Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot

If you want to visit a very popular restaurant in Budapest, especially in the period between September and May, Sir Lancelot is a place to consider. It is a medieval restaurant with live sword fights, belly dancing, live medieval background music and food served on large plates. The restaurant is specialized in this concept, and from the first footstep you make inside the restaurant, you will experience that. It is located near Nyugati tér, where you can find the Western Railway station (Nyugati Pályaudvar) and Westend Citycenter.

The best place to sit is in the main hall, and since January 1st in 2012, all smoking is banned inside public buildings and restaurants in Budapest, so since then, it is possible to enjoy the main hall also for nonsmokers. They also have many other rooms and one more floor where you can sit, and the different medieval programs can be seen almost everywhere, but in general, it is preferred to get a seat in the main hall.

I have decided to list Sir Lancelot among the popular restaurants in Budapest, but it is not a coincidence that I do not add it to the category Best Restaurants. Sir Lancelot is cool, it is a place worth visiting and a cool experience, but for me, it is mostly about the experience, not the food. Maybe if you drink a lot of beer from the old-fashioned mugs, the food will start to taste better, but for me, the show and the atmosphere is 110% and the food remains somewhere around 50%.

As a blogger, I have contact with many tourists and know many would be angry at me for writing this. Many of them keep returning to Sir Lancelot time after time, and they simply love it. So, do try it, and let me hear what you think. Do you agree with me, or with the others who return to the restaurant time after time?

Sir Lancelot prices

When you visit Sir Lancelot, you will normally buy a large plate made for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 persons. You can, of course, choose from a menu as well, but most guests buy the plates mentioned. A plate for 2 people costs around 13,000 HUF, while a plate for 6 people costs around 34,000 HUF. The portions are big, so if you are seven people, a plate for six people is normally enough. Everyone can then pick from the plate, and hopefully, you all have different favorites, if not there will be a big fight for the best bites. With some drinks and such a plate, the average guest will, therefore, spend somewhere between 6000-10000HUF, but you can easily spend more if you drink a lot!

Sir Lancelot information

Address: Podmanicky utca 14
Opening times: 18.00-24.00

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3 thoughts on “Sir Lancelot

  1. Amalia says:

    My husband was for the first time in Budapest, and during the week we ate out every day. We ate in cheap and in more expensive places, but the Sir Lancelot restaurant was the place that we liked best. The food on Sir Lancelot tasted better than in the other places, not possible to compare with the other locations. The food was perfect, the waiters were courteous and their clothing suited to their environment. I can recommend Sir Lancelot to everyone. It also has a good atmosphere, and the tourists were on it by the enthusiasm for the restaurant. It is not cheap, but it is worth the money.

    What we did not like was that the restaurant was full of smoke, and it seems not that they had no good solution to let the smoke out. We were lucky that we were not placed into the big hall (this was arranged when we ordered the table). As some of us are allergic to smoke, this was very important. The result was that we were put in a place where we could not see any of the “program”, and the music was also high, so it was difficult to speak. Aside from this, it was perfect, and the atmosphere was super!

  2. Budapest Massage says:

    Sir Lancelot quickly became one of my parents’ favorites! Each time they visit now they insist on at least one meal there. Nice pics!

  3. Chris Tsekos says:

    One of the best experience ever. Large poporti of food for a fair price which was delicious and wonderful. The live sword fights,belly dancing,fire playing was also one of a kind and it’s a place in Budapest which everyone has to visit. Excellent stuff,excellent decoration.

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