Coldplay is coming to Budapest very soon!

In six days, Coldplay will be at the stage in Puskas Arena to play in front of nearly 60,000 fans in Budapest. This isn’t going to happen only once, but three times. We know that there will be thousands of people coming to Budapest from abroad for this event, and that isn’t strange, seeing that there will be extremely few Coldplay concerts in Europe this summer.

Before coming to Budapest, Coldplay is performing twice in Bucharest in Romania, and after they finish their concerts in Budapest, the band will take a break before they will travel to Rome where the band will have five concerts at the Olympic Stadium. When the band is finished in Rome, they will travel to Dusseldorf in Germany, Helsinki in Finland, Munich in Germany, and then to Vienna in Austria, before the band says goodbye and will leave Europe.

If you want to be there at Puskas Arena, then you can find more information about the concert at our page about the upcoming Coldplay concerts in Budapest.

We have a fantastic summer coming up, and later Ed Sheeran will come to the Hungarian capital as well. Taylor Swift is also out touring Europe, but unfortunately, she will not come to Budapest. But if you are eager to see her live, then you can see her live at Ernst-Happel Stadium in Vienna, a location that can be reached in only 2 1/2 hours if you drive from Budapest.

You can read more about all sorts of concerts in Budapest right here.

An easy way to watch Euro 2024 online for free (and maybe learn some words in Hungarian)!

We are getting closer to the European Championship in football, and it is gonna be a fantastic event! Players, coaches, and fans are preparing for the event which is arranged in Germany, and the kick-off for the first match will be in the evening on June 14. Do you have a favorite country that you cheer for? Are you looking for a way to watch the different matches from the tournament online on the Internet, and possibly, for free? Welcome to Hungary!

Hungary is a nation known for lots of things! The country has beautiful nature, even more fantastic buildings, interesting politics, and a mighty river flowing through the country and making Budapest one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is also a country that has produced some fantastic football players, and the most famous of them all is Ferenc Puskas who is considered one of the best footballers of all time.

Hungary is one of the 24 teams participating in Euro 2024, and they will play against Germany, Scotland, and Switzerland in the group stage. Would you like to cheer for the Hungarian national team, or maybe you’d rather see Ronaldo win one more tournament with Portugal? Or are you a fan of Harry Kane and England? How can you watch every single match from the European Championship in football online without paying a lot? Hungary has the solution to the problem!

An easy way to watch the European Championship in football online!

This method is a popular one worldwide, and it is frequently used among people who want to watch the Champions League online and other big sports events, such as the Summer Olympics, FIFA World Cups, and much more.

Hungary’s Prime Minister loves sports, and he loves football. As a result, it is important to make sports available to everyone, and that is why the national TV broadcasts such events for free in Hungary. As a result, you can stream every single match from the European Championship in football on M4 in Hungary, a free sports-channel.

You can find the live stream at Click the purple “play” button in the upper right corner and choose M4 Sport from the menu. You will then be taken to the M4 Sport live stream where you can stream every single match from the European Championship online.

m4 sport online
Click the purple “screen” and choose M4 Sport from the menu.

That’s it. But, like with lots of other things in life, things aren’t always completely free, even though they are. What do we mean?

M4 Sport in Hungary is only available to people in Hungary. As a result, the website will check your IP address to see if you are located in Hungary or not. If you are located elsewhere in the world, you will see an error message telling you that M4 Sport is only available to people in Hungary.

only available in Hungary
Do you see this message telling you that the content is only available in Hungary?

The message above tells you that the content is only available if you are in Hungary. Now you have two options… either you get on a plane and come to Budapest (which is a beautiful city with lots of places where you can watch the European Championship in football on screens outdoor throughout the city), or you use the VPN services of PureVPN to give you a Hungarian IP address even though you are located elsewhere in the world.

The first is the best solution, but the second is way cheaper and faster (you can be ready to watch the European Championship in football online in less than 5 minutes).

How to stream the European Championship in football online for free using PureVPN.

The first thing you need is to visit the PureVPN website. You must buy a subscription, but it is the cheapest VPN available online, so it will not cost a lot. The service comes with a 31-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like it, ask for a refund and you will get all your money in return.

PureVPN has several packages available, but to watch M4 Sport online worldwide, the “standard” package is more than enough (you do not need the password manager etc). You can also switch between subscriptions for one month, one year, two years, or five years. The longer the subscription, the cheaper the monthly fee. No matter which package you choose, you are always protected by the money-back guarantee which is valid for 31 days. And yes, you can use the same subscription to watch the Summer Olympics online, Champions League football, and lots of other sports throughout the year.

