No spring fair in Budapest in 2020

We were all looking forward to the spring fair in Budapest in 2020. But, because of the coronavirus, we can now forget all about it, and instead, hope that the virus will stop joking around soon, and thus, we can at least prepare for the Christmas markets which should open in November.

Yes, the spring fair was supposed to open in April 2020 and remain open for three weeks. But, the way things are today, this is not even something to think about. Why not?

Spring Fair in Budapest
Spring Fair in Budapest

The people of Hungary are still allowed to be outdoor and walk the streets of Budapest. But, the fair is even more for tourists. But, considering that tourists are not allowed to enter the country, the main source of visitors and income for the market is not even present, and thus, there is no need to keep the market open. And even more important, such an event will make you meet lots of other people, eat together, and it is a perfect place for the coronavirus to spread. As a result, the latter is most likely the main reason why the spring fair isn’t going to be arranged in 2020.

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