Zöld Pardon
Zöld Pardon

For a long time Zold Pardon, also known as ZP, was located by the Petöfi Bridge. Not long ago it was moved and the new location is only a little bit further to the south, just next to the Rakoczi Bridge (formerly known as the Lágymányosi Bridge).

The atmosphere and programs fortunately haven’t changed, the announced concerts continue the beginning around 20 PM and the end time is around 22 PM. After that the ZP’s disc jockeys entertain visitors with music with the same atmosphere as the previous concert has. Just like the Budapest Park on the other side of the bridge, the ZP gives place to Hungarian and foreign artists’ concerts too.

The easiest way to arrive to the Zöld Pardon is call a taxi, but naturally there are opportunities to use the public transportation, however we have to mention that transport is a little bit difficult with bus or tram. After the use of tram number 47 or 49, there is a 15-20 minute walk to reach the ZP, but from the Astoria for example, you can use the bus 133E and from the Dombóvári Street station it is only a 5-10 minute walk. Actually the Zöld Pardon’s official address is 1117, Budapest, 2 Neumann János Street, but it is simplest to remember the Rákóczi Bridge’s Buda bridgehead.

More information about the concerts and programs click to the official site of ZP.

Zold Pardon

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