When you have bought your subscription, download and install the PureVPN application on your computer, telephone, tablet, or install it in your browser. It is very easy, and afterward, you can log in using your user credentials. Now you only need to connect to a server in Hungary which will give you a Hungarian IP address, and you are ready to watch the European Championship in football.

connected to a server in Hungary
I am connected to a server in Hungary, and I can now watch the European Championship in football on M4 Sport worldwide.

Since we are writing this article before the European Championship in football, the screenshot above is from the Europa Confederations League final between Olympiakos and Fiorentina.

That’s it. You can now watch the European Championship in football on M4 Sport in Hungary, and you can later watch the Summer Olympics, and also Champions League football online using the same method.

You might have trouble understanding the language of the commentators, considering that Hungarian is one of the hardest languages in the world. But, if you like what you hear, come to Budapest and you can meet Hungarians and even practice whatever words and sentences you learn by speaking to locals. If you have already started to plan your trip, use the information found in our Budapest Guide to learn more about the attractions, activities, museums, and other programs in the city.

Some of the highlights from the group stage of the European Championship in football.

If you cheer for Hungary, the highlights will be the three matches of Hungary. The first match is at 15:00 on June 15 against Switzerland, followed by a second match against Germany on June 19 at 18:00 against Germany, and the third group stage match will be against Scotland at 21:00 on June 23 in Stuttgart. But, besides these matches, which are some of the most interesting matches during the group-stage of the European Championship in football?

  • Spain – Croatia, June 15, 18:00.
    Who said we had to wait for a long time for great matches? The opening match between Germany and Scotland on June 14 is interesting, but when Spain plays against Croatia on June 15, both teams are considered to be among the best teams in the tournament. Knowing that Italy is in the same group, both Spain and Croatia know for sure that this is a match they do not want to lose! Spain has some of the best keepers in the tournament (David Raya and Unai Simon), and recent Champions League champions such as Dani Carvajal and Joselu in the squad. Is that enough to cause trouble for Joško Gvardiol, Mateo Kovačić, Luka Modrić, Andrej Kramarić, and Bruno Petković?
  • England – Serbia, June 16, 21:00.
    England is one of the biggest favorites to win the tournament, but Serbia is a much tougher opponent than many people think. They have fantastic players such as Dusan Tadic, Filip Kostic, Aleksandar Mitrovic, and Dusan Vlahovic. In other words, England might get a much tougher start on the tournament than many people expect! But, if we look at the English squad with names such as Jude Bellingham, Kyle Walker, John Stones, Declan Rice, Phil Foden, Bukayo Saka, Jack Grealish, Cole Palmer, and Harry Kane, it is no wonder why many believe England is among the biggest favorite to win Euro 2024.
  • Spain – Italy, June 20, 21:00.
    The match between Spain and Italy on June 20th might mean goodbye to one of the teams, depending on the results of Italy’s first match against Albania, and the result of Spain’s opening match against Croatia. No matter what, this is gonna be a fantastic match. It is also important to remember that few people expected Italy to win the European Championship in football in 2021, but they still Did. Few people believe Italy will win in 2024, but who knows? Do you think Gigi Donnarumma, Jorginho, Lorenzo Pellegrini, and Stephan El Shaarawy can do miracles? It is also interesting to see that Italy has a squad consisting where more than 90% of the players play in Italian Serie A, with Jorginho in Arsenal and Donnarumma in PSG as the exceptions.
  • France – Netherlands, June 21, 21:00.
    France is the biggest favorite of them all to win the European Championship in football. They will play against Austria, the Netherlands, and Poland during the group stage. Neither team should be good enough to steal points from France, but we also know that the Netherlands can cause trouble on a good day. Will June 21 be such a day? Can Nathan Ake, Virgil van Dijk, Stefan de Vrij, Jeremie Frimpong, Matthijs de Ligt, Frenkie de Jong, Teun Koopmeiners, Steven Bergwijn, Memphis Depay, and Cody Gakpo cause trouble for Ferland Mendy, William Saliba, Eduardo Camavinga, Antoine Griezmann, Kingsley Coman, Ousmane Dembele, and Kylian Mbappe? What do you think?

These are just four of many matches that will be incredibly interesting during the group stage of the European Championship in football. You can watch these and all the rest of the matches online at M4 Sport in Hungary by following the instructions above.

If you have any comments or questions, please use the comment field below and we will do our best to help!

Hungary’s first Primark store opens in Arena Plaza!

Primark opened its first store in Hungary on May 28, 2024. The Irish brand is extremely popular, and many people have been waiting for the first store to open in Hungary for a long time. Now the opening is history, and people are already speaking about when the second store will open.

