelo had an impact on him. He met with realist painting here. In his workshop, talented, artists of next generations worked. His works are important part of the art still today.

The Museum of Fine Arts will exhibit Raphael’s 80 paintings in this temporary exhibition, but it won’t only about the artist’s talent, but it will illustrate the next generation’s opinion about the master’s art legacy. Do not miss this unique experience and see the renaissance art’s one of most outstanding members’ work at the Museum of Fine Arts from this November in Budapest!

Raffaello Budapest

Rafael exhibition Budapest
November 13, 2013, – February 16th, 2014
Museum of Fine Arts

Monet, Gauguin, Szinyei Merse, Rippl-Rónai exhibition at the National Gallery

Yes, you actually read the title correctly; these and other famous painters’ work are exhibited at the National Gallery in Budapest until 13 October 2013!

Monet Nemzeti GaleriaThe exhibition is special in several ways. First of all, this is the reunited Museum of Fine Arts’ and National Gallery’s first common exhibition. The other reason is, the Israel Museum have big part in the exhibition’s life. The institution in Jerusalem and the Hungarian Museum of Fine Arts have worked together earlier, when the Holy Land’s Heritage exhibition was in Budapest in 2009 and at the same time the Israel Museum showed Hungarian graphics to its audience.

The three cultural institutions, the Israel Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Gallery show masterpieces like Monet’s, Gauguin’s and the Hungarian Rippl-Rónai’s and Szinyei Merse’s works, as you can see in the title. Besides them visitors could admire in the art of Pissarro, Degas, Renoir, Cézanne and Van Gogh too, and they are just the foreign names! Naturally the Hungarian talents can’t stay out from this monumental event, so you could see the masterpieces of Ferenczy Károly, Vaszary János, Fényes Adolf or Mednyánszky László in the Gallery.

If you like art and your favorite topic is exactly the impressionism and post-impressionism, you should definitely visit the National Gallery until 13 October 2013 in Budapest!

Exhibition-group at the National Gallery
Until October 13th

Egon Schiele and his age at the Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts does its best in 2013. There will be better and better exhibitions in the whole year. The newest sensation is the exhibition named “Egon Schiele and his age” will be on display between 25 June 2013 and 29 September.

Egon Schiele BudapestFor those who haven’t heard about Schiele and his contemporaries, here is a little description, so you will feel like you want to see this great exhibition in one of the most amazing museums of Budapest.

The center figure of the exhibition is Egon Schiele, who was born in 1890 and died in 1918. Schiele’s artistic career was pretty short, only 10 years, but the Museum of Fine Arts could show his work on 50 masterpieces. Egon Schiele was only 16 years old, when he became one of the students of the conservative Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, and because of that, he was the youngest student of the institution. He left the Academy soon, and founded the Neukunstgruppe, or New Art Group. The artists who influenced Schiele’s art were the Secession’s leading figure, Gustav Klimt, and other artists, who was the part as a guest of the group’s exhibitions (Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Munch). Soon, there was an artist, who joined to Schiele’s group, the Neukunstgruppe, he was one of the most outstanding man of the Austrian art, Oskar Kokoschka (guests could see his work too at the exhibition). The group members – and because of that, the creator of the masterpieces of this exhibition – are Albert Paris Gütersloht, Hans Boehlert and Anton Faistauert too.

Do not miss this fantastic experience, the cream of the culture between 25 June 2013 and 29 September 2013 in the capital of Hungary, Budapest, in the Museum of Fine Arts! Have a great time!

Egon Schiele and his age
June 25th – September 29th
Museum of Fine Arts

Helmut Newton exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts

Helmut Newton BudapestPeople, who like culture, are good people. And the lovers of art never get bored on a place like the capital of Hungary, the wonderful Budapest. The several museums and galleries of the city offer lots of different exhibitions to charm the audience. Just like in the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, because there will be a traditional photo exhibition in it.

The museum will open the exhibition from the famous and provocative photographer, Helmut Newton’s work, which show the eras of the artist’s career on 250 pictures. The museum chose the photos of three eras, and these are the one between 1972 and 1983, the one between 1985 and 1995 and the one between 1983 and 2003. The first era’s photos are Newton’s best fashion, portrait and act works, the second’s the more provocative ones, and the third’s, which include several times, photos are from Newton’s own journal.

Helmut Newton was born in 1920 and died in 2004. He was one of the most provocative and talented photographers of the world. The Helmut Newton Stiftung cares about his lifetime work in Berlin. The museum and this foundation works together on this exhibition.

Do not miss Helmut Newton’s photo exhibition between 4 April 2013 and 14 July 2013 in the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest! Let the art to whirl you itself, and spend a lovely afternoon with the fantastic pictures! Have a nice time!

Helmut Newton exhibition
April 4th – July 14th
Museum of Fine Arts