Bedtime Stories

A good laugh is said to extend your life. Going to cinema should therefore extend your life, at least if the film is a funny one. Adam Sandler is supposed to be a funny guy, and when I saw his name as the main character in the film, I knew […]

The Day the Earth Stood Still

When I went to the cinema to see “The Day the Earth Stood Still” I did not have to high expectations. The last Keanu Reeves film I saw in the cinema was “Constantine”, and I remember only the fact that in my eyes it was terrible. With that in my […]

Bodies Exhibition… update!

Yesterday we wrote that there were only three days left of the Bodies Exhibition in Budapest. Now it is only two… today, and tomorrow! But, if you are planning to visit the exhibition, be prepared for long lines. Yesterday around 17.00 it was several hundred people standing in line to […]