The Primark store in Arena Plaza is located on the first floor of the mall, next to SportsDirect. It is open between 10.00 and 20.00, with the exception of Sundays on which is closes at 19.00.

The brand is know for cheap prices, and that is true also in Budapest. It is possible to find jeans for less than €15, and you can find t-shirts, sweaters, and other stuff around €5.

On the opening day, people showed up hours before opening to be among the first people to enter the new store. Even hours after the grand opening the shop was crowded and people stood in line to enter the store. This will, most likely, calm down quickly, but it is still a big moment for those who want cheap shopping in Budapest.

You can read more about Arena Plaza here. If you’d rather read general information about shopping in Budapest, look at this article.

Pizza Cruise on the Danube in Budapest – Should you buy a ticket?

There are many fantastic boat trips available on the Danube in Budapest. The river is fantastic and the view is even more awesome. Can you imagine watching the beautiful attractions of Budapest illuminated in the evening while eating the best food on earth… pizza? That sure sounds nice, doesn’t it? It is no wonder so many people are interested in buying tickets for the popular pizza boat trip on the Danube. But, is it worth it?

Recently, we published an article about a Dinner Cruise with Live Music on the Danube. In the article, we wrote that even though we are located in Budapest and help book tickets for different boat trips on the Danube in Budapest, we do not necessarily say that all trips are equally good. In fact, if there are boat trips we think you should skip, then we will tell you. So, what is the reality when it comes to the Pizza Boat Trip on the Danube arranged by Silverline in Budapest?

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Our experience eating pizza on the Danube in Budapest.

The trip we are discussing is the one you can book tickets for above using the GetYourGuide widget. If you visit the page, you can see several positive and some negative reviews. Here are our thoughts!

The trip itself is great. The Danube is beautiful, and the service on the ship is good. You can drink as much as you want which is ideal if you are thirsty, meaning you can get unlimited soft-drinks, ice-tea and some other drinks.

But, why do you buy tickets for a boat trip on the Danube where they serve you pizza? Because you love pizza. And if you love pizza, then you want the pizza to be good. Unfortunately, that was not so on this ship.

We attended the boat trip with a group of six persons, and you can choose from four different pizzas (that must be done upon booking). We tasted three of the four pizzas (we skipped the Hawaii pizza as none of us appreciate pineapple on pizza).

The pizzas were served, and we were looking very much forward to eating pizza while enjoying the view.

pizza on the danube

The pizzas came and upon first look we felt disappointed. It looked like the cheese and the ham and the ingredients were the cheapest of the cheapest at the nearest super market. Unfortunately, the taste didn’t tell us otherwise. We were then having serious discussions about whether we were actually served a frozen pizza with a basic tomato sauce, and then they just added toppings according to the orders, but we didn’t really come to a conclusion (even though I still believe it was a basic frozen pizza with some toppings added before added on the ship).

We traveled with kids, so our kids had a wonderful time on the Danube, one of my son even makes jokes about this being the best pizza he has ever eaten, but I guess that says more about his attitude than the pizza.

All in all, we will remember the trip, and we had a good time. But, if the goal is to combine a trip on the beautiful Danube in Budapest with a delightful pizza, then you should bring the pizza yourself and not eat the one you are served onboard.

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What are your thoughts? Do you have any questions?

This is our experience, but we know from reviews on GetYourGuide that many people have truly enjoyed the trip. Would you like to share your thoughts about the trip? Or do you have any questions?

Please use the comment field below and let us hear from you!

Top Universities in Budapest: A Guide for International Students

Budapest, Hungary’s vibrant capital, is not just a hub for tourists but also a thriving center for education. Known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and lively cultural scene, Budapest offers a unique and enriching environment for international students. With a range of prestigious universities, the city attracts students from all over the world, eager to benefit from high-quality education and diverse academic programs. This guide aims to provide an overview of the top universities in Budapest, highlighting key aspects that make them appealing to international students.

The article discusses these universities and their offerings, which can assist students in making informed decisions about their education. To further assist in their academic journey, students might consider using services like writepaper for additional support in their studies.

Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)

Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), established in 1635, is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Hungary. Renowned for its extensive range of programs and high academic standards, ELTE attracts a significant number of international students each year. The university offers a wide variety of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in fields such as humanities, sciences, social sciences, law, and education.

Programs and Courses

ELTE provides a diverse selection of courses taught in English, making it accessible for international students. Popular programs include International Relations, Business Administration, Computer Science, and Psychology. The university also offers specialized courses in Hungarian language and culture, providing an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in local traditions and history.

