Castle Hill funicular
Castle Hill funicular

The funicular connects Clark Adam Square with the castle area. It opened in 1870 but was unfortunately destroyed during the Second World War. In reopened in 1986 and is now available for tourists every day of the week. It is closed on some days due to renovation work, and it is normally closed on December 24th.

The length of the funicular is 95 meters, and the height is 51 meters. If you add those numbers together, you will quickly understand that this isn’t a long trip. In other words, the funicular in Budapest cannot be compared to much longer rides in other European capitals. But, even though it is a short ride, it is very nice!

Considering the ride’s distance, some say it is extremely expensive. We agree with this, in part, but you should remember that when you buy a ticket, you can use it to travel both upwards and downwards.

Funicular information

Fee: 3000 Ft (above 14 years)
Address: Clark Adam Tér
Metro stop: Batthyány Tér (red metro) – 15 min. walk
Opening times: 8:00 – 22:00 (daily)

You can easily get to the funicular if you walk across the Chain Bridge, the most famous bridge in Budapest. The square is located on the Buda side of the bridge, and you will easily spot the funicular while walking across the bridge.

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