Public transport

The public transportation network in Budapest is well-developed and will bring you almost wherever you want to. The same tickets are to be used everywhere, and if you buy one-day tickets, three-day tickets, or similar you can use them on all the vehicles in Budapest. You can also buy a tourist card which will give you free use of public transportation, free or discounted entry to 60 museums and to several sights, reduced price tickets for cultural and folklore programs, discounts in restaurants and spas, and some other advantages as well. This is only recommended if you plan to visit lots of museums and tourist places.

transporation budapest

Inside Budapest you can buy:

  • 24-hour ticket 2500 Ft
  • Three-day ticket 5500 Ft
  • One week card 6500 Ft
  • Budapest Card (2-days) 15400
  • Budapest Card (3-days) 19900

(updated on November 22nd, 2022)

With travel cards/passes, you can travel unlimited with trams, buses, and with the metro inside Budapest. You can also buy single tickets (350 Forint), but it is easy to do some mistakes with them, and the controllers like to catch tourists, so be careful in that case.