Today famous because of its owner Ronald Lauder and George Lang, this is one of the most popular eating places in Budapest, though mostly among tourists. We warn you beforehand, it has high prices, and some people debate the quality of the dishes, but still its well known among all tourists. It helps out serving every year at the Formula 1 celebration and it served the pope when he visited Pannonhalma.

Among its famous dishes you can find the Gundel Pancake. This is a pancake with a filling enriched with rum, raisin, lemon rind and walnuts, served with a chocolate sauce – somewhat fried in the oven and flambéed upon request.

The place also has its own pub where you can have something to drink on a warm day. Be aware that the restaurant require jackets for the gentlemen in the evening (if you don’t wear one, they will give you one). They also offer free wireless internet, so if you have a laptop, feel free to bring it.

Gundel Étterem

Address: 1146 Budapest, Állatkerti út 2
Metro stop: Heroes Square (yellow Metro)

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