Winetasting in Budapest
Winetasting in Budapest

Hungary is known for their wines, and in the nation, 22 wine districts can be found. They all produce wines special for that area, and they all differ in taste and feeling. That is why it is a great thing to participate in one or more winetasting programs while in Budapest and in Hungary.

We arrange winetasting for all kinds of groups, some presenting a mixture of all kinds of wines, while others are more specific presenting upper-class wine produced in Hungary. Not all programs take place in Budapest, so some of the programs can be a great chance to visit cities and areas outside Budapest while tasting delicious wine.

If any of the offers below sound interesting, contact us!

Winetasting opportunities in Budapest

1. Alcoholic drinks of Hungary:
Get to know the most famous alcoholic drinks in Hungary in a nice restaurant in the center of Budapest. During this tour you will taste: 2x Palinka (Hungarian Fruit Brandy), 2x Hungarian beer, 2x Hungarian wine, 1x Hungarian champagne, 1x Hungarian Unicum. While you taste you will be served a Hungarian peasant plate with salami, ham, bacon, liver paste, cheese and other delicious stuff.
Price: 8,000 HUF per person

2. Big winetasting with delicious dinner:
Five-course dinner with six wines served next to the courses. Not the most typical tourist wines, but great quality in the center of Budapest at a superb price (near Ferenciek Tere).
Price: 13,000 HUF per person

3. Delicious wine dinner in the heart of the city
Enjoy a three-course dinner accompanied by some magnificent wines in the beautiful Károlyi restaurant in the heart of Budapest. This is a fantastic dinner, and you can read more about it and watch pictures from the wine dinner here.
Price: 9,000 HUF per person

4. Winetasting on the Danube
Enjoy a river cruise on the Danube between 19.00 and 21.00 every evening where you will taste seven different Hungarian wines while enjoying the beautiful attractions of Budapest.
Price: appx. 35 Euro per person
Booking: Book this program on our river cruise page.

Winetasting opportunities outside Budapest

1. Wine trip to Etyek
30km away from Budapest you have the wine district of Etyek. This is an area known for their white wine, and you will get a guided tour of the vineyard and the production area, followed by wine tasting. You will be served 5 wines (mostly dry white) and a plate with cheese, ham, bread and more. This vineyard provides wine for Hungary’s only two restaurants with a Michelistarrs, Costes and Onyx.
Price (4-7 persons): 20,000 HUF per person (everything included)
Price (8 or more persons): 17,000 HUF per person (everything included)
* 4 participants is the minimum amount of participants

2. Winetasting in Szentendre
Szentendre is a small village with an amazing atmosphere. Read more about our Szentendre excursion and full program here. On this trip, you will get to taste a mixture of red, white and rosé wine, and normally you also get to taste Hungarian ice wine and Hungarian Palinka.

3. Winetasting in Eger
Visit the city of Eger with almost 60,000 inhabitants and lots of vineyards. We will visit two vineyards producing amazing wines (some of them served in Gordon Ramsay restaurants in England) and in between, you will have some time off in the center of Eger. More information about the trip: Wine trip to Eger

4. Wine trip to Lake Balaton
Lake Balaton is a beautiful lake and at both the northern- and the southern side they produce great wines. Come and join us on a day trip to Lake Balaton where you visit vineyards, enjoy a boat ride across Lake Balaton and visit the amazing little city of Tihany. More information about the trip: Wine trip to Balaton

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    6 thoughts on “Winetasting in Budapest”

    1. The big wine tasting was marvelous, and the restaurant couldn’t have been better. I have already recommended this to some friends of mine.

    2. The winetrip to Etyek was very good. Good wines, nice hosts, good food and an interesting story. Besides this the staff spoke very well english. For sure a trip to be recommended.

    3. Thanks Sigbjorn for great guiding and transfer that worked perfectly! And the faboulus winetasting in Szentendre with great food was awesome! We will be back! 6 “swedish girls”

    4. I enjoyed the five course dinner with six glasses of wine. It was an enjoyable evening, the food was great and the wines were nice. The restaurant was a nice wine restaurant in the center of Budapest, close to Ferenciek square.

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