Where to live in Budapest?

Before arriving to Budapest many ask themselves the question where to stay/live while in Budapest. The question will have a different answer depending on the length of your stay and of course what is important to you and what requirements you have. Still there are some general advices that can […]

Flamingo restaurant (Fészek étterem)

Flamingo restaurant (also known as Fészek étterem or Fészek klub) is the place you would normally never find, unless you knew about its existence. It is located in the seventh district of Budapest, not far from popular clubs such as Kuplong and restaurants such as Faustos and Trofea Grill. Still […]

Sugar Budapest review

Not long ago I visited the Chocolate and Sweets festival in Budapest, and there I visited a stand made by the people from Sugar Budapest, also known as Sugarshop. Yesterday I visited Sugar as well, and now I know where to go throughout the entire year when there is no […]