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    So far all we know is that they will start showing up around Budapest between December 1 and January 7. But, we haven’t gotten any exact details on which trams and exactly when they will operate in this period.

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    But, let me add that if you need to buy an additional suitcase for lots of money to bring drinks, perfume and chocolate home from BUdapest, you might be better off buying them for a little bit more at the airport, but without having to pay a lot to bring an extra suitcase from Budapest!

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    It has taken me some time, but I have done some research on the topic and compared the prices of some chocolate, deodorants, and spirits. What did I discover?

    In general, Budapest Airport is more expensive than the cheapest options you will find in Budapest or ordering online. While a Milka chocolate of 250 gram will cost you 5 Euro at the airport (2000 HUF), the price of the same chocolate in a grocery store is between 2,5 and 3 euros.

    If you want to buy Unicum, the traditional Hungarian herbal alcohol drink, the price is closer to one another, but it is normally cheaper to buy in Auchan, Tesco, or a similar store compared to the airport.

    If you want to buy Hugo Boss perfume, it is still cheaper to order online or buy from a somewhat cheap perfume store in Budapest.

    All in all, it is cheaper in Budapest, but if you find something on sale at the airport, there might be money to save.

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    Thanks for the question. Honestly, I don’t know about whether or not this is possible. I don’t think any local webshop or so will deliver goods to the United States, so the only option would be to have someone here buy a pack of beer and then send it to the United States using some sort of package delivery company. I am not sure about whether there are any limitation concerning sending alcohol to the United States, but if that is allowed, then I think that might work.

    I checked whether you can find Hungarian beer on Amazon in the United States or in Germany, but there is no Hunarian beer, not even in the packages with beer from all the world. The only thing is you can find some Hungarian wine and also the drink Unicum, but that’s it.

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    Unfortunately, the only that has been confirmed are the dates for the Ujbuda Christmas market next to the Allee shopping mall. The dates for the two big Christmas markets are still not official, so we can only guess. One problem is that the team arranging the biggest market at Vorosmarty square has changed, so we still don’t know if this will cause any changes. Most likely it will not, but we will only know 100% for sure as the dates are published.

    We will update our Christmas market article as soon as we know more.

    Christmas markets 2023

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    Thanks for mentioning it – just wrote about it last week in our Budapest Guide at

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    we still don’t have any dates for the Christmas market at Vorosmarty Square yet for 2023/24, so it is hard to say. But, based on the dates from earlier years, it is quite common for the Christmas markets in Budapest to close on January 1st, meaning there are no markets left on January 2nd. Time will show, but we don’t know yet.

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    You can download an application named Budapest Go from Apple Store and Google Play Store. Within this application, you can purchase single tickets, day passes, and also monthly tickets. It is easy to use and it works for all sorts of passes and tickets, making it much easier than buying tickets at different stations or if you stand at a station without any sort of ticket machine.

    You get immediate access to the tickets after purchasing them! More information about public transportation in Budapest and also a metro map can be found at the following sites.

    Public transport

    Metro map

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    There are quite a lot of 24/7 open pharmacies in Budapest. Here I will try to include some of the most important. If you live in the central parts of Budapest, the most important districts are probably district on the Pest side, the most important district are 5, 6, and/or 8, while most tourists on the Buda side live in either the first or the second district of Budapest.

    District 1.
    Széna Tér Patika – 1015 Budapest, Széna tér 1.

    District 3.
    Óbuda Gyógyszertár – 1032 Budapest, Vörösvári út 84.-86.
    Csillaghegy Gyógyszertár – 1038 Budapest, Vasút sor 1.
    Mátyás Király Patika Gyógyszertár – 1039 Budapest, Mátyás Király út 2.

    District 4.
    Pharma Patika – Újpest Gyógyszertár – 1042 Budapest, Árpád út 67.
    Aranyhorgony gyógyszertár – 1043 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 19.

    District 5.
    Fővám Téri Gyógyszertár – 1056 Budapest, Fővám tér 4.

    District 6.
    Teréz Gyógyszertár – 1067 Budapest, Teréz körút 41.

