Circus Budapest
Circus Budapest

In 1891 the circus in Budapest was opened. It was not a tent but a permanent circus giving people a show throughout the year. Since then, there has always been a circus in the City Park, though the building giving a home to the circus today has only been there since 1971. The main programs are from January to August and from October to December. There is a break in September. The audience can usually see three main seasons; from January till the middle of March, from the beginning of April till the end of August, and from the middle of October till the end of December.

The building was recently renovated, but it still looks like a traditional circus. Since the shows are always changing, you have plenty of reasons to visit the Hungarian State Circus more than once.

Hungarian State Circus

Fees: 2500-7500 Ft (depending on what kind of tickets you buy).
Opening times: All year
Address: 1146 Budapest,Állatkerti Krt. 12/a.
Metro stop: Szechényi Fürdõ (yellow metro)

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