Miniversum is a beautifully decorated model layout presenting several landmarks, sights and spots in Hungary, Austria and Germany as well. It is greatly detailed and showing the landscapes scaled to 1:100 of the original size.

At the exhibition there are several photos of the original landscapes which makes it possible to compare it to the model layout. At the exhibition apart from the layout there are plenty of other programs, activities and children are welcome to Miniversum playhouse with a wide selection of various children activities and programs. At the exhibition you also have the chance to control the ongoing traffic on the layout. It is great fun for both for adults and children as well.

The museum also has a cafe whit a huge monitor and a control room where you can check how the Miniversum is operating. The Miniversum is open from Sunday to Thursday from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening and on Fridays and Saturdays it is open from 9 to 8 in the evening. The entrance fee for adults is 1900 HUF, for children it is 1300 HUF and for families it is 4900 HUF.

This is a great family program, so even the smallest children will greatly enjoy this one. Warmly recommended! Some would say it can be compared to Mini-Europe in Brussels, but we would say that this is a very different sort of activity, even though there are some similarities.

Miniversum Budapest

Andrassy utca 12

Miniversum pictures

Miniversum Budapest - Pannonhalma
Miniversum Budapest – Pannonhalma
Miniversum Budapest - Györ
Miniversum Budapest – Györ
Miniversum in Budapest
Miniversum in Budapest

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