Hungary’s most famous and only Hungaricum restaurant is a must-see, the most famous and bucket-list place in Budapest and Hungarian gastronomy! Today’s Gundel Restaurant is back to its original mission, which is “Gundel for everyone”! Gundel builds its dishes on tradition, especially the National 11, the eleven iconic dishes that everyone regards as the most important part of Hungary’s culinary heritage. Through them, the restaurant shows visitors from abroad what Hungarians like, what they eat, and what they consider the basis of Hungarian cuisine.

Gundel has always been famous for its hospitality, with people traveling from all over the world to experience it. Over 400 celebrities have visited the restaurant in the last 20 years. Among them, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Bill Clinton, Pavarotti, Angelina Jolie, Schwarzenegger and the world-class catering team served Pope John Paul II when he visited Pannonhalma. The Gundel Palace has a Queen Elizabeth (Sisi) Ballroom and 6 smaller rooms on the first floor.

Gundel Étterem

Address: 1146 Budapest, Gundel Károly út 4
Metro stop: Heroes Square (yellow metro 1)

Gundel keywords: Vegetarian, vegan-friendly, accessible, gluten-free, live music, Hungarian cuisine, Wi-fi, lunch, dinner, credit cards, child friendly

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2 thoughts on “Gundel

  1. Dr. Károsi says:

    Three weeks ago I visited Gundel for a family celebration in Gundel (four persons in total). A young waiter, Adam, took well care of us with kindness and knowledge. In this way, he greatly made the experience for which we thank him and Gundel!
    If we ever visit Budapest again, we will for sure visit Gundel again, and hopefully, meet Adam once again.
    Thank you for the great food and for Adam.

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