Budapest in November

There are three months of the year known to be very hard for everyone who works with incoming tourism in Hungary; November, January and February. That is not so hard to understand as November is a quite cold month, not much happening at all and people stay at home preparing […]

Yesterday I was hacked by hacker

I work with several web pages and yesterday in my process of answering email I was supposed to refer to information on one of my websites. But, as I opened the web page it was all white with this simple text visible to visitors: „hacked by hacker” My webpage looked […]

Pizza Eataliano Budapest review

A couple of days ago I visited the most central Pizza Eataliano in Budapest, located only a few hundred metres from the Christmas market at Vörösmarty square. We decided to eat our lunch there with my wife and son and entered the restaurant and enjoyed our meal in total peace […]