My flight arrives after 11:00 PM. Is there a Euro/Forints exchange kiosk open that late at Budapest airport?

At Budapest Airport Terminal 2A and 2B you will find an InterChange office, a place where you can change most available currencies to and from Hungarian Forints. In Terminal 2A this change office has the following opening times: 06.00 – 24.00 (sometimes until 02.00) and at Terminal 2B the exchange […]

Ferihegy 1 has closed down

As of May 30th all flights arriving and departing from Budapest uses Ferihegy 2, or Liszt Ferenc International Airport Terminal 2 (A and B). The plans are to keep terminal 1 closed for 4-5 years until traffic reaches normal amount again (after the bankruptcy of Malév), and when traffic is […]

Ferihegy 1 to close down

Ferihegy 1, not long ago renamed to Liszt Ferenc International Airport Terminal 1, will close down probably by the end of April. Since the Hungarian Airline Malév turned bankrupt in the start of February 2012 there has been lots of empty space on Terminal 2, and due to this all traffic currently running on Liszt Ferenc International Airport Terminal 1 will be moved over to Terminal 2 by the end of April 2012.