People come to shop in Hungary

People from Slovakia are packing their bags together and every weekend they cross the border to Hungary to go shopping. Due to the week forint and strong Euro the prices has made it worth for them to come to Hungary shopping. The prices are around 20 % lower than back home in Slovakia, so therefore they come to shop clothes and groceries.

In a shoppingcenter in Györ one of the leaders said that around 20 % of the customers in the weekend come from Slovakia. On the other side of the border the shops are though complaining. Until now the Hungarians went there to shop, but now the Hungarians do not come, and the Slovakians come to Hungary… double miss!

We wrote an article about this earlier, what these price differences mean… you can read that article here (it has several interesting examples showing how much money you can save).

Weak forint and strong Euro
Currency in Hungary

Madonna tickets in 24 hours

In exactly 24 hours the tickets for the Madonna concert in Budapest will be available (February 20, 10:00 (10 AM). The main ticketseller is TicketPro (LiveNation), and they are counting down on their webpage. I guess it will be a storm of people trying to buy tickets tomorrow, so I guess their servers will slow down. But, for those very interested you can also consider visiting their ticket office in Károly Körüt 9 in the seventh district of Budapest tomorrow!

The cheapest ticket costs 15.000 forints, and then follows the silver ticket (22,500 forints) and the gold tickets (30,000 forints). There are also some VIP tickets available!

For more information about the Madonna concert, go here.

Other concerts in Budapest.

Making table reservations easier

Today we added a form to our table reservation page to make it even easier to book a table in your favorite restaurant in Budapest. Just fill in the needed forms, and you will normally receive a confirmation from us within 24 hours confirming that the table is waiting for you!

Robinson BudapestWe hope this will make it even better for you, and easier for everyone! So, I guess it is just to look through our register of Budapest restaurant, and find out which one will be perfect when you come to Budapest!

The last week we have helped out with table reservations in several restaurants. The three most popular; Sir Lancelot, Trófea Grill and Rézkakas!

By the way:
Did you know that Robbie Williams, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Redford, David Bowie, Sylvester Stallone, David Copperfield, Mia Farrow and Jean-Claude van Damme all have visited the Robinson restaurant in the City Park? You can see a little picture from the restaurant above!

Night pictures from Heroes Square

As we wrote earlier we have received quite a lot of nice Budapest pictures lately, so therefore we try to publish them to our blog regularly. For a complete view of all pictures added to our blog, check out all blog posts with the label “pictures“.

On the Budapest pictures below you can see the Heroes Square, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Art Hall.

Art Hall Heroes Square Museum of Fine Arts Heroes Square

Budapest pictures
Budapest films

Best hotels in Budapest

Every year TripAdvisor publishes a list showing the favorite hotels of several million tourists around the world. On the list presenting the Travelers Choice Awards for 2009 three Budapest hotels are mentioned as well.

Bargain hotels
On the list presenting the best bargain hotels in the World, easyHotel Budapest Oktogon is listed on a 63. place. Considering that we are speaking about the entire world, that is not to bad.

Luxury hotels
Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal BudapestThe winner of this category was the Aria Hotel in Prague, but on a nice 17. place Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal can be found. As number 75. Four Seasons Hotel Gresham can be found, also located in Budapest. On the statistic showing the best luxury hotels in Europe Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal is located at 9. place. (picture of this hotel at right)

If you want to book a room in some of this hotels, or if you would rather stay in apartment, just surf around on our pages, and contact us if help is needed!

The entire list of awards can be downloaded here (pdf)

Evening pictures from Budapest

We enjoy making pictures, and yesterday I received a bunch of pictures from someone in the family, so in the coming days and weeks I will post pictures quite regularly to the blog. If you want to see them all, I suggest that you just check all posts with the label “pictures“.

Below you can see four pictures; the Parliament, the Castle, the Chain Bridge and a small tunnel for walkers, located by the Clark Adam Square.

Hungarian Parliament Chain Bridge Castle Grafitti

Budapest pictures
Budapest films

Torkos csütörtök updates

Food in BudapestJanuary 15 we wrote about Torkos csütörtök in Budapest and we have many people reading about it. Recently we have also tried to help some people with table reservations for the evening, but it seems as if Torkos csütörtök is a very good event for the restaurants, as a lot of them are fully booked, which means no free tables. That is why we just want to advice everyone who wants to visit a restaurant in Budapest on February 26 (Torkos csütörtök) to do it as soon as possible.

Below you can see a list showing some of the restaurants giving 50 % discount on all meals on February 26. Our complete article about Torkos csütörtök can be found here.

Some of the restaurants involved
220 éves Pinceétterem, 42nd Street Bistro & Bar, A38 Budapest, Albatrosz, Alabárdos, Alcatraz, Angus, Anonymus, Artesano, Apetito, Apostolok, Bagolyvár, Café Kör, Nosztalgia, Sir Brian, Il Patio, Spoon, Tabáni Terasz, Óceán bár & grill, Karpatia, Matyas Pince, Arany Barany, Kulacs, Rézkakas, Károlyi, Vörös Postakocsi, Belcanto, Chez Daniel

Madonna concert August 22 in Budapest

Madonna BudapestThe date for the Madonna concert in Budapest has been released. The concert will be held on the 22 August, in Kincsem Park. In Belgium all tickets (70.000) were sold within one day, in Norway the tickets were sold within 30 minutes and in Finland more than 76.000 people are expected to the concert. Normally Budapest is a little bit slower, but the tickets are expected to be blown away within shortly, so be prepared.

The tickets will be available from February 20, 2009. The cheapest tickets will be available for 15.000 Forint.

More information about the Madonna concert can be found here.

Other concerts and events in Budapest

News about the Madonna concert in Budapest

The date is not yet published, but I read today in the Hirsarok (Newscorner) that the dato for the Madonna concert in Budapest will be published Thursday (February 12) this week. The tickets will be available for sale from Friday (February 13), so it is just to pay attention and come back to visit our pages, because we will report on updates and news. Our original article on the case about the Madonna concert in Budapest can be found here.

We wil update that page with the correct dates as we get the punctual date for the Budapest concert as well (some people commented that the dates were wrong).

More information about concerts in Budapest.

The concert will be held on the 22 August. Madonna Budapest!

From Budapest Airport with bus = interesting

airport bus budapestAs people living in Budapest we mostly miss some of those details that a tourist can see when he arrives to Budapest. Yesterday I noticed one of them as I came with bus 200E, which is the bus taking passengers from Ferihegy 1 and Ferihegy 2 to Köbánya Kispest in Budapest, that the bustravel ends at a special place. Currently they are working a lot at Köbánya Kispest building up a new shopping center and a modern bus parking lot, and because of that quite some changes have taken place. So, when you arrive with bus 200E at the endstation you will meet the same view that can be seen on the picture on the right… not to nice, ehh?

Normally people walk from the busstop to the metro, and from there they travel with the blue metro to the inner city. It is not really hard, but it is quite interesting to see how Budapest welcomes the beloved tourists. But it is good that it is only a temporary thing. Soon the shopping center and everything will be built, and then it will suddenly be much, much nicer to arrive as a tourist with local transportation to Budapest.

If you would like to rather have us pick you up at the airport and take you on a guided tour, just send us an email, and we will arrange a nice transfer and a guided tour for you!

Bus 200E BudapestBus 200E
(bringing travellers from the airport to Köbánya Kispest, endstation of the blue metro)