Budapest in January

Maybe the month of the year with the least tourists in Budapest January is a challenging time for everyone working and living of tourism. For some times is the time to gain strength and inspiration while relaxing, but for others this is the time fighting to get bread on the […]

I have been to Comics Shottail Bar

Thursdag evening my wife’s little sister celebrated her birthday in a brand new place near the Great Synagogue in Dohány utca. The name of the place is Comics Shottail Bar and it is a place full of drinks named after action heroes and with comic strips on the walls everywhere […]

Vinowonka – Chocolate and Wine Bar

With the Corvin shopping center and the entire Corvin project in the eight district of Budapest this area has been changed totally. Where there were just ruined buildings some years ago we can now find brand new buildings, a shopping mall and some nice restaurants and bars. By a coincidence […]

Fresco Café at Franz Liszt square

Not long ago I got the chance to grab some pizzas in Fresco Liszt Cafe located at the Liszt Ferenc tér (Franz Liszt square) in Budapest. This square is one of the most popular places to grab a bite to eat in Budapest and with the Christmas market located at […]