Budapest Card

Budapest Card

As most other cities in Europe Budapest also have their special city card, also known as a Budapest Card. This card gives you great deals on entrance fees, museums, free public transportation and discounts in restaurants and other places. In general we recommend the Budapest Card only to those who plan on using it a lot, which means that you are planing to visit lots of museums, go swim in the Szechenyi Thermal bath, visit attractions and sights and so on. If that is you, then the Budapest Card is good value for money.

Some people only order the Budapest Card to travel with the public transportation. If that is you then you should probably consider buying a simple transportation card for 24 hours, 72 hours or for one week instead.

If you would like to buy a Budapest Card you can do so online from the following site: GoToHungary

4 thoughts on “Budapest Card

  1. Lorne Cormier says:

    Hi, I was just reading about your “Budapest card” and was hoping you could provide me with more information, such as prices and discounts on where it can be used.
    Also, to let you know, I’ve been reading things on your website, and am quite interested in booking things through such as a day trip to Vienna, and for airport transportation before our planned trip to Budapest in May.

  2. Budapest Guide says:

    Hello Lorne,

    thank you for writing. You can find more information about the actual discounts the Budapest Card can give you is you press the link on the site (GoToHungary) and select one of the cards. There you will find quite some detailed information about the card. Does that help you? If not, just write, and I will do the extra work and write some more about the actual discounts the card can and will give you at this actual page.

  3. Whylie Chambers says:

    What is the best way to get from the Astoria Station to the Nemzeti Atlétikai Központ for the world games?

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