Christmas markets in Budapest

Christmas markets 2022

The annual Christmas Markets in Budapest are turning more and more popular, and starting earlier and earlier every year. The most famous of the Christmas markets is the one located at Vörösmarty Tér in the heart of Budapest, but there are also several others, and on this page, you will find information on the different Christmas Markets.

The Christmas Market in 2020 was canceled in Budapest due to COVID-19, but since 2021, the Christmas market are back to business as normal again.

Christmas Markets at Vörösmarty Tér

The most famous and popular Christmas market in Budapest is the fair located at Vörösmarty Tér (Vörösmarty square). This is located in the heart of Budapest, at the end stop of the yellow metro line sharing the name of the square, and in the end of the shopping street of Budapest, Váci Utca. Do not forget that all streets have two ends, and if you end up in the wrong end of the street you will find yourself walking inside the Grand Market Hall (not a bad place, but not the best if you would like to visit the Christmas market at the Vörösmarty square). If you live on the Buda side you can simply walk across the Chain Bridge, turn right and walk towards the white bridge (Elisabeth Bridge). As you reach the Vigadó tér, turn left and you will be at the Vörösmarty tér within seconds!

Budapest Christmas Market
Christmas market at Vörösmarty square

At this Christmas fair, you will find traditional Hungarian handicrafts, and lots of delicious food which tastes extremely well as you feel the smell get into your nose and your stomach orders you to sit down to grab a bite. And yes, there are lots of benches and tables at the Christmas market at Vörösmarty square, which is one of the qualities making this one of the best Christmas markets in Europe. If you want some simple food then you should try the traditional Chimney cake with the cinnamon taste, yummy!

There are daily programs taking place at Vörösmarty square during the festival, and there are choir concerts, folklore performances, book reading, Santa Claus programs for children, workshops, and other cool activities. You can find more detailed information about the program at the Christmas market itself as there are information stands at different locations. In general, there are more things going on on the weekends on the main stage, but if you are lucky you can enjoy some great things also during weekdays. If you miss your advent calendar from home, you can see the daily turning of the Gerbeaud advent calendar at 17.00 from the Vörösmarty square.

Map showing the two biggest Christmas markets in budapest
The location of the two biggest Christmas markets in Budapest on a map!

Christmas Markets in front of St. Stephen’s Basilica

The newest Christmas market in Budapest is located in front of the Saint Stephens Basilica. This was opened for the first time in 2011, and it has an amazing atmosphere, great lights and you can make nice pictures standing on the stairs of the basilica. You can buy mostly the same stuff as on the Vörösmarty Square, but here you can also go ice skating as you can find a small ice skating rink in the middle of the Christmas market. This market is also especially known for the beautiful lights that you can see as you visit the square in the evenings, as the entire area is illuminated with lights, making it feel just like in the middle of a magic moment from your favorite Disney film or something like that! Absolutely worth visiting, especially considering the fact that the market is only 600-700 meters away from the market at Vörösmarty square.

Christmas Market Stephens Basilica
The Christmas market in front of the St Stephens Basilica looks awesome at night!

Other Christmas markets

There are some smaller markets located at different locations in Budapest. One of these can be found at Liszt Ferenc square (near Októgon). Another can be found in the Gozsdu Udvar, located inside the former Jewish ghetto of Budapest. Main entrance is from Király Utca. If you can not find it, ask some locals or write a comment to this article, and we will add a Google map showing you where to go!

If you live on the Buda side then the market located next to the Allee shopping mall is a nice one, and the same is true for the little Christmas market located at the Moricz Zsigmond Korter. These are not the biggest ones, but you can still find chimney cake to eat, some hot wine and of course bags, handicrafts, and other articles like these on these and all the other smaller markets located here and there in Budapest.

What weather can I expect in this period?

The Christmas markets normally open around November 20th and last until December 24th, and some even until January 1st-2nd. If you are lucky you can enjoy some sun and 5-10 Celsius during this period, but you should not be surprised if you experience some light snow and about 0 Celsius. Budapest normally has a very nice climate, but if the wind blows, make sure to bring a jacket, so as you prepare for your stay, check whether it is supposed to be windy or not. The average temperature in December is about 1 Celsius.

Budapest Christmas Market dates 2022

November 4th – December 31st (Market at Vörösmarty square)
not published yet (Market by St. Stephans Basilica)

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Some other Christmas market pictures

Budapest Christmas Market 2014 2
Lots of nice stuff to be bought at the market
Beautiful decorations and lights
Beautiful decorations and lights
The most popular market at Vörösmarty square
The most popular market at Vörösmarty square
Christmas fair in Budapest
Christmas fair in Budapest


Nov 04 2022 - Dec 31 2022
Vorosmarty ter, Budapest


Vorosmarty ter, Budapest
Vorosmarty ter, Budapest
Szent Istvan ter

Location 2

Szent Istvan ter

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