Brewery tour

Breweri tour Budapest
Brewery tour Budapest

Thinking of Hungary, we often think of wine, but the nation does produce fine beer as well. Our brewery tour lasts for around 60 minutes and here you will visit a very small brewery still producing beer in Budapest today.

Unfortunately, the big breweries are closed to normal groups, but this is an ideal program if you like beer, and would like to see how it is produced from A-Z. During the visitation, customers can also taste a special unfiltered 100 % fresh beer. As the tour in the “production area” is finished you can sit down and relax. Together with your company, you will be served some small snack bites, and three glasses of beer produced in the brewery.

A welcome drink, Hungarian Palinka, is also included in the program.

The trip is held in English, and the price is 6500 Forint per person (appx. 20 Euro)  and includes a pick-up at your hotel. A minimum of 4 participants is required for the tour to be arranged.

An extended version of the Brewery Tour is also available, perfect for men, stag parties and similar groups. This costs 11,000 HUF per person and includes a total of 4 palinkas, 4 beer, the visitation of the brewery and a four-course lunch!

This program is unfortunately, no longer available!!

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