Campus Life and Facilities

ELTE boasts several campuses spread across Budapest, each equipped with modern facilities and resources to support student learning and research. The university’s libraries are among the largest in Hungary, offering an extensive collection of books, journals, and digital resources. Additionally, ELTE provides various extracurricular activities, including sports, cultural events, and student clubs, fostering a vibrant and inclusive campus community.

Support for International Students

ELTE has a dedicated International Office that assists students with their transition to life in Budapest. From pre-arrival guidance to on-campus support, the office ensures that international students have access to necessary resources and information. Services include orientation programs, language courses, and assistance with housing, visas, and academic advising.

Central European University (CEU)

Central European University (CEU) is another prominent institution located in Budapest. Founded in 1991, CEU is known for its strong emphasis on social sciences, humanities, law, public policy, and business. The university has a distinctive international character, with students and faculty hailing from over 100 countries.

Programs and Courses

CEU offers a range of graduate-level programs, including master’s and doctoral degrees. The university is particularly renowned for its programs in Political Science, International Relations, Legal Studies, and Business Administration. Courses are taught in English, and the curriculum is designed to promote critical thinking, interdisciplinary learning, and practical application of knowledge.

Research and Innovation

CEU places a strong emphasis on research and innovation. The university hosts numerous research centers and institutes, such as the Center for Media, Data and Society and the Center for Policy Studies. These centers facilitate cutting-edge research and provide students with opportunities to engage in various projects, contributing to their academic and professional development.

Campus and Facilities

The CEU campus in Budapest is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, research laboratories, and an extensive library. The campus also features a student center, fitness facilities, and numerous spaces for social and cultural activities. CEU’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its green campus initiatives, promoting environmentally friendly practices and facilities.

Support for International Students

CEU provides comprehensive support services for international students. The university’s Student Services Office offers assistance with academic advising, career services, and personal counseling. Additionally, CEU organizes orientation programs, social events, and workshops to help international students integrate into the university community and navigate life in Budapest.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) is a premier institution in Hungary, particularly known for its engineering and technology programs. Established in 1782, BME has a long history of excellence in education and research, making it a top choice for international students interested in STEM fields.

Programs and Courses

BME offers a wide array of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in engineering, natural sciences, economics, and management. The university provides several English-taught programs, including Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science. These programs are designed to meet international standards and are continuously updated to reflect the latest advancements in technology and science.

Research and Innovation

BME is a leader in research and innovation, with numerous research projects and collaborations with industry partners. The university’s research institutes focus on various fields, such as renewable energy, robotics, and information technology. BME’s strong emphasis on research provides students with ample opportunities to engage in cutting-edge projects and gain hands-on experience.

Campus and Facilities

The BME campus is located along the Danube River, providing a picturesque setting for academic pursuits. The campus features modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and extensive libraries. Additionally, BME offers various recreational facilities, including sports centers, fitness rooms, and student clubs, enhancing the overall student experience.

Support for International Students

BME has a dedicated International Student Office that assists students with their transition to studying and living in Budapest. The office provides support services such as orientation programs, housing assistance, and academic advising. BME also offers language courses to help international students learn Hungarian, facilitating their integration into the local community.

Semmelweis University

Semmelweis University is a top institution in Hungary, specializing in medical and health sciences education. Established in 1769, it is one of the oldest medical schools in Europe and has a strong reputation for its high academic standards and research excellence.

Programs and Courses

Semmelweis University offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and health sciences. The university provides English-taught programs in Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy, attracting students from all over the world. These programs are designed to provide comprehensive medical education and practical training, preparing students for successful careers in healthcare.

Research and Innovation

Semmelweis University is at the forefront of medical research, with numerous research centers and institutes dedicated to various fields of health sciences. The university’s research initiatives focus on areas such as molecular biology, clinical research, and public health. Students have the opportunity to participate in research projects, gaining valuable experience and contributing to advancements in medical science.

Campus and Facilities

The Semmelweis University campus includes state-of-the-art facilities, such as modern classrooms, advanced laboratories, and well-equipped clinical training centers. The university’s libraries offer an extensive collection of medical literature and digital resources. Additionally, the campus provides various amenities, including sports facilities, student clubs, and cultural events, fostering a supportive and engaging environment for students.

Support for International Students

Semmelweis University offers comprehensive support services for international students, ensuring a smooth transition to studying and living in Budapest. The university’s International Student Office provides assistance with academic advising, housing, and visa procedures. Orientation programs, language courses, and cultural activities are also available to help students integrate into the university community and adapt to life in Budapest.


