AC/DC tour in Europe has started

AC/DC has started their tour in 2009, and the opening city was Oslo, Norway. The tickets for that concert were sold out within one hour. Some Norwegian papers commented that the concert looked very similar to the one they had a couple of years ago, but that it still was […]

What a surprise! :)

It is February 20 and the time is 10.05 as I write this. For those informed they know that the ticketsale for the Madonna concert in Budapest started five minutes ago. So, I thought I would visit TicketPro just for fun, to see if what I predicted yesterday turned out […]

People come to shop in Hungary

People from Slovakia are packing their bags together and every weekend they cross the border to Hungary to go shopping. Due to the week forint and strong Euro the prices has made it worth for them to come to Hungary shopping. The prices are around 20 % lower than back […]