Organ concert

This organ concert is arranged in Saint Stephens Basilica, maybe the most impressive church in all of Budapest. A visit to the church is a must for everyone coming to Budapest, and now you have the chance to combine your visit with an organ concert as well.

Venue: Saint Stephens Basilica

Kolos Kováts perform the arias during the organ concert. He is one of Hungary’s most famous and talented concert oratorio singers. He received the Liszt Ferenc prize (1977), Merit of Art (1984), and in 1992 he received the highest prize a Hungarian artist can acquire: the Kossuth Prize. The flute is played by Eleonóra Krusic who is already known for her performances with different orchestras from Barcelona to Zürich, Graz and Vienna. Miklos Teleki plays the organ.

Every concert starts at 20:00 and takes about 65 minutes without intermission. You will hear music by Mozart, Liszt, Bach, Bartok and others during the concert.

The church is beautiful and even more beautiful when you listen to the beautiful organ music.

Reserve tickets for the organ concert in St. Stephen’s Basilica.

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