Budapest is home to some of the most prestigious universities in Europe, offering a rich blend of history, culture, and academic excellence. Institutions like Eötvös Loránd University, Central European University, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and Semmelweis University provide top-tier education, research opportunities, and college homework help making them ideal choices for international students. Each of these universities offers unique programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and extensive support services to ensure a fulfilling and successful academic experience.

Whether you’re interested in humanities, social sciences, engineering, technology, or medical sciences, Budapest has a university that can cater to your academic and professional aspirations. The city’s vibrant student life, combined with its rich cultural heritage, makes it an attractive destination for students from around the globe. By choosing to study in Budapest, international students can not only gain a world-class education but also immerse themselves in a diverse and dynamic environment that will enrich their personal and professional lives.

Danube Cruise with Hungarian Dinner and Live Music – Is it worth the money?

The Danube is beautiful, but if you come to Budapest, it is especially beautiful. While it is only a river flowing through Vienna without making a big impression, it is maybe the most important thing when it comes to the beauty of Budapest. The city is built on both sides of the river and during a river cruise on the Danube, you can enjoy beautiful buildings and it is a stunning experience, no matter how many times you have done it before. Are you considering whether or not you should try the “Danube Cruise with Hungarian Dinner and Live Music” while in Budapest? This program is available for booking on our page about boat trips on the Danube and you can also book it on popular pages such as GetYourGuide. Is it worth the money?

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First of all, many people ask whether they should travel on the Danube in Budapest during daytime or nighttime. That is a valid question to which there is one good answer: “Do both!” If you feel like that is an expensive answer and you need to choose, then a boat trip on the Danube in the evening (when it’s dark outside) is the best experience.

Budapest is a magical city in the evenings with all the buildings illuminated, and the best place to enjoy this is on a boat trip on the Danube. But, if you decide to buy tickets for a river cruise on the Danube in the evening… should you buy a ticket for a cruise with or without food included in the price?

In most cases I would say that food makes everything better. Something good to drink boosts the experience. Not only do you enjoy the experience because of what you see, but at the same time you feel sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and savory on your tongue. At the cruise with Hungarian Dinner, you also listen to Hungarian music, making sure that even more senses receive satisfaction. So, is it worth it?

The trip in itself is amazing!

This trip is normally arranged on a large boat named Grof Széchényi. It starts not far from the Chain Bridge in Budapest, and the trip lasts for two hours in total. During the trip you travel in the area between the Margaret Bridge and the Rákoczi Bridge, meaning you can see famous buildings such as the Castle, the National Theater, the Parliament, the Matthias Church and the Fishermen’s Bastion, the Gellért Hotel, the Palace of Arts, and you also see the Liberty Statue at the top of the Gellért Hill and much more.

But, there are cheaper trips available in which you don’t listen to live music and don’t eat food. Should you rather travel with such a boat, or does this trip give you good value for your money?

What about the food and the music?

As you sit down and the boat starts, so does “An der schönen blauen Donau” by Johan Strauss. The music is played by very good musicians on the boat, and throughout the trip they will play this and many other famous classical songs, sometimes combined with more modern music. During the trip, they sometimes walk through the room offering to play songs by the different tables (if you have any requests), so don’t be surprised if they show up by your table during the trip.

The music isn’t disturbing, which means you can easily have a good conversation by the table without shouting. If you like this type of music led by a violinist, accompanied by a person playing the cimbalom and another on a contrabass, this will for sure increase the satisfaction you experience during such a trip.

The food is served in a buffet, which means you have to stand up and walk to the buffet table to get your food. This might remove some of the focus from the attractions outside the window, but if you wait for a few minutes, then the lines are gone and you can easily grab your food within a few minutes, meaning that you will not miss out on any of the important attractions in Budapest.

The quality of the food is good and you get the chance to taste traditional Hungarian Goulash soup, a typical Hungarian beef stew with homemade dumplings, and various strudels for dessert. Besides this, you get a welcome drink and one more selected drink during your meal.

Are you worried about the quality of the food? If you are in love with Michelin stars, this might not be your place. But, if you are happy to taste traditional Hungarian meals prepared in a tasty way, and like the thought of dining from a buffet, then this shouldn’t disappoint you.

champagne and the parliament

All in all, this is a fantastic experience if you want to see Budapest by night and combine it a dinner-buffet with live music.

Is this article an advertisement for the trip? Not at all! Even though we love boat trips on the Danube, there are some trips we would rather avoid, and if you read other blog posts, you will see that are not afraid to give out warnings when needed.

Would you like to book a river cruise like this in Budapest? You can reserve tickets at our page about boat trips on the Danube in Budapest, or you can use the GetYourGuide widget below and do your booking there.

