Netflix has arrived to Hungary

There has been news on the Internet telling that Netflix is getting closer to launching in Hungary, but it still caught us by surprise as Netflix launched on January 6th. In other words you do no longer need to use a VPN to watch Netflix in Hungary, because if you visit Netflix you can start watching already.

If you live abroad and only come to Hungary for a short travel then this is nice to know and if you live in Hungary you will probably enjoy this as well. It is worth knowing that so far all content available in the Hungarian version of Netflix can only be enjoyed in English and with English subtitles, meaning that there is no support for the Hungarian language on Hungarian Netflix yet.

Netflix in Hungary

There are quite a lot of good films available on Netflix, so you can for example watch The Dark Knight, Kung Fu panda, Madagascar, Timmy Time, Max and Ruby, Orange is the New Black, Spartacus, Jessica Jones, Sherlock Holmes, Life as we Know It, The Prince of Egypt, Shrek, Gravity, Man on Fire, Lord of the Rings, World War Z, Jack Reacher and lots of other films. But again, these films are all in English with English subtitles available.

But, there are of course lots of content lacking from the Hungarian Netflix as well, for example the popular Netflix series House of Cards is lacking and a very big amount of films. That is why you might still want to use a Netflix region switcher so that you can watch content in other Netflix regions from Hungary, but still, it is a big breakthrough for online streaming in Hungary that Netflix has finally arrived.

Enjoy watching and do not forget to work and get some fresh air!


Best films from Budapest on Netflix

Do you have a Netflix account and feel like watching some film with clips from Budapest in them? Want to see the Chain Bridge and other Budapest attractions combined with action? Here are some of the films you can watch from Budapest on Netflix!

Before continuing it is worth knowing that there are not that many films that have been recorded in Budapest, and lots of the films recorded in Budapest does not really try to show Budapest as a city. That is why we will simply highlight a few films on Netflix in which you can see the beauties of Budapest. A film such as Die Hard 5 is not on the list, because you see very little from Budapest in that film, and it can not be found on Netflix.

So, as you want to watch Budapest on Netflix you will of course need a Netflix account, and if you are in Hungary you will need a VPN subscription as well, because you are not yet allowed to watch Netflix in Hungary. However, if you read the following article you will find out still how you can watch Netflix in Hungary easily.

Budapest on US Netflix

If you have a US Netflix account the best films are unavailable for you, but there is one film on US Netflix in which you can at see pieces of Budapest, and that is Evita!

Budapest on UK Netflix

On UK Netflix there are much more to watch, so the best two films available on UK Netflix with scenes and beautiful images from Budapest is I Spy and Munich. I Spy is a really lousy film, but after all it was recorded in Budapest, which makes it nice anyway. Munich is a much more serious film dealing with the terror attack on Israeli participants during the Summer Olympics in Munich. Here you can see some screenshots from I Spy (not too high quality though).

Hotel Gellert I Spy
Hotel Gellert in I Spy
I Spy on Netflix
I Spy

Budapest on Norwegian Netflix

If you want to watch an action film in Norwegian with English subtitles, then you need to watch “Varg Veum: I morket er alle ulver gra” on Netflix. This film is far better than I Spy, and also here you can see lots of beautiful shots and scenes from Budapest. Take a look at the images believe for a little taste.

Varg Veum on Netflix
Varg Veum on Netflix
Explosion in front of Szechenyi Furdo
Explosion in front of Szechenyi Furdo
Parliament in Varg Veum
Parliament in Varg Veum
Chain Bridge in Varg Veum
Chain Bridge in Varg Veum

These are some films that can be watched on Netflix where you can see lots of beautiful Budapest clips. And what is great is that with one single Netflix subscription you can watch Netflix in all sorts of nations. You can read more about that here.

How to watch Netflix in Budapest?

If you feel like watching some films in the beautiful English language, instead of the dubbed stuff you normally meet in Budapest cinemas and on all Hungarian TV channels, then Netflix might be the solution you are looking for. But, if you try to visit the Netflix website from Hungary you will get an error message telling you that it is not possible.

There are quite a lot of articles out there on the Internet about Netflix and how to watch it from abroad, so this article will not give you any information so special and secret that you can not find it elsewhere on the Internet. But, for those who are readers of the Budapest blog this information might be very useful and new to them, and if so I am glad that I could be at help!

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a big online library packed with films of all kinds (children films, romantic films, horror films, comedies, thrillers, action films and much more). Netflix also has tv series in their register, in addition to quite some documentaries and for example popular talks from the annual TED conferences. Unfortunately Netflix is only available in some specific nations in the world, and if you are located outside one of these nations, you will not be able to enjoy any of the blessings Netflix has to share. At the moment Netflix is not available in Hungary and Budapest (and it will probably not come in the near future either), so how can you can watch Netflix?

Watch UK Netflix or US Netflix from Hungary

The best solutions for those who want to watch Netflix from Hungary is probably to watch the UK Netflix or the US Netflix. To be able to visit any of the sites at all you will need an IP address in the nation you are interested in. This can best be fixed using a VPN service. If you want the best possible speeds, then the UK Netflix might be a better solution (which require a British IP address), but if you for some reason would rather watch the US Netflix, then you need an American IP address.

If you want such an IP address there are several VPN providers on the market waiting to help you get one. Almost all VPN providers have IP addresses available in both the United Kingdom and in the United States, so that should be no problem. When I tried this myself I used a VPN provider named PureVPN (read PureVPN review here). They have servers in 20 other nations in addition to the UK and in the USA, for example in Hungary, meaning that it can be an ideal solution if you use an open WiFi in for example a Starbucks in Budapest and want to secure your data so none steal them as you use open/insecure wifis, and then a connection to a VPN server in Hungary can help you (as it will not slow down your Internet, but encrypt and secure your connection). They also have an application for Android and iOS, meaning that it can easily be used on portable devices, and not only home computers.

How to watch Netflix then from Hungary and Europe?

To watch Netflix you can visit the website of PureVPN and sign up for a subscription with them. Their prices are very good, especially if you sign up for one year. Once signed in and signed up you can download the application to the device with which you want to use the VPN connection. Connect to a server in the UK if you want to use the UK Netflix, or connect to the server in the USA if you want to use the USA Netflix. The website is now working and you can sign up for the 1 month free period, which will automatically renew itself if you do not cancel it. This is a short process which only takes a few minutes, so in not long you can enjoy watching Netflix from Hungary and Budapest.

Ps: If you live somewhere else in Europe the principles are the same, but since this is a Budapest blog we have focused on how people residing in Hungary can watch Netflix from abroad.

Thank for the inspiration to the Watch Netflix from abroad page! 🙂