Opening today – The Budapest Wine festival

The wine festival arranged at the Castle hill in Budapest is one of the biggest festivals in Hungary every year. It cannot be compared with Sziget festival (a festival that brings almost 500,000 people to the Hajogyari island), but it is still a giant event for wine lovers from within the country and coming in from abroad.

There are many people who plan their visit to Budapest based on the dates of the wine festival. In 2019, the wine festival is arranged between September 5th and September 8th, and in this period, visitors to the festival area can taste more than 5000 different sorts of wine. Here you can enjoy the famous Bikaver (Bull’s blood) from different winemakers in the Eger region (or maybe from the Szekszard region), you can enjoy lots of exclusive sweet wines from Tokaj, and there is something from everyone.

If you fear the quality of Hungarian wine (something you shouldn’t), there are also some international wines available in the festival area, just to make it even more interesting and nicer.

From the Budapest Wine Festival in 2017
Source: Facebook

The wine festival isn’t free

It would have been nice if the wine festival was free, but it isn’t. Renting the castle area for sure costs a lot, and there are lots of expenses coming together with such a festival. That is why you have to pay a daily entrance fee, or you can buy a pass for the entire festival. If you are a wine lover and want to take a deep dive into the Hungarian wine industry, the festival pass is for sure the best option. But, those who just want to have fun a day and taste a lot of wine, a one-day pass should be more than enough.

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Enjoy the wine festival!

Budapest Wine Festival 2019

When will the famous Budapest Wine Festival be arranged in 2019? We have received the question several times already, and here is the answer!

Picture from the wine festival in 2018
Picture from the wine festival in 2018 – Zsolt Szigetvary

The annual Wine Festival arranged in the courtyard of the Royal Palace on the castle hill might be the most popular of all festivals in Budapest every year (if we do not include the Sziget festival). Here you can taste thousands of different wines made by large and small wineries in Hungary, and it is a fantastic place to learn more about the Hungarian wine culture. Would you like to check it out in 2019?

Budapest Wine Festival 2019 dates

September 5-8, 2019

Would you like to know more about the annual wine festival? Want to know more about entrance fees etc? Read our full article about the Budapest Wine Festival right here.

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Budapest Wine Festival 2018

There are lots of festivals in Budapest, but the biggest and most famous every year is the wine festival in the castle area. In 2018, Budapest Wine Festival will be arranged between September 6th and September 9th.

At the Budapest Wine Festival, you can taste thousands of different wine sorts. Most of them are local wines from different parts of Hungary, but there are normally one or a few international winemakers present to present wines from their own country to the Hungarians. But, this is first of all about Hungarian wines.

From the Budapest Wine Festival in 2017
Source: Facebook

If you want to visit the festival area you will need to buy a ticket. The price of a daily ticket is 2500 HUF. If you want the specially designed wine glass, the price is 3000 HUF. Are you planning to taste a lot of wines? Maybe you should buy the four-day ticket instead. This will cost you either 4500 HUF or 5000 HUF (depending on whether you want the limited wine-glass or not).

In the festival area, there will be programs for children, meaning that you can come with your kids as well. It probably isn’t the best activity for kids for lots of hours, but if you just want to drop by and walk around for some hours, it can work. Children under 14 years can enter the festival area for free.

You can read more general information about the Budapest Wine Festival right here.

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International Wine Festival 2016

Wine festival 2016The International Wine Festival in Budapest will come back in 2016 as every other year and if you are looking for the dates for the event you will have to look no further.

The International Wine Festival 2016 will be arranged in the Buda Castle area again and the dates this year are September 8th to 11th. That is from Thursday till Sunday and that might not tell you anything, but for those of us who have been in town for a while that tells us that this years festival will be one day shorter than it has been for a very long time. Is this due to lack of visitors? Or how come that it has been shortened with one day? We do not know, but that means no wine tasting on Wednesday, only from Thursday till Sunday!

For more information about the International Wine Festival in Budapest, click the link!

Wine festival coming up in nine days

Wine festival coming upIt is only nine days left before the kick off for the annual Budapest Wine Festival arranged in the Castle Area. The event will take place from September 9th until September 13th and it is one of the biggest wine festivals in this region every single year.