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Have you tried this trip yourself? Do you have any questions regarding the trip? Write a comment or a question using the forms below.

Which are the best activities in Budapest in April?

Summer isn’t here yet, but you have decided to take some days off to visit Budapest. Even though April is a spring month, the weather isn’t always stable, meaning that you can expect both sunshine and some rainshowers. When you plan your trip to Budapest in April, which are the things you should take into consideration? Are there any activities you should reserve beforehand or put on your schedule?

Spring comes early to Budapest, and already in March, you can be lucky enough to catch days with high temperatures, meaning that you can wear a shorts and t-shirt outside. But, that isn’t the normal, and there is a big difference between the beautiful days and the not so beautiful days. Of course, all days are beautiful in Budapest, but you should look at the weather forecast before you travel to get a hint of what kind of weather you can expect, as this will greatly influence what your days will be like and how much time you want to spend outside.

Budapest in April – some ideas!

If you come to Budapest on some beautiful days in April, then you should use the chance to sit outdoor and drink delicious white wine from Tokaj, a spritz (combination of rose/white-wine and water with gas), and also to eat traditional Hungarian food. Many restaurants have tables outside waiting for you on days with warmer temperatures and sunshine, so you should look for such restaurants as you plan where to eat your dinner.

spritz in budapest

If you experience Budapest on a sunshine day in April, the hop-on hop-off buses are perfect, especially those without roof. It isn’t so warm that you melt, and the sun isn’t at its strongest yet (UV), but you can still feel good and see Budapest from the top of the bus, enjoying the sun and all the fantastic Budapest attractions. If you’d rather explore Budapest on a guided tour on foot, that is also a fantastic activity on a nice sunshine day in April.

hop on hop off budapest

It might require some planning ahead, but if you like running, then there are several running competitions in Budapest in April. Some of them are half-marathons, while others come with both shorter and longer distances available. You can read more about upcoming events, concerts, and exhibitions in Budapest in our Budapest calendar.

running in budapest

What else is there to say? As spring comes around, so does all the wonderful colors of nature. Why not visit the zoo in the City Park which is a combination of a botanical garden and a zoo? It will give you the pleasure of watching magnificent and majestic animals, combined with the peaceful colors of nature and beautiful flowers and trees. If you’d rather just enjoy the colors of nature, then a visit to the Japanese garden on the Margaret Island, or the botanical garden “Füvészkert” near the metro stop Semmelweis Klinikak are wonderful chances to see spring come forth.

Japanese Garden

No matter how many times you have been to Budapest, a boat trip on the Danube is a wonderful activity. If you have been on the Danube 30 times before, or it is something you have never experienced, it is a fantastic experience you shouldn’t miss. Do not forget, to see Budapest by daytime and in the evening are two widely different experiences, so both of them are warmly recommended!

If you want to leave the city center and explore the vicinity, do like most other people do. Travel by metro to Nyugati Pályaudvar (blue line) and travel by bus 291 to the endstation. There you will find the chair-lift which will take you more than 262 meters upwards in about 12 minutes. At the end station you can walk around in a beautiful green area, or simply get back on the chair-lift and travel back to the city.

budapest chairlift

These are some fantastic activities you should consider if you come to Budapest in April. For more information about ongoing and upcoming programs in Budapest, look at our page “What’s going on in Budapest.”

If you have comments or questions, write them below.

Six activities you should try in Budapest in May!

May is one of the best months of the year if you want to explore Budapest. Even though it can be very warm, it doesn’t get extremely hot. In other words, May is perfect for walking up and down the streets of Budapest, shopping, eating outdoor, and staying up until late in the evening without fearing cold temperatures.

But, are there any special activities ideal for tourists coming to Budapest in May? Of course! Some of these activities are suitable during the entire year, but they are even more fantastic in May. Are you ready to be inspired? Bring your notebook, a cup of coffee, and start planning your trip to Budapest today!

Six great activities in Budapest in May.

Let’s get started! Do not forget that you can read more about all sorts of Budapest activities here in our Budapest Guide. You can also find information about the most popular attractions, guided tours, public transportation, and other important topics as you read the different articles.

May is a perfect month for a guided tour on foot.

If this is the first time you are coming to Budapest, you should definitely go on a guided tour. Such trips will help you get an overview of the city, and you can learn much more about the topics you are interested in. Some people are worried that you only learn about boring history on guided tours, but with a private guide you have the flexibility to learn more about the topics you are interested in. If you don’t care about history, then it is still fantastic to walk around the city and learn more about what Hungarians eat (as you visit the Grand Market Hall), get an overview of the city, and at the same time learn more about what makes Budapest such a beautiful city. And once again, you are very likely to experience nice temperatures in May, which makes a guided tour on foot a perfect activity.

guided tour in budapest

Whenever you come to Budapest, a boat trip on the Danube is a fantastic experience!

