Budapest confectionary test
Budapest confectionary test

Budapest is known for its many confectionaries and delicious cakes. We have made it our goal to find out which one is the best! In every Budapest confectionary we visit we have four criteria’s based on which we give points; cakes, drinks, atmosphere and price vs. quality.

In every category a maximum of 10 points can be scored, and every jury member gives a score between 1-10. The average score given by the jury members is the one presented at our webpage.

Below you can see the list showing what confectionaries we have written about. This list will grow as we visit more and more confectionaries within the coming weeks and months.

Confectionaries in Budapest (confectionary with highest score comes first)

Nándori Confectionary
Cool Fagylalt & Kávé
Kristály Confectionary
Angelo Confectionary
Alexandra Bookcafe