    District 8.
    Három Sas Gyógyszertár – 1082 Budapest, Baross utca 70-72.

    District 10.
    Elefánt Gyógyszertár – 1101 Budapest, Pongrácz út 19.

    District 11
    Gazdagréti Gyógyszertár – 1118 Budapest, Gazdagréti tér 6.

    District 12.
    Déli Gyógyszertár – 1122 Budapest, Déli Pályaudvar, Kerengő aluljáró

    District 13.
    Benu Gyógyszertár Budapest Béke tér – 1135 Budapest, Lehel utca 74.-76.

    District 14.
    Benu Gyógyszertár Budapest, Örs Vezér tér – 1148 Budapest, Örs Vezér tér 23.

    District 15.
    Szent Palota Gyógyszertár – 1152 Budapest, Fő út 82.
    AsiaCenter Gyógyszertár – 1152 Budapest, Szentmihályi út 167-169.

    District 16.
    Nagyicce Gyógyszertár – 1163 Budapest, Veres Péter út 11/B.

    District 17.
    Center Patika Gyógyszertár – 1173 Budapest, Pesti út 34.

    District 18.
    BENU Gyógyszertár Budapest Thököly – 1183 Budapest, Thököly u. 3.

    District 19.
    Hétkorona Gyógyszertár – 1195 Budapest, Ady Endre út 122.

    District 20.
    Aranyfű gyógyszertár – 1203 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 21-29.

    District 21.
    Tilia gyógyszertár – 1212 Budapest, 1212 Budapest Áruház tér 8.

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    There are a couple of options for this. The most popular for comparing electronic devices, and all sorts of stuff in general is There you can type the name of the newest mobile device, a TV, or maybe a motherboard for your computer, or a washing machine, or a cool drone, and you will find price comparisons from most of the big stores in Hungary.

    Would you rather compare the prices of milk, Nutella, joghurt, or frozen pizza, you will find the page to be really useful.

    Another page for price comparison is https//

    These are some of the best and most popular tools. Hope this info helps!

    in risposta a: Is it free to park by Savoya Park in BUdapest? #21478
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    It is free to park your car by Savoya Park, both on the outdoor parking lot in front of OBI, Aldi, Rossman, and also beneath those buildings, and there is a similar free parking lot beneath Auchan by SAvoya Park. I would be hesitant leaving my car there for a very long period, but for a couple of days, I probably wouldn’t worry a lot.

    From there, you can travel by tram to the city center of Budapest, so it is actually a quite nice place and good solution if you want free parking in Budapest while doing a day of sightseeing or so.

    More information on parking at

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    The question isn’t really about where to buy it, but which version to buy. The most famous brand is from PICK, and you can buy this mostly in grocery stores and fore sure in the Great Market Hall in Budapest. I suggest you visit the Market Hall, and then you can look around elsewhere as well. What is great about the market hall is that you can often ask for a taste of the different salami versions they have on their desks, and thus you can taste and buy a version you like based on that.

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    There are no 100% rules regarding this, but they often add additional events to the days leading up to St. Stephen’s Day, or sometimes after. This all depends on what day August 20th happens to be on in that given year. If it is on a Friday, they will often add special events to the Saturday and Sunday during the weekend (on August 21st and 22nd). If August 20th is on a Sunday or a Monday, they will often do special concerts and additional events on the Saturday/Sunday (the days leading up to the celebration).

    This can only be known for sure in the weeks leading up to the celebration. There is also a handicraft festival in the castle area (Mestersegek Unnepe) and it is normally arranged combined with the St. Stephens Day celebrations, so that is also worth checking out.

    You can read more about the celebration at:

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    There are no tickets available for the event yet. You can find some updates and get an alert when the tickets are added for sale at

    You can also read more about the actual event here in our Budapest Guide:

    EHF Final 4 Budapest 2024

    I don’t remember the prices for last year, but if I remember correctly, you will find day prices and the tickets start around 30 euro per day.

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    I noticed so myself. I don’t really have any good advice. There are second-hand online places for tickets, but I cannot guarantee 100% about whether it will work, if you will get the tickets in time and so on… You can, for example, take a look at Viagogo.

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