It doesn’t matter when you come to Budapest… a boat trip on the Danube is fantastic throughout the entire year. The only thing you should take into consideration is what time of the day you do the trip. Budapest is beautiful during daytime, but it is magical with the illuminated buildings in the evening. If you want to enjoy the view of the illuminated buildings in May, you should go on a boat trip starting (or still traveling) around 20.00 in the evening.

Should you buy tickets for a dinner cruise or just a sightseeing cruise? That is entirely your decision. It is something wonderful about eating while looking at the beautiful surroundings, but the food might take some of the focus from the joy of what you see.

Visit a thermal bath early in the morning or late in the evening!

Budapest is well-known for its thermal water. You should bring a swimming suit to Budapest, but if you want to maximize the experience in May, you should visit a thermal bath early in the morning or in the evening. Our favorite place is Szechenyi Furdö (located in the City Park). This is the best place for enjoying the hot springs outside, and the colder it gets, the better it is. And yes, that is why you should go early in the morning or late in the evening. Széchenyi Fürdő is open from 6 in the morning until 22.00 in the evening, and if you come early, you can enjoy the fresh air, combined with outdoor pools with temperatures between 26 and 38 Celsius. If you go in the evening, it gets a little bit more chilled, and you can also enjoy the romantic steam coming up from the pools which gets more visible with the lights turned on around the pools in the evenings.

Another advantage of going early or late is that you avoid the crowds.

Széchenyi in Budapest

Enjoy the Budapest view from one of many viewpoints in the city.

Budapest has lots of fantastic spots for those who want to take good photos or just want to enjoy the view with their own eyes. If you walk downtown, two great spots are Budapest Eye and the dome of the St. Stephen’s Basilica.

View from the Budapest Eye.
View from the Budapest Eye.

If you are located in the City Park, then BalloonFly is a perfect activity. The balloon will take you up 150 meters in the air from which you can get a stunning view of all of Budapest. The ride lasts for about 15 minutes, and it is one of the most exciting ways to see Budapest (unless you fear heights). The balloon is easy to spot as you walk around in the City Park of Budapest. It is only available on days with good weather.

balloonfly budapest
Examples of what you can see during a trip with BalloonFly in Budapest.

If you decide to travel to the Buda-side, then you can get a splendid view from the tower of the Matthias Church (the best in Budapest), or from the dome of the National Gallery (which is a part of the castle).

The Margaret Island is fantastic in May!

In the middle of the Danube, between the Margaret-bridge and the Árpád-bridge, you can find the peaceful island named after a lady named Margaret who lived on the island in the 13th century. She lived in a monastery at the island, and you can still see ruins of it as you walk around the island today.

With the fantastic weather waiting for you in Budapest in May, you should definitely put on some good shoes and walk around the island. There are lots of things you can do on the island, and for more suggestions, look at our article describing ten awesome Margaret Island activities.

If the weather is very nice, you should bring a blanket and something to eat and drink, and just spend some time in quietness and peace, and charge your inner batteries (instead of your cell-phone batteries).

Eat your dinner at a restaurant with outdoor seating!

You need to eat, and you need to drink. Why not enjoy a warm (but not too hot) May evening in Budapest by eating a dinner outside? There are lots of restaurants with outdoor seating available in May, giving you the chance to drink a glass of Hungarian wine accompanied by a tasty Goulash soup in a beautiful environment. There are several restaurants by the Danube that will give you such opportunities, but you can also look for sky-bars where you can drink and eat outdoor with a marvelous view of Budapest from the top of a building.

wine in budapest

Come, come, come!

Budapest is waiting for you. These are only a few of many fantastic activities waiting for you in Budapest in May and throughout the year. If there should be some ugly clouds, you should either take a coffee break, visit a museum or find your swimming-suit and visit Széchényi Fürdő! Would you like to find out if there are any concerts, exhibitions, or festivals coming up in May? Look at our Budapest calendar to find out more.

If you have any comments or questions regarding what to do in Budapest in May, use the comment field below!

Ordering from Temu/Shein to Hungary – All you need to know!

Have you seen Temu/Shein ads on Facebook, Instagram, or just read about it somewhere? Would you like to order Temu products to Hungary? Is it worth it? Is it easy? Are there any hidden costs you need to be aware of? What about VAT? This article gives you all the information you must know before ordering from Temu to Hungary!

