Budapest cinemas
Budapest cinemas

Since Budapest has a population of almost 2 million people, the city also has lots of cinemas, so if you are looking for information about the best Budapest cinemas, then you have come to the right article. Read on and find information about the best cinemas, the most luxurious ones, the most popular ones and where to go if you want to support the local businesses and cinemas. We will also write some words about the price level if you want to go see a film in a Budapest cinema sometime.

The biggest and hottest name in the cinema world in Budapest which you will meet most times is Cinema City. This company has about 20 cinemas around in all of Hungary whereof 7 is located in Hungary. They took a large step in the process of ruling the cinema world themselves as they bought their large competitor Palace Cinemas in 2011. Since then you might say that Cinema City rules Budapest.

Before you continue

It is important to know that most films in Budapest cinemas are dubbed, which means only Hungarian speaking. Some films can be seen with English speaking and Hungarian subtitles. These are normally marked with an F in the program. In MOM Park most films are shown with English audio, while in most other cinemas only some films have the original audio.

Cinema City Budapest

At the moment you can find Cinema City in Allee, WestEnd, Duna Plaza, Mammut, MomPark, Campona and Arena Plaza. These are all shopping centers, and the most popular of all these cinemas is the one in WestEnd. Still if you want a somewhat different cinema experience while in Budapest we can warmly recommend the VIP cinema in Arena Plaza (it only exists there). The cinema ticket costs around 3500 Huf and for this price you get to enter into a VIP area 30 minutes before the film starts. There you can eat some sandwiches, get some popcorn and drink unlimited. Then as you enter into the cinema itself to see the film you can again bring as much popcorn, nachos and snacks you want to, and you can enjoy the film in very nice leather chairs. Worth a try!

In Cinema City Arena Plaza they also have an IMAX theatre, making it possible to enjoy films in super 3D, with amazing sound and normally family friendly films. The prices for one ticket varies between 1500 and 2000 Forint.

MiMozink / Sugar

When Palace Cinema disappeared not all their former cinemas turned into Cinema City. In Budapest a new company came to being and that was MiMozink (OurCinema). You can know find them in Lurdy Ház and in Óbuda (and in Tatabánya – outside Budapest). Sugar Cinema is another complex located at Örz Vezér square (here you can also find an IKEA). These are the rivals of Cinema City, though they have a hard job facing the giant.

Budapest Film

Even harder is the job for the Budapest Film cinemas. These are the old fashioned kind of cinemas, not in shopping malls and not always with the most modern cinema rooms. Still they have a spirit, and if you want to support the local cultural life in Budapest and Hungary, then these are the cinemas to visit. The largest one is Corvin Cinema, and it is located just next to the Corvin Shopping Center by the Corvin Negyed metro stop (blue metro). Near Ferenciek Tere, making it the most central cinema in Budapest, you can find Puskin Art Cinema, and in addition you have Művész and Toldi Cinemas.

Tickets prices and other information

In most Budapest cinemas an adult ticket costs about 1500 HUF. If you go to a 3D film the prices are normally between 1800-2000 HUF. Most cinemas have a cheap day (normally Wednesday) and on that day tickets cost about 1100 HUF

It is sometimes hard to support the local business as a foreigner, as only Cinema City has good webpages available in English. Thus is is much easier to visit their webpage and reserve tickets for the film you are interested in using their pages than the other mentioned companies.

Here are som links that can help you out if you want to go see a film in Budapest:
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