As you come to the festival you can taste many of the best wines from all of Hungary, and you can also get to taste wines from Italy, so lots of reasons for us all to come and visit Budapest and the Wine festival. If you want to know more about the upcoming wine festival, visit the following article.

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International Wine festival 2015

The Budavári Borfesztivál (International Wine festival 2015) will go strong again in the start of September in 2015. Make your preparations and come visit Budapest for the annual wine festival!

Wine festival 2015

The Budavári Borfesztivál (International Wine festival ) is one of the most popular wine festivals in Budapest which is held each year at the breathtaking Buda Castle. This will be the 24th Budavári Borfesztivál which is one of the most visited wine festivals in the life of the city. Hungary is known by its wines and at the festival visitors will have the chance to try the best Hungarian wines from all over the country. At the wine festival over 200 wineries will present their most delicious wines and the festival represents all the Hungarian wine regions and the 140 different grape varieties as well.

The main goal of the festival is to show the great variety of wines to the visitors. Alongside with the wines the festival also hosts the most delicious traditional Hungarian dishes as well. Apart from the wine tasting and eating the festival offers countless programs and activities for all the visitors. During the festival multiple concerts, various performances, games and children activities are waiting for everyone.

The 24. Budavári Borfesztivál will take place in the capital city of Hungary in Budapest at the Buda Castle with a beautiful view over the Danube and the city. The festival will be held from 9th September to 13th September 2015.

Buda Castle
Budapest, Szent György tér 2, 1014

For more information on the festival check the following site. For other wine tasting programs in Budapest check the following site.

Wine festival between September 10th and 14th in 2014

Wine tastingThe International Wine festival which is arranged every year in the Buda castle area will be arranged between September 10th and 14th in 2014. If you are in the mood for tasting Hungarian wine, then this is the number 1 festival in Hungary for that purpose.

If you want to know more about the International Wine festival in Budapest, read more in the following article.

At the festival you can taste somewhere between 4000 and 5000 different Hungarian wines, so no need to worry, you will have plenty of things to taste and to do if you decide to stay at the festival for five days. Of course you will need to sleep at some other location, but you can come when the doors open to the festival at 12.00 or 14.00 every day and stay until it closes! Enjoy the festival!

Wine festival opening today

From today (Wednesday) until Sunday the International Wine Festival of 2013 will be arranged in Budapest. Following the tradition from 2012 the first day is grey with rain in the air, but that should not keep anyone from visiting this interesting festival.

In 2013 the subject of the festival is Women and Portugal. In general the topic does not really influence the festival to much, except from the fact that there will be a corner or an area inside the festival area where you can get to taste quite a lot of wine from Portugal, so that can be interesting.

Some practical information about the festival

wine festivalThe entrance fee to the festival is about 2700 HUF. You will then get a wine glass which you can use inside the festival area. If you plan on visiting the area for more than one day you can of course buy a festival pass valid for the entire festival period.

At the festival you can taste thousands of different sorts of wine and this is a great place if you want to get a basic introduction to Hungarian wines, and inside the area you can of course taste some of the best kinds of Hungarian wines as well.

As always the festival is arranged in the Castle area, in front of the Castle, behind the Castle and in the backyard of the Castle.


You can read a report from the Wine festival in 2012 in the Budapest blog if you wonder what the festival is like.

Budapest events in September 2013

If you come to Budapest in September, here are some of the programs worth visiting. If you have questions or further advises, let your voice be heard in the Budapest forum.

Some of the hottest events in Budapest in September:

Magyar Dal Napja: September 8th
A day when Hungarian music is in focus with programs all around the nation of Hungary.

Budafoki wine festival: September 7th and 8th
A great festival packed with people, mostly locals. Take tram 47 from Deak Ferenc ter to the end station and you will be at the festival area. Lots of wine and champagne and other stuff at low prices.

International wine festival: September 11th – 15th
One of the most popular festivals in Hungary every year. Arranged in the castle area. At the festival you can taste about 5000 different wines.