Temu is an online store located in China and it operates with extremely low prices. Due to the low prices, it is tempting to order all sorts of products. You can find all sorts of products at Temu, but most of them are quite small products in the priced between €1 and €10. There are, of course, more expensive articles as well at Temu, but most people turn to Temu to buy cheap products.

Shein is similar to Temu, but Shein is first of all about fashion. You can find fashion also at Temu, but not as much as at Shein.

Have you found a fantastic skirt or a nice trouser at Shein? Or have you found some fantastic sunglasses, a pendrive, and an amazing garlic chopper at Temu? Do you have a shopping cart packed with products, but you are not sure whether you should place your order or not? Are you worried about additional costs?

Are there any additional costs when you order from Temu and Shein to Hungary?

There is a VAT when you order products from China to Hungary. If we look at history, then this was only something you had to pay for orders above a certain value. Then things changed, and suddenly you had to pay VAT on every single order from sites such as AliExpress, Shein, Temu, and others.

But, let us return to the present!

If you visit the Temu website and order a product, you are entitled to free shipping. But, what’s going on as the product enters Europe and Hungary? Do you need to pay additional VAT? The answer to that question is NO! As you pay for a product, the VAT is already included, which means that Temu, Shein, and other stores are responsible themselves for paying the VAT. In other words, that is already included in the price you are paying as you order the product. That is very convenient, because you get the products faster and you don’t have to worry about additional payments and delays due to the VAT payment.

Once again, when you have paid for your Shein or Temu order, you are finished paying. If you receive an SMS or other message from the Hungarian post telling that you need to pay, it is a scam and you shouldn’t click the link or anything in the message. By the way, those messages are extremely frequent in Hungary (and elsewhere), so be careful and watch out for such in all cases!

shein to hungary

How fast will I get my order from Temu and Shein?

Temu and Shein have made deliveries from China very quick (compared to what we experienced in the past). Normally, orders are delivered within 2 weeks which is very fast compared to the past in which we often had to wait for one month or more. Besides this, they use well-known delivery companies, which makes it easier to track the status of the package you are expecting.

How is that possible? There are several airplanes leaving China daily with packages sent from Temu and Shein. That makes it so fast, but also so bad for the environment. Not only are Temu and Shein polluting a lot by producing and selling products full of plastic and polyester, but also by causing extreme pollution with all the planes traveling to and from China and all the contents of the world with products on a daily basis.

That is why it is worth thinking twice before you place an order, and only order what you really need. It is also smart to read reviews of products before you order, because there are lots of things you can learn about products in reviews that you are unable to find at the Temu or Shein website. You can find lots of Temu reviews at (for example).

It is also worth noticing that lots of the reviews at the Temu website itself are crappy. What do we mean? Half the reviews give full score only to say “It looks good, even though I haven’t had the chance to test the product yet.” That isn’t a very helpful review, but it still comes with five stars. Looking at websites such as the one referred to above or watching videos on TikTok and YouTube might give you more insight than the review part of Shein and the Temu website.

What if I regret my purchase?

Both Shein and Temu have warrancies and give you the chance to return your products and get your money in return. You can read more about how this works after you have received your order. It normally is more work and stress to do so if you have placed an order of little value, but if purchase an expensive product that you are not satisfied with, this might be useful.

Is the shipping really free?

If you reach the minimum order value at both Shein and Temu, the products are shipped for free!

Do you have any additional questions about shopping and ordering products from Shein and Temu to Hungary? Use the comment field below.

Do passengers over 65 years travel free with public transportation in Budapest?

A leaflet about Budapest says that passengers aged 65 and older may use public transportation (such as subway, trams and buses) for free. Is this true? My only ID to prove my age is my passport. Is that enough?

First of all thank you for the question. This is a very popular question asked by many, so we will try to answer your question giving all necessary information. For a long time, the transportation in Budapest was free for people above 65 years, if they have a Hungarian passport or a passport from another country within the European Union.

As of 2024, this has changed, meaning that public transportation in Budapest is free for everyone above 65 years, as long as they can confirm their age with a passport of official ID card.

Information from the public transportation company in Budapest about free transportation in Budapest (April 2024).

All you need is a passport or an official ID that confirms that you are older than 65 years. If that is okay, you can easily travel by any tram, bus, or metro in Budapest and if asked, show your ID. You do not need to buy tickets for any of these vehicles at all.

Isn’t that delightful? And it is also a great improvement that this is available for anyone, not only for Hungarians and people from the EU. If you come from Canada, the United States, Mexico, India, China, Japan, or anywhere else, this information is valid for you as well!

I hope this answer helps you out. Feel free to come with comments, feedback or other stuff using the comment field on this page.