Michael Jackson film in Budapest cinemas starting today

Michael Jackson film "This is it" on Budapest cinemas starting today
Michael Jackson film "This is it" on Budapest cinemas starting today

This is it – This is the time, because today the Mickael Jackson film which will be aired for only two weeks had its premiere in Budapest cinemas and cinemas around the world. The film which is to present recording from the preparations for the concerts that were to be held in London and other interesting material is expected to draw loads of people to cinemas all over the world!

I will not be one of those going to cinema, but if someone feels like writing some thoughts about the film after seeing it, please do so!

Good hamburgers and meat at Meatpoint

Just some weeks ago I noticed a new place in WestEnd as I was walking around, Meatpoint! Just at the corner, next to Don Pepe and Hummus (which is run by the same people as Meatpoint). Existed to try out something new we tasted a hamburger and a chicken roll, and since then I have been doing so several times!

Meatpoint in WestEnd Citycenter - Budapest
Meatpoint in WestEnd Citycenter - Budapest

The food is prepared in front of your eyes, and though you normally have to wait a bit longer than in Burger King and McDonalds, it tastes much better. And it is quite fun to see as they shape your burger and then fry it in front of your eyes. And then it tastes very good! I can recommend Meatpoint, at least it was a success for me!

John Kalvin’s impact on our culture: Budapest History Museum

John Calvin

John Calvin was a very important character in the reformation that took place in the start of the 16th century. Together with Luther they opposed the Catcholic Church and later they opposed one another. Today we can see the result in the Lutheran and in the Calvinist (Reformed) church.

In this exhibition taking place in the Budapest History Museum you will meet with John Calvin and his impact and influence on our culture and lives, along the Danube. The exhibition is being arranged as a part of the celebration of his 500 year anniversary (he was born 500 years ago).

John Kalvin’s impact on our culture
A Kálvin hagyománya – Református kulturális örökség a Duna mentén
Budapest History Museum
October 31, 2009 – February 15, 2010

Museums in Budapest

Saint Stephens Basilica pictures

Below you can just see some pictures from the Saint Stephens Basilica. You can read more about the church if you press the link, and you can click the pictures for bigger versions of them. More information about attractions in Budapest.

It is quite interesting that I have always thought that the church bell in the Saint Stephens Basilica with the weigth of 9 tonn is extremely big. Only until I recently realized that the church bell in the Stephansdom in Vienna has a total weigth of more than 20 tonn 🙂

St. Stephen’s Basilia Pictures

Saint Stephens Basilica: main room
Saint Stephens Basilica: inside
Saint Stephens Basilica from the outside
Saint Stephens Basilica: on the inside