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Horse show
Horse show

Hungary is so much more than Budapest and Szentendre. It is also a nation known for its beautiful landscape, puszta and of course, their well-trained horses. Every day you can join in on a program to the equestrian park of the Lazar brothers. They brought their dreams to life by uniting the atmosphere of a Hungarian village and high-quality Hungarian hospitality with the excitement of a high-quality European horse stable.

On this program you will be picked up at your Budapest hotel in the morning (normally around 10.15), be taken to the equestrian park, get a welcome drink and a Hungarian pogácsa, see a horse show (see program below), join in on a pleasant coach trip through the woods, and of course get a wonderful lunch with lots of food, drinks and gipsy music in the background. You will normally return to your hotel in Budapest again around 15.00.


2 persons: 45000 HUF per person
3-4 persons: 40000 HUF per person
5-7 persons: 35,000 HUF per person
8-> persons: 32,000 HUF per person

The Horse Show programme

– Four hand drive, pony driven carriage
– Display of nomad warrior archery – archery on horseback, throwing a spear, jumping through fire
– Skills of the horsemen – making the horse lie down, cracking the whip, competition between the horsemen
– A competition involving the guests – knocking a bottle with the whip
– A cart pulled by four oxen
– Display by funny trained donkey
– Puszta-five
– Horse display of „Queen Elizabeth” in costume, sitting side-saddle

At the end of the program, the guests are invited to mount the horses or to take part in a pleasant coach trip through the woods as well as visit the Lázár Equestrian Park. The program is presented in Hungarian, German, and English as required.

Pictures from the program

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