Pampas Steakhouse

Are you looking for a steak in Budapest? If so, Pampas Argentinian Steak House is the place to go. All meat is imported from abroad, so that you will get the finest quality and best taste, as you chew into a 200g, 320g or 480g steak (and there are five degrees of cooking the steaks; Rare, Medium rare, Medium, Medium Well and Well). In the steak house you can also eat New Zealand Lamb Chops, Kobe Steak and more. They have a broad selection of wines (more than 100 kinds), and if you do not want to eat, it can be worth visiting the Steak House just because of the wine.

Steak House BudapestEating at Pampas we experienced a problem; it was simply to much from the menu that we wanted to taste (but we did not manage to), which means we will have to come back later to eat more. It all tasted great, and for those who do not want to drink wine, we recommend the fresh pressed orange juice.

Men: This is the place for those who like to eat a lot!
Women: The starters are quite big and very tasty, so it might be that it will be enough for you!

Pampas Steak House Budapest

Address: Vamhaz korut 6, 1056 Budapest
Metro stop: Kalvin Square (blue metro)… walk towards the Liberty Bridge

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Pampas Steakhouse
Pampas Steakhouse

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  1. Kriszti says:

    In Pampas they have a menu full of delicious meals, and visiting Pampas we had problems deciding what to eat. There were simply so much that sounded good. What we ate tasted super, and the freshly pressed orange juice really tasted nice. We look forward to go back and taste what we still havent tasted.

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