Most people have heard some bad stuff concerning the taxis of Budapest, and most of these stories are not lies. But, if you do it correctly, you do not need to be afraid. Some basic rules and advices. If possible, avoid jumping on taxis on the street. Be sure to book them through your hotel, a restaurant or something similar. This will give you a good and trusted company that will give you set prices. If you just jump in on the street they often give you the price they feel like, and it is hard to discuss with them.

Some more practical advices:

  • It is quite normal to give tips to your taxi driver. If so, give what you feel is correct. If you are not satisfied, dont give.
  • Most drivers do not speak english, so write down the name of the place you are going to, or the address, and show it to the driver, in case he doesnt speak english.
  • Some drivers let you pay with Euro, but it is much better to be well prepared with Hungarian forints. So be prepared, and get some Hungarian forints before you jump into the taxi.