Chocolate festival: September 20th – 22nd
If you like cakes, chocolates and sweets, this festival in the Castle area is for you!

These are only some of the highlights. More information about Budapest in September at the Budapest blog.

Report from International Wine festival 2012

Yesterday I visited the International Wine festival of Budapest at the Castle hill and I had a great time together with my friend with whom I went there. Unfortunately it rained for the first time in several months (with the exception of a 10 minute rain about a week ago), but that did not destroy our mood or appetite for food and wine.

We walked to the Castle area on foot from Clark Adam square and got to the entrance where we bought our entrance ticket for one day costing 2700 HUF. Included in the price is a wine glass, a holder to the wine glass and on a rainy day a big rain coat to keep the water away. I did not expect the last so it was a great surprise as I was handed a big „rain coat”; thanks a lot!

Some weeks ago I visited the Buda Castle Beer Festival and they had a system where you filled money on an electronic card, and with that you could pay everywhere inside the area. At the wine festival they also have a moneyless system, but still a bit different. You can buy paper tickets with a value of 100 or 1000 HUF at several places in the area, and you need to pay with these at the several stands inside the area. Works very fine and quite a lot quicker than the system at the beer festival. Still, with lots of paper tickets in your pockets, wallet and elsewhere on a rainy day, it can feel a bit messy, but that is probably because I did not really have a system on where I kept the tickets.

At the festival there are more than 200 stands you can visit and more than 5000 wine types you can taste. The guest of honor is Croatia, so if you want to get to know more about Croatian wine and gastronomy, you can find both food and wine from the country at this years festival. We did not find this to interesting, so we went to the Lion courtyard and started exploring the festival from there. My friend ate some traditional Hungarian festival food and had a rose wine from Szekszárd to the food. He later bought a bottle of bubble water and added some water to the rose, and thus he made the traditional Hungarian easy drink named Fröccs.

After our stay in the Lion courtyard we walked to the Hunyadi courtyard where we started our walk along the stands presenting Villány, often known as the best area in Hungary for producing red wines. The most famous wine makers were represented here, for example Gere, Bock and Polgár. After walking there it was time for me to eat a Töki pompos (Bread langos), and then we tasted some dry white wine from Pannonhalma (monastery and World Heritage site in Hungary not far from Györ).

In the end we returned to the Savoyan terrace where we spoke to some winemakers, tasted some more wine, listened to some folk music on stage (with a few enthusiastic people listening), and then we ended our stay at the wine festival walking around in the Tokaj area of the festival. Tokaj is the best known Hungarian wine region, and they are especially famous for their sweet white wines. We tasted some dry white wines first before my friend ended our stay at the festival with a Tokaj Aszu 4 puttonyos from Tokaj Kereskedő ház, and I ended with a late harvest wine from the same region and wine maker. My pick was the best!

All in all we really enjoyed our stay, and though it was a pity about the rain, our mood was super and at least we did not have to stand in line anywhere at all. As we left I started comparing the festival to the beer festival in my head and asked myself the question which was the best of the two festivals in 2012. What was my conclusion?

Beer festival or wine festival?
If the question is whether you should visit the Buda Castle Beer Festival or the International Wine Festival in 2013, you should probably consider the following:

The wine festival is really a wine festival. This is a place to taste lots of wine and you can really get to know the wine makers and their wines at a very high and professional level. At the festival you will therefore not find the big, hot concerts and events and only one large stage, and if you want something else to drink than water, wine and Palinka, you will have a hard time finding such things (can not remember seeing anywhere at all where I could have bought a Coke or similar). So, the wine festival is ideal for wine lovers, but if you are not a big fan of wine, then this is not the best festival.

The beer festival is a beer festival, but at the same time much more. At the beer festival they had three large stages located around in the festival area, there were bigger variety in the food stands and much more to drinks and options for those not into beer at all. So, Budablogger recommends the wine festival to those into wine and who like to taste and enjoy a good conversation while drinking 5-6 glasses of it. The beer festival is best for those who want to party, drink, eat and listen to music from several stages. Of course the best thing is not to pick the beer festival or the wine festival, but to visit both!

What do you guys/girls think?