Castle Hill FunicularIf you have come to Budapest to relax and have a good time, it will succeed. There are lots of programs and things to do, that will help you. Maybe you can enjoy some hot springs (spa), get some thai massage or enjoy a fast trip with the Castle Hill Funicular. Hungary is also well known for their wines, so if you want the Danube to become blue (like Strauss), drink much red, and you will probably succeed.

We also recommend all visitors to go on some kind of guided tour, sightseeing. This will increase the quality of your stay, and will give you very useful information that will help you spend your time better. And for all ladies; shopping is important, and we have made a list over places we can recommend warmly. There is something available for all the needs you have. For those who come with children, you can feed the animals and watch some nice icebears in the Budapest Zoo. If you feel tired in your legs and would like to sit down and just watch a film, we have also prepared for you a list over the most popular cinemas in Budapest.

Aktivitäten in Budapest