Good winter hotels in Budapest

December, January and February are maybe not the most popular months to travel, but before Christmas and for New Years Eve quite a lot of tourists still come to Budapest. If you plan to visit Budapest in the winter months, why not check out the hotel recommendations that we have for you. Five star hotels […]

Jewels from Oceania

The natural scientist Lajos Biro collected a whole lot of treasures and goodies during his time in Oceania. He lived between 1856 and 1931. Just to let you understand the greatness of the Biro collection, read this: “The full Bíró collection, including the group of objects from Huon Gulf is outstanding not only for its […]

Amorphis Budapest

Amorphis will perform in Budapest in the start of 2012 at Club 202. This concert venue is popular for death metal concerts, so this will for sure continue on in the same style. Amorphis will also perform in Bratislava, so if you would like to see them there and read more about Amorphis in Bratislava, […]

Amon Amarth Budapest

Amon Amarth will visit several small and large cities around Europe this autumn/winter. They will for example visit Bratislava, Krakow and also Budapest. Amon Amarth is a Swedish deathmetal band, so if you are a fan of death metal, this might be something for you. The Amon Amarth concert will be arranged in Club 202 […]