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River Cruise Budapest

When you come to Hungary, a river cruise in Budapest is one of the most important programs to enjoy. The Danube is the river separating Buda from Pest, and it is essential in the life of the people of Hungary.

In the old days, they arranged big events on the ice! They no longer arrange such things (as the ice is gone), but with a boat, you can enjoy a nice trip on the Danube. There are many different options and ways to make such a trip, but we do recommend that everyone try it out. It is best to do it in the evening to enjoy the illuminated buildings and bridges, but it is, of course, possible to do a river cruise in Budapest during the daytime as well.

Enjoy a river cruise in Budapest.

Here is a list presenting some of the river cruises in Budapest. If you want to enjoy one of these trips while in Budapest, fill in the forms at the bottom of the page to reserve tickets.

Lunch cruise at 14.00
This is a cruise lasting 90 minutes. You can enjoy a beautiful view and a buffet dinner on the boat. You will get a welcome drink upon arrival, a bottle of water, and a glass of water during the ride.
Price: 24900 HUF
This program is only available on Saturdays and Sundays.

Cocktail and beer cruise at 14.00 & 19.00
The daily cocktail and beer cruise is ideal if you simply want to enjoy some good drinks while watching the beautiful Budapest panorama. The price includes either three beers or two cocktails, so you decide what you want to drink. You can, of course, buy extra drinks on board later.
Price: 12,900 HUF
This program is available daily at 19.00 and on Saturdays and Sundays from 14.00.

Dinner buffet cruise at 19.00
This is the most popular cruise lasting 120 minutes. It has a dinner buffet, live gypsy music, a folklore show, a welcome drink, a bottle of water, and a glass of wine. This is the ultimate Hungarian experience.
Price: 25,900 HUF
This cruise is available every single day throughout the year.

Wine cruise at 14.00 & 19.00
If you don’t want to eat a lot but rather concentrate on tasting delicious Hungarian wine, the wine cruise at 19.00 is the right river cruise in Budapest. It lasts 2 hours, and you can taste seven different wines.
Price: 16,500 HUF
This cruise is available daily at 19.00 and 14.00 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Four-course dinner cruise at 19.45
This might be the best cruise available. It lasts for 2 1/2 hours, and it has a four-course dinner included. You pick the courses yourself from a menu upon arrival. A welcome drink is included. Notice that tickets must be picked up and paid for the day before the cruise.
Price: 85 EURO

If you want to book any of these river cruises in Budapest, simply use the forms beneath to make your booking. You will receive a confirmation from us within 24-48 hours. You will also receive an automatic reply to your email at once. If you do not receive that, please check your spam filter and add us to your friends list to ensure that you will receive our confirmation email later.

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    Why should you enjoy a Danube Cruise in Budapest?
    A Danube Cruise is one of the best ways to see Budapest, especially at night. During the cruise, you will see the beauties of the National Theatre, a building most tourists normally miss out on due to its location quite far south in Budapest. The cruise in Budapest is also quite a bit nicer than the river cruises in Prague, as there are no slow stops or sluices in which you need to travel… you are to sit back and simply enjoy Budapest at its most beautiful, from the Danube.